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May 17, 2016 Top Ten Tuesday 0

Top Ten Tuesday

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I’ve been so jealous this weekend, seeing everyone’s BEA pictures all over facebook/twitter. I wish we had something as big as it int eh UK, but sadly not. I am pretty excited for YALC in July though, it may not be as big as the US but still … BOOKS!

This week’s TTT is all about books I’ve picked up on a whim, which is not an easy one for me because I’ve been doing less “whim” reading recently in an attempt to read less books that I end up DNF-ing.

What I Didn’t Say – Keary Taylor

I found this one whilst flicking round amazon years ago and it just sounded so different that I thought I’d give it a go. It is still, to this day, one of my top ten books.

Unbreakable – Rebecca Shea

When I first joined Goodreads this popped up on that “because you read X, you should read THIS” list. Read the description, thought it sounded ok so gave it a go and devoured it. SO many emotions in this book, I must have reread it at least 5 times since the first read.

Addicted to You – Becca & Krista Ritchie

I don;t remember exactly where I saw this one first, but I hadn’t seen anyone else chatting about it and I was slightly dubious by the fact that the two MC’s where a sex addict and an alcoholic. I’ve been burned by books before pretending not to be erotic fiction and then turning out to be VERY erotic. But this one surprised me and I LOVED it from page one. Plus the other 8 books in the series, all of which are amazing!

Sweet Home – Tillie Cole

I found this one on Amazon whilst sat in Vegas airport waiting for my flight home. I thought, why not, and downloaded it to my kindle. I then spent my entire flight home wide awake because I couldn’t put this book down. Which didn’t really help with the jet lag, but as this book was so good I didn’t care. I have been a massive Tillie Cole fan ever since and cannot recommend her enough!

Emerge – S.E.Hall

I think I bought this one whilst in between large fantasy series and I just wanted something light to give me a break from all the intensity. The characters in this book (and the remainder of this series) really are what make it so special and S.E.Hall has created possibly one of my ultimate friendship groups ever!

Take Back the Skies – Lucy Saxon

I saw this on a stall last year at YALC, and then the author was dressed up in a costume so big that she couldn’t sit down for her interview, so I felt like she was quirky enough that her book might be pretty cool. I mostly liked it, until the ending and then (for me) it just disappointed (certain things happened that I didn’t agree with). But the world building was fantastic and I would definitely say it’s worth the read.

The Year We Fell Down – Sarina Bowen

Another one I came across on Goodreads and thought it sounded interesting. I don’t read many books with characters with disabilities (not that I have anything against them, there just aren’t that many around in the mainstream) so thought it would be a pretty unique story. I fell in love with the characters immediately and have followed them, and their friends through the entire series. So much love for this one!

Confession’s of a Virgin Sex Columnist – Kay Marie

When I read the blurb to this one my mind immediately went to some kind of Bridget Jones type character. Happily that was exactly what I got and it was a halarious read. Only downside was that it would have been perfect as a standalone, but apparently there is a sequel. I’m boycotting it in protest!

Stupid Girl – Cindy Miles

Found this one on Amazon and thought it would be a nice easy pre-bedtime read. But there was so much more to this book and it had me up until the early hours because I just couldn’t put it down. Another macho bad boy getting knocked on his ass by a seemingly good girl, but I could read this again and again, and have actually done so!

Waiting for Prince Harry – Aven Ellis

Ok, so I may have been stalking Prince Harry online and this book pinged up somewhere a long the way. But it was SO MUCH FUN to read. I connected instanley to the MC, who loves baking and sewing (me too!) and the hotty love interest who was just a nice guy (no bad boy hidden within). Loved this book, mostly for the fact that it made me discover Aven Ellis and all of her amazing books!

Do you obsessively visit any of these websites too?

What’s on your list this week?

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