The Dreaded Slump!

July 18, 2014 About Me, Discussion 10

So if you have been one of the very nice people who have been checking out my blog recently you have probably noticed theres not all that much going on. I’ve been doing my Sunday Funday posts and taking part in Top Ten Tuesday but otherwise there hasn’t really been all that much happening.

Do I have an excuse? Nope, not at all. I have just been extremely uninspired and feeling totally overwhelmed by all the bookishness! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE blogging, but recently I’ve just been on a bit of a downer with stuff.

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a review, or did an initial reactions video! Plus everything I post up seems to get left until the morning of and then totally rushed. I have been feeling so unmotivated and I hate it!

I think my main problem is that I am not getting excited over my reading right now. Getting asked by authors to read and review their books is always great and it’s always hard to say no to a free book (who doesn’t love free stuff?!) But I think I made the mistake of saying yes to like every book I am asked to read, without properly looking into it, and then I get stuck with so many books that I don’t actually want to read but have to because I have promised to read it.

The pressure to read all these books that I’m not really enjoying and so not having the time to read books that I actually want to read has been bringing me down so much. There’s just so many books out there that I want to read and my fear is that I am never going to get round to reading all of them (completely unrealistic expectation, but oh well) has been killing my reading love, and I’ve just not been enjoying myself as much these past few months. In fact books have been making me kinda angry and sad.

First world problems right? Sorry if I sound moany (no idea how to spell that word? Or if it even is a word?) and all “poor me I get too many free books” but it really is killing my reading buzz.

So, what to do? Well, last weekend I went to YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention). For those of your who were not bombarded with all my tweets, lucky you, but to everyone else you know how much fun I had! I’ve never been to a Book Con before, and I’m always super jealous when BEA comes around and I have to see all the fun stuff everyone is up to there. So yeah, this weekend was extremely exciting for me. (Look out for my YALC post next week!)

I went with one goal: to meet Malorie Blackman (which I totally did, and got her autograph) But being there, I got so much more out of it then just meeting Malorie. I totally got inspired about reading, and writing again. I bought some books I WAS interested in, and I got some ARCs (I was very choosey about these though, and only accepted books that I was actually excited to read) and I got to talk to a lot of authors and bloggers. It was AWESOME.

This week I have basically been book hangovering (is that even a word) from the awesomeness that was YALC and I finally have my reading and blogging buzz back. I’m totally loving it once again!

I finally opened my email inbox (it was scary, there was A LOT of emails in there) and I have started getting myself organised again, ready to dive back into my blog and get things going properly again next week. I’ve signed up for some blog tours for books that I am excited to read and have started sorting through the pile of books I have been asked to read that I have been avoiding for the last few weeks.

The most exciting bit though: I picked up a book the other day and started reading it, and it didn’t get put down until I had finished it 3 hours later.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back!

P.S. This is my first ever post that included GIFs. I think I got a bit over excited with them!

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10 Responses to “The Dreaded Slump!”

  1. thebookheap

    at the end of this I felt like you should have gone “AWWWWH YEAH!” haha
    congrats for bouncing back from the slump! I recently had a mini slump of my own, and despite having 2 free-for-review books due this month for authors (one via email one via netgalley) I decided to push them back. Which I may regret due to having more and more due august and september but I needed to pick up something I actually wanted to read first to make sure I was still enjoying it. I think we all need to do that from time to time! It stops a hobby from becoming too much of a job.

    • Broc's Bookcase

      Haha, I feel a bit like I overloaded with GIFs but I didn’t want to bore people silly with all my writing! Yeah, exactly! I’ve promised myself no more review books until after summer. I have piles of books everywhere that I keep buying but not reading and then get really jealous when everyone else reads them! I think thats exactly my problem, my hobby has become a job and I’ve lost all the good bits and just have all the stress and pressure bits of it. This is what summer is for! Sorting myself out!!! Glad your out of your slump too! 🙂

  2. booksthefinalfrontier

    I can totally relate! I’m going through the overwhelming effects of recently joining NetGalley. I have too many review copies! I’m having so much trouble concentrating on my reading, which is also seriously affecting my blogging. I haven’t posted in the last week because I really haven’t completed too many books and have nothing to write about.

    • Broc's Bookcase

      NetGalley, again is something that you get really excited over when you keep getting approved. And then realise how many books there are for you to read! Try not to get too stressed out, there is no time limit on NetGalley books so don’t let yourself get totally swamped by the pressure of trying to read them all really quickly. And maybe start saying no, something that I am having to learn at the moment! Thanks for your comment, nice to know I’m not the only one who ends up in this kind of situation. Hope you get back into it soon! Good luck!