Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Worlds I Wouldn’t Visit/Characters I wouldn’t Swap With

January 28, 2014 Top Ten Tuesday 12

Top Ten Tuesday2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.
Each week they release a Top Ten List and invite everyone to join in and make their own Top Ten List.
This week we got to pick between ‘World’s We Wouldn’t Want to Visit’ and ‘Characters We Wouldn’t Want to Swap With’.
Well I couldn’t think of 10 for either, so I chose both and did 5 of each instead!
TTT Swap 1&2TTT Swap 3&4&5.
PANEM (The Hunger Games) Living with the constant fear that you, or a family member or friend are going to be chosen to compete in the sadistic Hunger Games would not be my idea of a nice place to live, at all. Plus, I’m the laziest person ever when it comes to fitness and exercise, so I wouldn’t last a day in the games!
THE DEATH SHOP (Under the Never Sky) Air that will probably kill you, and if not then there’s the violent outsiders and the Aether storms will most definitely kill you. Although, there are some friendly people around if you look hard enough.
DYSTOPIA (Noughts & Crosses) An extreme racist dystopian world. My worst nightmare. I am all for equal rights between races, sexual orientation, religion etc, so living in this world and having to see how horrific people are treated just because of their skin colour would be horrible.
FAYZ (Gone) The ‘Fallout Alley Youth Zone’ referring to the place that is entombed by a giant barrier, and within it everyone over the age of 14 has disappeared. So that leaves a group of teenagers who must become parents to babies and toddlers, find enough food to feed everyone and basically keep life going for the ones left behind, all with the fear of disappearing once you reach your 14th birthday. Mix in kids gaining super powers and some freaky mutating creatures and it’s all a bit scary really!
CHICAGO (Divergent) It took me a while to decide whether to put this one on my list, but in the end I did, because although I found this world amazing, I probably wouldn’t want to live in it. Only being able to be one “type” of person: Selfless, Brave, Honest, Inteligent, Peaceful; I don’t think I could cope with that. Looking at those groups now I would have no idea where I would even chose. And in regards to chosing, potentially having to leave you family forever because of a choice you have to make at age 16, that would be horrible. Not to mention all the evil schemes that are going on in the background during this whole series.
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TTT Swap 9&10.
CORABELLE & GAVIN (Forever Innocent) Struggling through a teenage pregnancy only for your child to be born seriously ill and die after only a week of life. This is something that no person should ever have to go through.
A (Every Day) Waking up everyday in a new body knowing that you are only going to go through it all again the next day. Technically you are alive but you’re not really living. You are on the outside looking in on all these lives you wished you could have or just experience for more then one day, but you can’t. I don’t know how I would cope living life like this.
JAKE (What I Didn’t Say) Loosing my voice, or really any of my senses, would be something that I don’t think I would ever get used to. This story is great because it shows us that there are always people worse off then us, which I totally understand, but still, becoming mute would be such a hard thing to deal with.
LIZZY (Abducted) As a teenager Lizzy gets abducted, and although she escapes after 3 months she forever has to live with the scars that the horrific experience gave her. You hear/read about stories like this in the news a lot, but always think that it will never happen to you. Hopefully it wont, but reading Lizzy’s story and the strength it took for her to get her life on track, I don’t know how I would ever cope having to go through an experience like that.
CHRISTINE (Before I Go to Sleep) I have done so many amazing things in my life, and having those memories taken away from me would be one of the worst things I could ever imagine. Plus, the fear of waking up everyday with no idea where you are would be awful.
So, there’s my list. Apologies if it got a little heavy and kinda depressing at the end with some of the characters I chose.
What worlds/characters made your list this week? Do you agree with any on my list?
Leave me a comment and let me know!



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12 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Worlds I Wouldn’t Visit/Characters I wouldn’t Swap With”

    • Broc's Bookcase

      Haha, I don’t think I would be able to survive either of these worlds! I would probably just sit down and cry and wait to be struck by lightning!

      • thebookheap

        haha same here- half of mine were post apocalyptic and I was like “yeah I’d not last 24 hours knowing my luck”

  1. ChrissiReads

    Loving your list this week Hannah. I wouldn’t like to live in Panem either. I need to read some of the books on your list.

    • Broc's Bookcase

      I think even living in the Capitol of Panem would be horrible. I like colour, but could never cope with all wierd fashions and all the different colours people paint themselves! Plus of course, the whole games thing and having to enjoy it.
      Ooo yes, some of my favourites are on there. You should read Noughts & Crosses if you haven’t already. Perfect forbidden love story, just in time for valentines day!

  2. Sunny

    I chose 5 of each as well! We had a lot of the same worlds on our list because ugh, Panem and dystopian Chicago. It’s horrible because that COULD happen in the future, you just never know. I haven’t even read any of the characters you mentioned, but I have wanted to! Such an interesting list 🙂

  3. Kim @ The Nomadic Book Hoarder

    I have no useful skills whatsoever and am also quite lazy too, so most dystopian words are a big no for me. But especially the Hunger Games, because it’s just awful to see kids fight to their death and constantly worrying if someone you know is going to be chosen as a tribute.
    I haven’t read Every Day, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be A. I agree with you, that’s no living at all!

    • Broc's Bookcase

      You really should read Every Day, it is AMAZING! And yeah, me too. I am the laziest person ever. I think I would just sit in a corner and cry and wait for it to all be over!