Sunday Funday: Puzzle Fun #1

September 22, 2013 Sunday Funday 1

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The weekend is almost over, which means back to work tomorrow for most of us. So to cheer you up (and myself) I am going to be giving you a little bit of bookish fun every Sunday, to make the end of the weekend that little bit easier!

Hello all you lucky people who are not in work today, unfortunately I am.
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my job yet on Broc’s Bookcase. Basically I work at a university and tomorrow all the new  students are arriving and moving in. So I have to be there at 7.30am and stay until 6.30pm.
The only upsides: free food and double pay!

..But don’t worry, I didn’t forget about all of you who are off today, dreading having to go back to work tomorrow (you lucky things!) So I was unsure of what bookish fun I could supply to you today, but then last night I ws as watching the UK X Factor and a girl came on and sang this really cute song about being heart broken by her ex and singing about how he was her missing puzzle piece. I LOVE puzzles and so immediately opened up the puzzle app on my iPad! After about 2 hours of doing puzzles I decided to make a few for you all as a Funday Sunday activity. I mean, who doesn’t love puzzles?!

So below you will find 3 puzzles based on some of my favourite book covers at the moment. Once you have clicked on the image you can chose how difficult you want your puzzle to be. Whether you want it easy peasy or you prefer to challenge yourself there is something for you.

So enjoy the end of your weekend, and have fun with my bookish puzzles, whilst I am stuck in work!

Have you read any of these books?

Enjoy your Sunday and have an excellent week!

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