Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike About Romance Stories

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Top Ten Tuesday

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I LOVE LOVE! I’m a totally girl when it comes to romances, I love the butterflies and the swooning and of course the hot and sexy times too!

So here are my Likes and Dislikes when it comes to romances in books:

(I was looking for cute love gifs for this post and loads of Carl & Ellie, from Up, kept appearing, so I couldn’t help myself! They are like the cutest thing ever!)


Insta Love – This is going to be on A LOT of lists this week and that is because it is just plain stupid! It is not cute, or romantic, or sweet or realistic or sexy or ANYTHING if people fall in love after just one day. Yes, ok so Cinderella fell in love with the Prince after dancing with him but that was a fairytale! Love at first sight is only acceptable in Disney films! I have gotten to the point now that if I am reading a book and it contains insta-love then it immediately gets put down. No thank you!

Love Triangles (squares or any other type of shape!) – We don’t like them, we don’t want them, we don’t need them. Please stop giving us awesome couples and then throwing someone else in the mix! It’s not nice!

White Knight Complex – I hate romances where the guy suddenly thinks he has to go all protector on his new girlfriend. She managed fine before you buddy, I’m sure she can still look after herself now you guys are dating! Sure, it’s nice every so often for a guy to swoop in and rescue a girl, but she does not need carrying everywhere, her shoelaces tying or just basically anything that she can already do for herself!

I love you, I hate you, I love you… – I just recently read a book in which this girl and guy were totally meant to be together but decided that they couldn’t because (according to her) he wasn’t over his ex (who totally broke his heart btw!) So they decided not to be together, and then a few days later things get all steamy and they have a totally hot make out session and for about 6 hours they are all pro relationship. Then suddenly she decides that they can’t be together because of his ex. A few days later we get the steamy time once again, the few hours of ‘Yeay, lets be a couple’ and then we are back to ‘we can’t be together’. This happens over and over for about 70% of the book. No one needs that, let alone me as a reader! Just make up your darn minds already!

Finally get together…The End – My favourite part of a romance is the whole build up, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see part of the happily ever after! Too many books (and films for that matter) seem to end just as the couple get together, this is so frustrating when we have stuck with the couple for 300 pages and we don’t get to see anything more. I mean, it doesn’t take too long to write a ‘1 year later’ epilogue just to give us a glance does it?!


Healing romances – The person you love is meant to bring out the best in you, so I like it when people heal from their past or just become better people once they are in a relationship. It just confirms how perfect a couple is for each other when they make each other better.

Friendship to Relationship – I really like romances when they emerge from people who have been friends FOREVER but never quite made it there. Things like best friends since they were 5 or the girls brothers best friend, those type of romances I love and they don’t feel insta love-y because the couple have a totally solid and believable basis for their love story.

Hate to Love – These are often some of the most best types of romance. We all know that they are going to end up together, but it’s not the ending thats the best bit, it’s the banter and the flirting and just everything that happens on their way to the moment when they finally realise that they actually don’t hate each other anymore!

Second Chance Love – When a couple gets together in high school and then for some reason gets pulled apart and then they see each other like 5 years later and realise that they never quite got over each other. I love these ones because there is all that history and the whole re-discovery of each other. It just makes it feel like their love is even stronger now.

The Forbidden Romance – Trying to force two people who love each other apart only makes them love each other more, and only makes us as readers love them even more. Although these types of love stories can be totally heart breaking at times they are also normal the most intense and powerful.


What do you think of my choices? Do you agree/disagree?

What do you like/dislike about romance stories?

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