Historical Events I Would LOVE to Read About in Books!

February 2, 2016 Top Ten Tuesday 9

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So I don’t really read historical fiction … like ever. But there are some historical events that even I have to admit would make really good backdrops to a story. I only managed 5, but for someone who doesn’t read historical fiction, I think I did pretty good!

Copy of elsie

Such a devastating event in history but I think it would make for such a powerful story. I really love the film based on Pearl Harbour and I feel like the amount of extra emotion that a book would give us would make for an incredible read.

Copy of elsie (3)

It’s all legend so probably not true, but I really love the whole King Arthur period of time. I would love stories about his Knights of the Round table too, I can imagine they’re just like a big brotherhood.

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Another totally devastating moment in history that has such a powerful story to tell. There were over 3000 people on that ship, that means a lot of stories to tell. I would love a story set on the titanic from multiple POV.

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Just like King Arthur I LOVE stories about Robin Hood. I would love to read a book about him and his gang of outlaws who rob from the rich and give to the poor.

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I know that it’s considered Greek Mythology so it probably isn’t actually real, but I would love some stories about people who were around in the time of the battle of troy.

Which settings did you choose this week? History or Futuristic?

What do you think of my choices? Would you be interested in reading a book based in these settings too?

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9 Responses to “Historical Events I Would LOVE to Read About in Books!”

  1. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    Oh I really like your picks!!! I would so be in for more Pearl Harbor and Knights of the Round Table settings!! I actually on’t think I have read any books around the King Arthur time but think I would love them. Great list!!

  2. Charnell @ Reviews from a Bookworm

    You’ve picked so many amazing historical settings! I’d love to read more books about these events too. I’d especially love some King Arthur books or Titanic books…. YES! I need those in my life.

    Here’s my TTT post if you want to check it out.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Haha, I would LOVE King Arthur books, but in the same style as the BBC TV series Merlin, which was all about the relationship between Merlin and Arthur and was really funny.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I’ve not been able to find any good Robin Hood books yet, I’ve read a few but they always seem to disappoint. Have you got any recs? Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Yes! There are just so many stories to be told from the Titanic. It would be emotional but so so good!