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The weekend is almost over, which means back to work tomorrow for most of us. So to cheer you up (and myself) I am going to be giving you a little bit of bookish fun every Sunday, to make the end of the weekend that little bit easier!

So, it’s my first Sunday Funday post (and actual post) of the year, so first I must say…

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year and all your wishes came true.

But now, down to business…

It’s 2015 and so it’s time to chose your bookish challenges for the next year. There are so many of them out there and so it’s hard to know which ones are best to chose. My advice, don’t go too crazy! I signed up for 7 in 2014 and didn’t even complete one! (I got pretty close on a few though!)

Check out the links below to some of the best (in my opinion) challenges to be a part of in 2015 and how to sign up for them. (obviously there are TONS more, but if I included all of them then I would still be writing my post at the end of 2015!)


Run by Great Imaginations, this is a great one to get involved in because each bingo game only actually lasts 3 months. That’s 90 days to tick off 25 squares on your (totally awesome) bingo card. Plus, if you complete your card then you get entered into a giveaway!
Get involved here.

The Daily Prophecy
If you are someone who loves a “Once Upon a Time…” then this is the challenge for you. It’s actually a Fairytale Retellings challenge and I was surprised to see how many retellings there are actually out there. With some great book lists provided by host The Daily Prophecy to help you out, and nearly 100 other people signed up to this challenge it is going to be a great year to be involved in this!
Check it out here.
The 2015 Re-Read Challenge
Looking for a challenge without the long list of rules, then this is the PERFECT one for you! There are only two rules with this one.
1) You’ve got to read it in 2015
2) You’ve got to have already read it before
And that’s it! It’s that simple! Hannah at So Obsessed With has even given us a way to review our re-reads without all the fuss that go into our normal reviews!
Get involved here.

I always feel like I should be reading more debuts and discovering new authors instead of being safe and sticking with the same old ones, and this challenge is perfect for just that! Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl has done such a great job of putting this challenge together and has created a whole list of debuts throughout 2015, so if me you are rubbish at keeping up with things in the bookish world then you can still take part!
Check it out here.

This one looks like a whole lot of fun. I like that there is a different theme for each month, but that they are not really very strict (eg. read a book from your local library) and so it’s not stressful trying to figure out which books you can read that will work within the theme. Bookmark to Blog has done a great job with this one, and it would be perfect for those of you who are looking for a challenge that is a little less strict!
Get involved here.

I really like the idea of reading around the world, and I have actually been taking part in my own personal around the world reading challenge for a little while now (it’s going kind of slow!). This challenge, hosted by It’s All About Books, is a great idea because it really opens up the different ways stories are written in different countries. Plus it totally makes me want to travel! There are tons of lists online (espeically on Goodreads) that can help you with finding books from around the world to read if you get stuck.
Check it out here.

This is the only challenge I have included that requires you to have a blog, and is for those people (like myself) who are very unorganised! The Book Addicts Guide has come up with a great list of things to focus on each month up until June, by which time our blogs should be beautifully organised AND we could win something awesome in the giveaway! Oooooooo!
Get involved here.

If your aim for 2015 is simply to read more, then this is the challenge for you. With very little rules, you don’t even have to state how many books you are planning to read! But The Book Vixen has a great group of people taking part who you can chat to about where you are up to with this one!
Check it out here.

Another great challenge hosted by The Book Vixen is the Freebies challenge. This is all about those ebooks that you grab that cost you absolutely nothing! They have supplied some links to places where you can find some hidden gems, and the aim with this one is to read at least 12. Not too hard really!
Get involved here.

If you are wanting to read something COMPLETELY different this year then this is the challenge for you. Fanda Classiclit has come up with 12 totally interesting genres (some of which I have never heard of) that are sure to make your years reading a VERY unique experience. From Medieval to Enlightenment, Victorian to Transcendentalism this is the perfect challenge for those of you wanting to step out of your comfort zone. And don’t worry, there are some list of great books to read for each genre, if like me you would have no idea what types of books they even are!
Check it out here.

Everyone loves a good A-Z, and this challenge, hosted by Samantha Lin is all about the A-Z of authors. Only rule, it’s surnames not first names! This one is going to be interesting once you reach X,Y,Z! But well worth it if you complete it, because you get entered into a giveaway! Wheay!
Get involved here.

Another A-Z but this time it’s all about the book titles. Hosted by Escape With Dollycas you earn a ‘spoon of soup’ for each book you read. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t have the paitience to wait an entire year for a bowl of soup! To make it a little bit easier around the Q,X and Z sections the rules have been slightly changed so that for some of the more troublesome letters they only have to appear in the title. Well that makes the whole thing a little bit easier!
Check it out here.

One of the most popular challenges each year is the Goodreads challenge and this is one that I will be taking part in for the second year on the run. All you need is a goodreads account to keep score of the books that you have read and hey presto, you are taking part! Make sure not to make your aim too high! But if you are lacking a little bit towards the end of the year then you can change your reading goal!
Get involved here.

One Million Pages
Whilst looking around at the different challenges online I also found the ‘One Million Pages In A Lifetime’ challenge, which obvious is going to be a bit more then just a 2015 challenge. It probably seems quite intense, but it actually doesn’t take any extra effort. All you need to do is keep a check on number of pages in the books that you read and add them together! That’s it! There’s also a goodreads group if you want to see what other people are reading, or like me you can just do this one solo.


So, what challenges are you getting involved in this year?

Enjoy your Sunday and Have an excellent week!

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4 Responses to “Sunday Funday: Challenge 2015”

  1. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    Thank you for mentioning my challenge! I really appreciate it 🙂 I still can’t believe there are so many participants, it’s amazing and I can’t wait to spread the fairytale love around the community. I’m doing the Goodreads challenge like each year & I also signed up for the re-read challenge and TBR pile (not mentioned, but thought I would name it anyway)

    • Brocs Bookcase

      You are welcome, it sounds like a really good one! Nothing wrong with a bit more fairytale love in the world! 🙂 I still need to properly decide on mine, at the moment there are like 8 that I rally like the look of but that is WAY too many to be keeping up with! Good luck with your challenge and with the other ones you are taking part in! Happy 2015 and Happy Reading! 🙂

  2. Kaja

    Ooh, I’m also doing the Fairytale challenge and the Re-read challenge! I wish you all the luck with your goals 🙂

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I think I’m going to do the re-read challenge. I was looking through my kindle the other day and there are so many books on their I haven’t read in AGES but totally love! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂