Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Turn Offs

October 1, 2013 Top Ten Tuesday 3

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.
Each week they release a Top Ten List and invite everyone to join in and make their own Top Ten List.

When I started this one I was unsure I was going to make it to 10 was stumped around 7 for a while, but eventually thought of a few more!

1. Incest
So many stories where two people have fallen in love and then been told they are family members. They actually aren’t, they are being lied to, but you have to sit through the book and watch them struggle. Really hate it!

2. Insta-love aka “I’ve known you 5 minutes, now I’m in love with you.”
There are some books I have read (mostly supernatural types books) where people are born/destined to be together etc, those types I don’t mind. But it’s the contemporary YA books when they meet each other day 1 of school and are telling each other they love each other the next day. It doesn’t happen like that!

3. Love Triangles
I just about tolerate these most of the time, but sometimes they are just really annoying. It’s become such a big thing recently to include love triangles, I’m hoping this is just a phase that the bookish world will grow out of. Because watching two people fighting for someone’s affections, watching the other person struggle to choose, and then finally seeing the heartbroken person trying to cope after they are not chosen, well that’s not fun to read!

4. Girls who “don’t see how beautiful they are”
You know the type I’m talking about. The girls who describe themselves as being too tall with really long legs, with big eyes, they are nothing special. But then all the guys in school are always looking at them and eventually some guy comes a long and tells them that they are beautiful. I’m not saying that I want the girls walking round being all “I’m hot”, but stop being so naive! And authors, stop making such pretty people, make some normal ones for a change!

5. A bad book cover
We shouldn’t judge books by their covers, I know. But I kinda do, and I know everyone else does too. I tend to prefer simple ones, or arty ones, they are the ones that usually pull me over from the other side of the book store. Covers that have been made to look the same as a really popular books bugs me, it’s like “stop trying to jump on the back of their bandwagon and get on your own!”

6. Books in the Hype.
I started reading the Twilight series before the movie series started, which I’m glad, because if not I don’t think I would have read them. The hype of a book being turned into a movie really turns me off. I find all these fans who declare they are the ULTIMATE fan, but never read the book and just love the really hot guy playing the main part. That bugs me, like a lot. I refused to read 50 Shades of Grey because it was EVERYWHERE! Couldn’t get on the bus or walk into a coffee shop without seeing it, but makes you wonder, is it actually any good or is it just the hype that is making people read it?

7. Erotica
It’s just not going to happen.

8. Romance that makes you want to be sick!
I HATE sappiness. I can cope with the odd cheesy line, but full on sappiness and all the “my baby” and “my love” EVERY SINGLE LINE is just plain annoying. As are the girls who let themselves be babied once they get a boyfriend. If in the future I ever turn out like that, some one PLEASE slap me hard and bring me to my senses.

9. Resetting time
So I recently read a 6 part book series (not gonna say which because then this would be the biggest spoiler ever) in which the characters go through A LOT trying to save themselves, their loved ones and basically the world. At the end of book three they think they have done this but then in book 4 realise that in saving the world in book 3 they have caused a completely new problem which they then set about trying to fix. So yeah, they go through a lot. Then it gets to the end of book 6 and they realise that they can’t do anything, so they will just reset time instead, to before the beginning of book 1. Which they do, and none of them remember anything. And I’m like “I just read 6 books which never happened?” Felt a bit wasted really.

10. Books with a rushed ending
I felt this way about Mokingjay, which made me sad because it was an amazing book. There were a lot of ‘blank gaps’ where we move on several weeks for no other reason then that it feels like we are trying to get to the end as soon as possible! It hate it when books do this, feels like the whole book has been ruined by a sloppy ending

What are your bookish turn offs? Do you agree with any of mine?

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3 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Turn Offs”

  1. readerbuzz

    Even though insta-love is on a lot of lists, I find that many of my fav books use this device…Gone With the Wind, Eleanor & Park, to name a couple.

    Here’s my Top Ten.