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November 4, 2014 Top Ten Tuesday 7

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Have you ever finished reading a book and immediately started doing this…?

Or maybe you wish you knew Will Smith so he could do this…?

Whether by head injury or alien technology you just want to forget the book. Why? Because it’s bad?



Sometimes you finish a book and it was just so amazing. You get this feeling which is so hard to describe, it’s like happiness mixed with inspiration, mixed with … well I don’t know, it’s hard to describe.

But it makes you totally happy, but at the same time it makes you kind of sad because you know that you are never going to get to read it for the first time again. You are never going to have that same excitement or heartbreak or emotion, that indescribable feeling.. You know what’s coming now, and it makes a difference.

So these are the books that result in the head banging or Will Smith device, and these are the books that make my (slightly tweaked) list this week.

Top Ten Books I Want to Re-Read (But For the First Time)


Trying to explain this one without spoilers is going to be hard, but I’ll give it a go.

This is one of those books in which something happens that you weren’t expecting, that you weren’t prepared for. So the first time you read it, it really hits you. The second time, it hits a little less, and the next time even lesser (I really don’t think thats a word?). The book is an emotional masterpiece and I am filled with emotion every time I read it, just not as much as I was the first time. I would love to experience that moment again where the emotion just hits you.

If I Stay Logo

So I guess the big thing with this book is once you have read it for the first time you know what decision Mia is going to make. You know if she is going to live or die. You know whether it’s going to be happy or sad. For me, it makes me feel a bit less connected to the story, which is sad because it’s an amazing story. So I would love to read it for the first time again and experience that nervous excitement of not knowing if Mia is going to make it.

Anna & the French Kiss Logo

This book was fun and romantic and I just LOVED it. I loved experiencing the romance for the first time, all swoony and tummy full of butterflies and it would be great to read for the first time again.

What I Didn't Say Logo

The story and the emotion of this book are just pure perfection. This was the first book I read & reviewed on my blog and the book hangover I had after finishing this book went on for MONTHS! I haven’t experience a bookish hangover like that for any book since, so I would love to be able to read this book for the first time again and experience that again.

Allegiant Logo
This is another book that features a ‘story shock’. Something I didn’t see coming, I wasn’t prepared for and that hit me hard. It was shocking, and VERY emotional and hard to deal with, but I would LOVE to go through it all over again!

Noughts and Crosses LogoThis was the first YA book I ever read, back when I was a cute (and stroppy) little teenager. I don’t feel like I appreciated it’s amazingness that first time, definitely not as much as I do now. I would really like the chance to re-read it for the first time and REALLY appreciate the power and the beauty of this story.

Every Day Logo

This book is totally unique and like nothing I have ever read before. It was pure genius and left me feeling inspired upon finishing it. I would love to get another go at reading this one for the first time again.

Hopeless Logo

The emotion, the heartbreak, the love. This book was perfect and I adored it from start to finish. It’s another one where something happens (sorry for the vagueness, but trying not to be spoilery!) and it doesn’t quite hit you with the same impact as it did the first time. Such an incredible book, I love love love reading it, but would really love to read it for the first time again!

Sweet Home Logo

This book only took me 4 hours to read and part of me wishes that I had read slower so the book could have lasted longer. I have recommended this book to so many people and I am always so jealous when they come back and tell me of how much they loved reading this book for the first time, and I wish that I could too!

Sweet Fall Logo

Ok, so I have to talk about this story in order to explain this choice, but I promise I’m not going to give you any major spoilers.

So this story is about Lexi, a character we fell in love with in Sweet Home & Sweet Rome but that we didn’t know suffers with an eating disorder. Right at the beginning of this book there is an author note in which Tillie Cole tells us her story, and how Lexi’s is very much based on her own experiences with an eating disorder and her feelings through some of the most difficult times of her life. Well, I wasn’t prepared, and every time it got to a difficult bit in the book I though back to that authors note and to the author that I loved and looked up to so much and it just made the book all the more powerful.

This feeling hasn’t changed for me, no matter how many times I read this one. But reading it for the first time again, it’s rawness, would be incredible.


I know I’ve used up my ten, but I couldn’t stop this week, there were so many more. On top of the above books there are two series (my most favourite ever!) that I would also love to read for the first time again so had to give them a little mention too.

Harry Potter Series – J.K.Rowling

I think I dies a little bit inside when I finished reading this series for the first time. I had bought the last book at midnight and then stayed up until 7am reading it. Saying goodbye to this series was totally heartbreaking for me and having to come to terms with the fact that there would be nothing new was hard! Experiencing this series for the first time again would be absolutely amazing, and if a genie ever comes to me with three wishes, this would definitely be one of them!

The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr & Inheritance) – Christopher Paolini

Another series which was incredibly hard to say goodbye to and so the chance to start again from the beginning with no knowledge of how it was going to end would make me very happy. I kept wishing that someone would release this series as films (NOT like the ‘Eragon’ film that is already out there. We ignore that one!) to lessen the blow a little bit, but sadly no one had taken up the honour of that yet. So instead I’m just going to have to wait for them to invent Will Smith’s memory flash thing.


Have you read any of these books?

What would you like to re-read but for the first time?

What’s on your list this week?

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7 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Want to Re-Read”

    • Brocs Bookcase

      She very much deserves it too, such a good book, such good characters, just SO DAMN GOOD! Thanks for stopping by! x

  1. Alexandra

    Aww I love how you didn’t post the book covers but instead made those fancy little rectangle things! So cute and creative! I wish I was that talented to do that haha. Some of yours I have to read for the first time! But ah I forgot about Every Day and Allegiant. Both of those deserve a reread too!

    Alexandra @ SleepsOnTables

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Thanks 🙂 I get a little bit over excited with graphics! There have been tons on peoples lists this week that I have never read for the first time either, my TBR is growing very big! Thanks for stopping by, happy reading! 🙂

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Glad to know I’m not the only one 🙂 Mmmm, Harry Potter 🙂 haha. Thanks for stopping by, happy reading!

  2. Maeghan (aka MaejorlyBookish)

    Quite a few of my favorites made it to your list! I would also love to reread Anna & the French Kiss. I will probably have to in the near future for a trivia contest.

    And I also loved Every Day–I speed-read it, though, so I feel like I really do need to read it again to get the full experience.

    Great list 🙂