Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten All Time Favourite Authors

April 21, 2015 Top Ten Tuesday 10

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.
Each week they release a Top Ten Theme and invite everyone to join in and make their own Top Ten List.

Another VERY hard topic this week, but I was determined to keep to the goal of only ten even though there are SOOOOOOOOO many more!

So, here we go…


Harry Potter Series
I get the feeling that J.K.Rowling is going to make a lot of lists this week. And for the woman who gave us  Hogwarts and the entire wizarding world, she deserves it all! I will still be reading her books when I am old and grey and I can tell you for a fact that all of my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc are all going to be massive J.K.Rowling fans too. I will make sure of it!


Christopher Paolini

The Inheritance Cycle
The fact that he wrote the Inheritance Cycle when he was just fifteen earns Christopher a place on my list. His world building is incredible and I am so excited for the next world he creates for us.


Tillie Cole

Sweet Series, Hades Hangmen Series, Raze 
It is so crazy to think that it was just by chance I found one of Tillie’s books nearly two years ago and thought I’d give it ago, now 18 months later I am totally obsessed with Tillie and my excitement every time she announces a new book is off the scale! I will be reading Tillie for many many years to come.


Katie McGarry

Pushing the Limits Series
I love Katie’s writing and have been addicted to her books for years, way before I started blogging. Her newest book Nowhere But Here is released next month and I am so excited for it!


Becca & Krista Ritchie

The Addicted Series, The Calloway Sisters Series
I remember picking up the first book in the Addicted series and being very unsure of how it was going to go. But this writing duo won me over immediately. Their character development is pure perfection, and I don’t think I have ever fallen for a group of characters in the way I have done for theirs. More loveable characters in the future please!


Colleen Hoover

Hopeless Series, Slammed Series, Never Never Series, Ugly Love, Confess
I remember the moment I finished my first Colleen Hoover book and exactly what I was thinking: Why did I not read this sooner?! Since then I have devoured every Colleen Hoover book I can get my hands on, and I am loving them. Her writing is beautiful and heartbreaking and just so perfect for me, I would love to spend some time in her head and see where all her ideas come from. Also, can’t wait for Ugly Love to be turned into a film!


Keary Taylor

What I Didn’t Say, The Eden Trilogy, Fall of Angels Series
Keary’s ability to write a variety of different genres and write them well is a talent that got her on my list. From Contemporary to Dystopian/Fantasy to Supernatural she excels with everything she writes. What I Didn’t Say just so happened to be the first book I ever reviewed for Broc’s Bookcase, and I fell for Keary head of heels from the moment I finished that first book. I can’t wait to see what else she writes in the future.


Gayle Forman

If I Stay/Where She Went, Just One Day/Just One Year, I Was Here 
Another one that I predict will make a lot of lists this week. I was lucky enough to meet Gayle a few weeks ago at a signing and if possible I fell even more in love (we talked about our Hogwarts houses!). Her books are incredible, and every single one that I have read so far has made me cry. I will read anything by Gayle, I don’t even need to read the description, just give me the book and off I’ll go!


Malorie Blackman

Noughts and Crosses Series, Boys Don’t Cry
Malorie was the author that introduced me to YA all those many years ago. I am forever thankful for Noughts and Crosses which totally changed my reading life. Also, she totally organised the first ever Young Adult UK Literature Convention (YALC) which was amazing, and I got to meet her at it and ended up a mumbling mess!


Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider Series, The Gatekeepers Series
When I was younger I got bored with teenage girl books very quickly, it was all high school first loves and for me it just wasn’t enough. So instead I turned to the teenage boy section of the book store and was immediately jealous! Anthony got me out of my ‘silly little girl books’ as I like to refer to them and gave me stories that got me through my teenage years and books that I still read now as a twenty four year of woman.


What do you think of my choices this week? Have you read anything by any of these authors?

What’s on your list this week?

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10 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten All Time Favourite Authors”

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I didn’t actually read Casual Vacancy, not my type of book. But her ability to world build like she did for HP was the reason she made it up on my list 🙂

  1. chucklesthescot

    A big fat yes to JK Rowling…the world building she did in Harry Potter was outstanding. I just wish she would write some darn prequels!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Yes! I would love to read about James, Sirius, Lupin and Lily at Hogwarts, and the start of the Order. That would be really good 🙂

  2. Chrissi Reads

    Ooh I could have easily put Colleen Hoover on my list this week too. She’s a great author! I love Katie McGarry too… oh and J.K Rowling!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Haha I was doing the exact same thing you did with every single list I checked out last week! After seeing everyone else’s TTT my list could have been 100 authors long! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. JJ

    JK Rowling seems to be on everyone’s list this week, she was on mine too, but like you say rightfully so. Malorie Blackman was also on my list and I’m glad to see she’s on a few other people’s as well, Noughts and Crosses is one of my favourite books! I’m so jealous that you got to meet her!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      It was amazing meeting her, although I did just mumble through the entire thing. Was totally fan girling! Definitely what I would be like if I met J.K. because she is just WOW! It’s always nice to meet another Noughts and Crosses lover! Thanks for stopping by and happy reading 🙂

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Both absolute genius’ when it comes to writing. Glad I’m not the only one who appreciates these ladies 🙂 Thanks for stopping by