Review “Sweet Home” – Tillie Cole

November 18, 2013 Book Review, Initial Reaction 3

Review “Sweet Home” – Tillie ColeSweet Home by Tillie Cole
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Published on: October 13th 2013
Published by: Self Published
Pages: 406
Series: Sweet Home #1
Genre: NA Romance
Format: eBook

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The Story
 (summary from Goodreads)

At age twenty, Molly Shakespeare knows a lot.

She knows Descartes and Kant. She knows academia and Oxford.

She knows that the people who love you leave you. She knows how to be alone.

But when Molly leaves England’s grey skies behind to start a new life at the University of Alabama, she finds that she has a lot to learn — she didn’t know a summer could be so hot, she didn’t know students could be so intimidating, and she certainly didn’t know just how much the folks of Alabama love their football.

When a chance encounter with notorious star quarterback, Romeo Prince, leaves her unable to think of anything but his chocolate-brown eyes, dirty-blond hair and perfect physique, Molly soon realises that her quiet, solitary life is about to dramatically change forever…

Initial Reaction
All cozy in my dressing gown and pajamas. I don’t know about any of you, but my house is freezing at them moment. I also look kinda rough as I had been awake for about 30 hours at this point, travelling back from Vegas. I should really have slept on the plane, but instead I read this book!



My Thoughts.
“Hey Mol.”
“Hey You.”
“You gonna give up that lucky sweet kiss?”
“If that’s what you want.”
“It most definitely is.”

I was expecting a sweet but typical YA/NA romance story. But the depth of this book was a very nice surprise and I literally couldn’t not put it down until I had finished! (which was good, as it filled part of my 10hr flight back from Vegas!)

Molly Juliet Shakespeare is an English geek who at the age of 20 is doing her masters. After an extremely difficult childhood Molly has learnt to cope by gaining as much knowledge as possible, and then when things get tough she runs. Romeo Prince, at first glance is your typical sexy, broody, bad boy. He is the star quarterback, headed for greatness. But behind his bad boy exterior Romeo is hiding the pain caused from a cruel and controlled life he is constantly fighting against, but is unable to escape.

“Why does any human want anyone? My body recognises you as something that’s good for me. My mind recognises you as someone who’s right for me, and my soul recognises you as someone who is meant for me.”

Their romance is extremely cute, they first meet when they literally bump into each other and instantly sparks fly. Molly is shy and tongue tied, having retreated into herself when she lost her family. But Romeo decides that Molly is exactly what he needs in his life, so she doesn’t really stand a chance. Once together they become exactly what the other needs: she becomes his lucky charm, he becomes her family and they connect in a way that is both beautiful and believable.

“I don’t remember Romeo being this pushy with Juliet!”…..He arched his eyebrows meaningfully. “And look at how that worked out for them. My way is better—less death, more orgasms.”

Their relationship is sweet, steamy and filled with love. But there are tough times, heart-breaking moments and devastating tragedy. The journey Tillie Cole takes Molly and Romeo on was not at all what I expected it to be, it was so much better. She threw stuff in there that I never would have imaged and it made for an addictive and very enjoyable read.

I really loved the ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Shakespearian references in this book, and Tillie Cole was able to include them without being super cheesy about it. The writing was fluid and engaging and Tillie Cole really shows her talent for writing swoon worthy romance and steamy sexual encounters.

“It only took Romeo one look at Juliet and his fate was sealed. Maybe I’m just like my namesake, and maybe you’re just like yours.”

Sweet home is a perfect mix of sweetness, pain and deep love. Page by page I fell more in the love the story, the characters and with Tillie Cole’s writing talent. This book gave me more than I expected and I absolutely adored it (was gutted when I finished and had to stop reading!)

Thankfully, Tillie Cole has recently announced ‘Sweet Rome’, the story from Romeo’s POV plus a continuation of their story, coming 2014, so we won’t have to wait long to be back with Romeo & Molly!.

“A home is not a place. It’s not a country or a town or a building or possession. Home is with the other half of your soul, the person who shares in your grief and helps you carry the burden of loss. Home is with the person who throughout it all never gives up on you and brings you eternal happiness.”


Final Thoughts

If you like a story containing an ‘at first glance’ bad boy who turns out to be very loving, but still maybe a little bit naughty, then check out Beautiful Disaster or While It Lasts.

Re-Readability: YES! (you couldn’t keep me away from it!)

I would recommend this book to fans of: Tillie Cole, the Sweet Home Series, college romances, books with college sports, healing romances, not-quite-so bad boys.

Rating Beyond Loved

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Have you read Sweet Home?

Have you read many books with a college romance?

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