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May 1, 2016 Sunday Funday 2

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The weekend is almost over, which means back to work tomorrow for most of us. So to cheer you up (and myself) I am going to be giving you a little bit of bookish fun every Sunday, to make the end of the weekend that little bit easier!

I LOVE Bank Holiday weekends! A whole 3 days off, and then only 4 days in work the following week, bliss. What will I be doing on my extra day off you ask? Well, me and my bestie are going to an amusement park, so I will most likely be spending the day with my hands in the air and screaming (in a good way of course!).

Now, I don’t know about you but this picture has been all over my Facebook feed this week, from a lady who painted the first page of Harry Potter onto her wall!

I’ve similar stuff before and I am always really jealous of these people! Sadly, because I still live with my parents I have no say on what gets painted on the walls, but even if I did I have a feel that they would strongly disagree with me wanting to paint an entire book page of a book onto a wall!

So I decided to share some of my favourites, and some of the walls I would most love to have in my future house! (hopefully the person I end up living with will appreciate bookish walls!)

This one would be perfect right opposite the front door. Visitors will walk in and immediately see this sign, I would be super excited to explore anyones house that had this in the entrance and would be waiting for something magical to appear round every corner!


Definitely a library/reading room wall quote 🙂


Ok, so first…wow for the bookish staircase, and second… I love this quote! I feel like it would fit in well in a kitchen too though.


This one would be perfect in a study, or any room in which a lot of work is done. It would remind you during the stressful times that a little bit of imagination and fun can fix anything.


Another one to put in the study for when things get tough!


Dr Seuss quotes were made for children/baby rooms, although I love how they also still relate to adults too. There are so many Dr Seuss quotes that I love, but this has to be one of my favourite.


Most definitely a quote for above the bed! It would be perfect (although maybe in a different font!)


I would put this one right over my front door, so I could see it every time I leave the house and go on a new adventure.


This would be a really nice one to have above the bed. A nice romantic quote for me and my loved one to look at every morning when we wake up and every night before we go to bed. (I’m mushy like that!)


Do you have any book quotes on your walls? What quote would you love to have?

Enjoy your Sunday and have an excellent week!

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2 Responses to “Sunday Funday: Bookish Walls”

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I know right! I want a whole house covered in bookish walls!!!