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June 5, 2016 Sunday Funday 0

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The weekend is almost over, which means back to work tomorrow for most of us. So to cheer you up (and myself) I am going to be giving you a little bit of bookish fun every Sunday, to make the end of the weekend that little bit easier!

This weekend is going WAY too fast as does every weekend. I’ve spent most of mine trying to complete my proofreading course which I feel like I have been doing forever! But at least it has been sunny, I am loving this shorts weather and really hope it sticks around for a while!

This week I found the coolest thing: a Harry Potter phone charger. And the best thing about it is that it comes with instructions so you can make your own, and you can make it with any book cover you want!) The link to the video tutorial created by 2 Cats & 1 Doll is HERE, but I have listed some of the main points on how to make this below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 22.16.07

So all you need is a portable charger, which you can get in most stores or online super cheap. Go for something like the shape of the one below as it will look more bookish once the cover is on. You will also need to print your cover in the same height as your charger.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 22.17.32 Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 22.17.56

Some sticky back plastic to protect the cover and then measure it round the charger and stick!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 22.20.02 Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 22.26.28

And there you have it, the finished product. The cover can be super easy to remove from the charger and so you can swap it to whatever cover you want!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 22.26.48 Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 22.28.20

And that is it! Super easy, super cheap but totally bookish!

What cover would you put on your charger?

Enjoy your Sunday and have an excellent week!

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