The Troubles With Being An Obsessively Organised Perfectionist Person Who Has A Blog

August 14, 2015 Blogging, Discussion 12

So I have been attempting to be a good blogger recently and copy my reviews over to Goodreads so hopefully more people can read them and discover the amazing reviewer that I am. I always plan to do this when I write the reviews but it never happens (like so many of my brilliant plans). So the past few days I started the mega task of copying my reviews across, starting with my first ever review in August 2013.

My first review was What I Didn’t Say by Keary Taylor (great book!) and since writing it almost 2 years ago I have never gone back and looked at it. So when I did my first reaction was urgh.

Way back when I was a baby blogger I wasn’t all that great with the design and graphics etc. I mean I’m not saying that I am an expert now, but I know more about what works and what I want. Back then I kept changing my mind on colours and designs and layout and my blog was in a constant state of flux for quite a while until I finally settled on something. I made some graphics for my reviews, I decided on a layout and I stuck with it.

Now looking back at it I really hate it.

The graphics look childish and I hate the colour choices, and the layout just doesn’t look good.

So I started to change it to the layout and graphics that I currently use, ones that I actually like! I had decided to update the ‘tags’ and links anyway whilst copying the review, but I hadn’t planned on changing it so much.

It took some time but eventually I finished and I really liked it. It was in the same style as my newer reviews, with my sleek graphics and laid out all pretty and nice. I was happy…for now.

So then I moved onto the next review on my blog, ready to copy it over to Goodreads and it was the same older ugly looking layout and graphics. Now I’m a little bit of an obsessed person when it comes to organisation. (You wouldn’t think it if you saw my bedroom right now). And once I start organising something I have to make it all perfect.

I couldn’t have my reviews not matching, it just wouldn’t work for me.

So I checked out how many of my reviews there are with the old layout. There are 77.

So here is the ridiculous thing. I have like NO spare time. Seriously, I just about manage to write new posts for my blog in time. Even now I am writing this the day of posting, because I was busy last night. So WHY when I have no spare time do I decided to change 77 of my reviews to the new layout I am using? Why would I do that to myself?

Well, because I am weirdly obsessively organised perfectionist. It’s a curse.


So what do you think? Am I an idiot, or do you think that having all my reviews matching is a good thing?

Are you always updating things on your blog posts too, or once they are written and posted do you just leave them alone?

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12 Responses to “The Troubles With Being An Obsessively Organised Perfectionist Person Who Has A Blog”

  1. Tanya

    It’s official… we were separated at birth. LOL I am just like what you’ve described! Not about *everything* but when it comes to certain things, oh boy, I can get crazy obsessed. I’m actually in the exact opposite situation. I’ve been at GoodReads since 2007 so ALL my reviews are there. I’ve only been blogging a few months. So you see where this is going, right? LOL Naturally I feel the need to get all those reviews on the blog as well as GoodReads. Gah! I feel your pain. 🙂

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Haha, I’ve always wanted a twin 🙂 Glad to know I’m not the only crazy one!
      Wow, that sounds like a task! I will admit I did think about doing that at one point, but then I just thought about all the poor people who subscribe to my blog who were going o be getting bombarded with all the new reviews I was posting. Instead I just link to them in my review archive. That way you can still get them on your blog but without having to post them all! 🙂

      • Tanya

        LOL Good point. I do sometimes post a Throwback Thursday review, but otherwise there’s no need to drive everyone insane with 8 years of reviews. Ha! Adding them to the review archive as I get time sounds much more reasonable. Thanks for the reality check. 😉

  2. Chrissi Reads

    Great post Hannah. Yes! I totally agree with you. I have adapted how I write my reviews, but really don’t have the time to go through all of the ones I previously wrote before I settled on the style I have now. Argh. It does bug me that all of my reviews aren’t formatted the same way, but I just try not to look at them. Ignorance is bliss! Ha!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Haha, I’m not very good at ignoring, but glad to know I’m not the only one who it bugs! 🙂

  3. Elizabeth the Evil Overlord

    Crazy! But it takes one to know one. I do this all the time. Not as fast as you, though. I have reviews back to 2008, plus I switched to WP recently and added UBB, so it’s going to take me a lot longer with entering info & messing with images. I’ve been doing 1 or 2 a day, and then I tweet them, so at least someone might see my efforts in having everything match.
    For putting my reviews in GR I edit it down to basic thoughts and leave a link to my blog review saying “For more of my thoughts…”I read this was a good way to get more traffic and it has been working.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I do that too! (the Goodreads thing!) Sometimes I may put a few GIF’s in the review too, just to add a bit of fun. Goodreads can be a lot of text sometimes. I recently got UBB too, but haven’t quite figured out how to use it yet 🙁

  4. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    Once I am done with it I leave it unless that day I catch a typo or something. I just don’t have the time. I try to not let it bother me. But you have to do what you are comfortable with!!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I wish I was more like you. This is going to take me ages, but I just couldn’t leave it alone! 🙁

  5. ShootingStarsMag

    Oh gosh, I rarely have time for things I need to do now as well so I definitely just leave old reviews in the past. I’m sure there are tons that I would really hate to look at now, but ah well, it happened. I’m glad you have everything looking the way you want though! that’s great. 🙂


    keep in touch- i always comment back

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I’m wishing I had never looked back at my old one as I probably wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise! Because like you I don’t really have the time, but I’m stuck with it now!