Review “Saving Liberty” – Helena Newbury

July 7, 2016 Book Review 0

Review “Saving Liberty” – Helena NewburySaving Liberty by Helena Newbury
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Published on: May 31st 2016
Published by: Foster and Black
Pages: 387
Genre: NA Romance
Format: eBook

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The Story
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Emily is the President’s daughter. Gorgeous but innocent…not the kind of woman who should get involved with me, an ex-Marine with a bad boy rep. But when a sniper opens fire, the need to protect her is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. Suddenly, we’re on the ground, my body covering hers. I save her life then walk away, sure that I’ll never see her again.

But when a shaken Emily asks me to become her bodyguard, I can’t turn her down. Now I have to wear a suit and call her ma’am when all I want to do is slam her up against the wall and tear her clothes off. Neither of us can resist…but I can’t let her get close, not with what’s lurking in my past. And the danger is far from over. The White House is under threat…and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect the woman I’ve fallen for.


My Thoughts

I was looking for a book that was easy to read, required no thinking and that I could finish in an evening so when I saw someone chatting about this on twitter I grabbed it, and ended up getting more than I had expected!

I was a good easy read but not boring or bland in any way. The story just flowed so well, everything made sense (even the politics bits!) and it had my attention from page one. I am a massive fan of forbidden romances, so the whole President’s daughter and the Bodyguard romance had me immediately interested, and it definitely lived up to expectations. And the action! There was just so much action and it was awesome!

“I’m fucking crazy for you. Every inch of you. Every scrap of you. Every atom of you. I’m not going to let anyone hurt you but right now I’m going to make you mine.

I liked how real these characters where. They weren’t just an ‘innocent girl’ and a ‘bad boy’, there was so much more to them. Kian, with his scars from war and the sacrifices he has had to make throughout his life, and Emily who is suffering from PTSD from her recent traumatic experience of being shot at. I also really liked Emily’s dad, the President. He was a firm but supportive father and was willing to do whatever necessary to make her feel safe again, whilst also dealing with all the things that President’s have to deal with!

“I’d finally found exactly what I’d been searching for, that one safe place I’d needed so bad… even before the park, even if I hadn’t known it. I wasn’t going to give that up, no matter what anyone said and no matter how hard I had to fight for it.”

I love the slow burn of the romance, there was so much chemistry between these two I’m surprised they didn’t self combust! Kian and Emily may fall for each other at first glance, but as a forbidden romance (my favourite kind) it takes a very long time for them to finally give into their feelings. And when they do it is TOTALLY worth it. Sexy and steamy but also really sweet.

“I was addicted to listening to her voice, smelling her scent, I was addicted to just looking at her, drinking her in in big thirsty gulps from the second she opened her bedroom door to the second it closed.”

I really enjoyed seeing Kian ad Emily help each other to develop as individual characters as well as a couple. Kian helps Emily through her PTSD and to become a stronger character again, and Emily helps Kian to open up and allow himself to care about people again, something he hasn’t been able to do due to the losses he has suffered.

“I wanted to be with her, had crazy dreams of running away together, not just keeping her safe but being happy together. As if I was a regular guy, who could have all that. More than anything else, I wanted to be that guy. Just a regular, unfucked guy who could have a life with her.”

The action in this book was great, but even better was the conspiracies! It was such a great mystery to unravel, figuring out who the ‘bad guy’ was and the whole plan and how everything fitted together. I’m not normally one for a mystery but this one was great and kept me hooked right until the last page!


Final Thoughts

I was expecting a fun easy read with this book, but it really was so much more than that. Really good, developed characters an addictive story line and a romance that you can’t help but route for. I will definitely be reading more of Newbury’s books in the future.

Re-Readability: Yes

My Rating: Loved

I would recommend this book to fans of: forbidden romance, damaged characters, bodyguard romance, stories featuring the President

Rating Loved it

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