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June 7, 2016 Top Ten Tuesday 8

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I am totally LOVING the weather we have in the UK at the moment. Normally for us summer means one day of sun followed by 2 weeks of rain. But we seem to be very lucky at the moment and every single day has been sunny and oh so hot. Temperatures yesterday even reached 26 degrees (That’s about 78 degrees Fahrenheit!) which is HOT for us UK people!

Ok, so I’m trying to make my TTT list the least amount of pyscho-stalker as possible. When I saw todays TTT topic (of Top Ten Reasons I Love X) I knew this would be the perfect time to share the reasons why I love Tillie Cole, but then I found it really hard to write my list without sounding like an obsessed fan (which I kind of am, but don’t tell anyone!).

Tillie’s book Sweet Home was one of the first I ever reviewed on my blog and I have been involved in every single one of her tours ever since. She books have shown me just how diverse YA/NA can be and how amazingly inspirational some stories can be. She routinely makes me cry with her books, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

So, here are the ten reasons why I love Tillie Cole, and why you should to…


She is from the UK
I love when I find UK authors whose books I enjoy because a lot of the authors I read are US, so it’s always cool to find an authors from the same country that I am from! I know that Tillie now lives in the US but she was from England, so technically she is UK!!! I always find it funny when people comment on her videos saying “I really like your accent” and I’m like “what accent?” Haha.

Her books have BEAUTIFUL covers
All of Tillie’s book covers are gorgeous, and the series covers all match (I love matching covers) which makes me super happy and desperate to own them all so I can put them all on my bookshelf.

Sweet Series Tillie Cole

She uses her own life experiences as inspiration for her books
If you have read Sweet Fall then you will know what I am talking about, and I have to admit that reading Tillie’s author note at the end of this book and finding out that a lot of Lexi’s hard times were actually a lot of Tillie’s real life hard times made me cry. This author who I love so much had bared her heart on the pages and it just made me love her even more!

She gave us characters who are both big/scary/violent but also MASSIVELY vulnerable
As you will read further down, Tillie writes EPIC bad boys, but she also writes men who are big and tough and violent who have been put through a ton of abuse and so are really really vulnerable too. Her Scarred Souls series is amazing and features some of my favourite wounded characters I’ve ever read.

Scarred Souls Series Tillie Cole

She isn’t scared to tackle the hard topics 
Eating disorders, religious cults, sexual assault, physical assault, drug use, gang violence, illness, mental health problems, death. They are not happy things to read about, but they are REAL, and the way that Tillie writes them is just incredible.

She writes the most amazing bad boy characters
There are so many complaints nowadays from people saying that they are bored of “bad boy books” and yes at times it gets a little tedious at times. But not when it’s a Tillie Cole bad boy! They ride motorbikes, are covered in tattoos and sport some mega beards, but they also have their softer sides when it comes to their women and I just can’t help the swooning!

She is constantly posting pictures of half naked guys on her facebook group
Following on from the point above, Tillie likes to involve her fans in “research” for her leading men (and women too) and so there are always lots of pictures being posted on the facebook group. This means that I get pictures of semi naked men on a daily basis and it is awesome!

Hangmen Series Tillie Cole

She makes inspiration soundtracks for her books
I love when I book comes with a soundtrack and Tillie is always making playlists on spotify for each of her books. I really like listening to them whilst I am reading the book and trying to guess which song goes with which scene.

She writes beautiful words
I have quote notebooks full and a bedroom wall covered in Tillie Cole quotes. They made me smile, cry and feel inspired. Never have I read books with words that are so beautifully and carefully written.

My Maddie Painting
In one of her books one of her characters paints a beautiful painting of themselves and the person they love, and so Tillie Cole had it made into a print so we could all have a copy! It is truly a beautiful image and just adds that little something special to the story.

my maddie

I will never look at blossom the same way again
Tillie wrote a book that absolutely tour my heart out but it is one of my favorites because of the amount of love and life that it holds. I finished the book, yes in tears, but also totally inspired. Every time I see a blossom tree it reminds me of how inspired I felt when I finished this book, and never fails to make me smile.

You can find Tillie on:
Website . Twitter . Facebook . Goodreads

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Have you ever read any Tillie Cole? Do you love her as much as I do?

What’s on your list this week?

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8 Responses to “Ten Reasons Why I Love Tillie Cole”

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Yes you are! Start with ‘Sweet Home’, my favourite by far and the entire series is amazing.
      The Hades Hangmen Series and the Scarred Souls series are a little darker, just to warn you as I know that some people aren’t fans of darker romance stuff.
      Only read A Thousand Boy Kisses when you are not in public and have a few hours to spare. You WILL need tissues!
      I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Well then I’m glad I chose to do my post about her then, sharing the Tillie Cole love with more people! Grab one of her books and get reading!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Her books are amazing, you should definitely check them out. If you are going to try her books I’d advise starting with Sweet Home, it’s my favourite! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  1. Mariela

    These books look so good! I am glad I clicked your TTT link. I am adding them to my TBR list!
    My TTT.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      YEAY! I always like when I’m able to recommend my favourite author to other people. Let me know what you think! And thanks for stopping by!