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July 31, 2017 Blogging 2

So this past weekend was YALC and it was amazing and chilled out and full of books, but I also came back feeling totally knackered (probably from all the books I had to carry!). I had plans to write a post about YALC today but then decided that I couldn’t be bothered, because I’m lazy like that, and so decided to do something a bit more fun instead.

I stole the below from Jamie @ Perpetual Page Turner. If you don’t already know her blog then check it out (it’s awesome), and she’s just had a totally gorgeous baby girl so go gooey eyes over her too!

Currently reading: Trust by Kylie Scott. I’ve got so many fantasy series to catch up on but was absolutely knackered after YALC so wanted something less fantastical and more normal world. Currently at 15% and loving it.

Currently listening to: Helium by Sia. I’m currently working on a pretty emotional scene in my WIP and this song is the only thing that gets me in the right head space for it. Literally listening to it on repeat for hours on end at the moment.

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