Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Wish Were My BFF

April 22, 2014 Top Ten Tuesday 4

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.
Each week they release a Top Ten List and invite everyone to join in and make their own Top Ten List.
So this week was “Top Ten Characters Who …”, and there are so many books I have read recently that I have wished that I could be best friends with one of the characters, so it seemed like the perfect time!
Luna – Harry Potter
I LOVE her uniqueness. She is the kind of friend who you know will accept you completely and stand by you always.
Six – Hopeless
Her bluntness is brilliant. She is the type of friend who sends a message everyday with a compliment to keep you feeling good about yourself.
Cass – Sweet Home
This character reminds me so much of Rebel Wilson. Everyone needs a Rebel in their lives.
Roar – Under the Never Sky
He is funny when you need to laugh, he is protective when you need a saviour, and he is loving when you need a friend. Plus he plays guitar and sings.
Ron Weasley – Harry Potter
We first met Ron on a train to Hogwarts, with dirt on his nose, a rat in his lap and smushed up corned beef sandwiches in his bag. With each book I grew to love him more and more. His clumsiness, need to speak everything in his mind and at times complete stupidity along with his humour, loyalty and ability to say the exact wrong thing but make you smile anyway is why I need a Ron Weasley in my life.
All of the Crew from the Evolve Series
I wish that this group of people were my group of friends. The girls are sweet but tough, the guys are protective but loving. I want these people in my life!
Connor – Addicted Series
He is smart and he knows it. He is also dedicated, passionate and never gives up. I think Connor would be great to keep me motivated, plus he’s not bad to look at!
Kaylee & Nate – King Sized Beds Series
Let me just give you an example of how awesome this couple are, and why I need them to be my best friends:
They are happily curled up in bed together, Kaylee’s best friend walks in upset over boy drama. Nate immediately gets out of bed, gives the upset friend a hug and then leaves the room to find somewhere else to sleep. Kaylee stays up all night with the upset friend cheering her up.
I mean, how awesome is that? They need to be my friends!

Which characters do you wish you could be BFF’s with?
Leave me a comment and let me know!


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4 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Wish Were My BFF”

  1. Ellen M

    Oh, Luna! I agree. She’s such a fabulous character because she’s so comfortable in her skin. I love her as a role model because she is exactly who she is, no matter what others think.

  2. caitlinstern

    I can’t believe I forgot a Harry Potter character for this list! I agree, Luna would be an interesting friend to have around.