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Blog Tour: “Embody” – S.E.Hall

February 20, 2017 Book Review 0

Blog Tour: “Embody” – S.E.Hall

Blog Tour: “Embody” – S.E.HallEmbody by S.E.Hall
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Published on: January 29th 2017
Published by: Self Published
Pages: 337
Series: Full Circle #1
Genre: NA Romance
Format: eARC

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This book follows on from the Evolve series, you can find reviews for the series below:
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Embrace (Evolve #1)
Entangled (Evolve #2.5)
Entice (Evolve #3)
Endure (Evolve #4)
Embody (Full Circe #1)


The Story(summary from Goodreads)

I’m not “damaged.” No horrible childhood or demons in my past I’m trying to outrun. In fact, my family is ideal — funny, supportive and filled with couples that all follow “our” golden rule:

Find her. Protect her. Love only her, with everything you are, every day, for the rest of your life.

So why is it the mere thought of a monogamous relationship, more than one night with the same woman, sends me bolting in the other direction?

Because I hadn’t met Bellamy Morgan yet.

When I do cross paths with her, everything starts to slowly make sense. Why men change overnight — suddenly blind to all women but her, happy to hold her purse and watch corny movies.

Just one problem — she’s my little sister’s best friend.


My Thoughts

I LOVED this book. Like head over heels loved this book. I don’t think it hurts that I was a massive fan of the Evolve series which featured one of my all time favourite group of characters and this book follows JT, who just so happens to be the son of one of my favourite couples from the Evolve series. It’s not necessary for you to read the Evolve series before this book, but in my opinion you absolutely should.

Going into this book you should know it’s very alpha male, so if you are not a fan then maybe stay clear. But if you are then prepare yourself because you will LOVE JT. Reformed manwhore he is the double of his father which made me love him from page one. Known as the player in his family we quickly learn from his POV that there is more to him and I really felt for him when his sister and friends doubted his ability to actually have feelings for a girl rather than just want to sleep with her.

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