Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Would Have At My Lunch Table

September 2, 2014 Top Ten Tuesday 2

Top Ten Tuesday2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.
Each week they release a Top Ten Theme and invite everyone to join in and make their own Top Ten List.

I love this weeks theme, took me some time though because there were so many characters I would have loved to have been friends with in high school and to be sat on my table! But after some considerable time I finally made my list!



Roar (The Musician) – Roar would be the one always with a guitar in his hand strumming some kind of tune for me to hum along to whilst eating.

Cass (The Comedian) – Eating with Cass at the table would be impossible as she would constantly have me spraying food everywhere from laughing at her. Would be a good diet help though!

Sawyer (The Teddy Bear) – Sawyer would be that guy who if I was having a bad day I would immediately go to because he gives the best hugs, plus no one would be mean to me because he is kinda big and you know he has ALWAYS got your back.

Jake (The One Who Always Listens) – If you need someone who will sit for the hour hour listening to you moan about school or home or friends or whatever, then Jake’s your guy. And not just because he is mute and so can’t talk back, but because he is one of those people who just knows when you need a good rant! PLUS, I have always wanted to properly learn sign language so figure eating lunch with Jake he could give me some lessons!

Connor (The Smart One) – Forgot to do my homework for the next class… Connor is the guy I go to! Plus his whole personality is just amazing.

Lola (The Colourful & Confident One) – She dresses how she wants and doesn’t let peoples opinions bring her down. Her ever changing appearance would totally fascinate me and I would defiantly be asking her to make me outfits, just maybe not as bright as her own.

Jase (The Nice & Athletic One) – Well, we need something good to look at whilst we are eating right? Plus I would totally want him as one of my best friends so I could go back to his and hang out with his family all the time!

Luna (The Quirky One) – She’s the strange one at school who people often tease and half the time you have no idea what she is talking about, but you couldn’t imagine lunch time without her there.

St Clair (The Cultural One) – French homework help needed? Sorted! Plus he is beautiful and funny and is the kind of person you could easily waste a whole hour talking to.

Ally (The Down to Earth One) – She’s the girl who is in with everybody, even the popular kids. But she really doesn’t care about any of that and is happy to slum it at your table.


What do you think of my list?

Would you pick any of these guys to be at your lunch table?

Whats on your list this week?

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