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Dreaming of Reading Rooms

July 18, 2017 Reading 0

I think we’ve all had that dream that one day when we are all grown up we will live in a castle with a beast, talking candlesticks and a beautiful library all of our own. Ok, so maybe not the beast or the candlesticks but definitely yes to the library!

But as we get a little bit more realistic maybe it won’t be so much a gigantic library as a reading nook. And that’s still pretty cool because it’s a space all of our own to fill with bookish love and settle down to an adventure in a fantasy world or a romance that will sweep us off our feet!

So what do we need to make the perfect reading space? A comfy chair of course, some decent lighting and a pretty bookcase. Sounds about right. So I went in search of some things that would definitely be in my reading space.

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