Review: “Revive Me” – Charity Ferrell

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Review: “Revive Me” – Charity FerrellRevive Me by Charity Ferrell
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Published on: November 4th 2014
Published by: Self Published
Pages: 268
Genre: NA Romance
Format: eARC

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The Story(summary from Goodreads)

When I lost him, I lost myself.

Tessa Benson is lost. The most important person in her life is dead. And everyone she loves left with him. She’s doing everything she can to mask her pain. Even if it means traveling down the road of destruction.

Dawson Thomas has loved her for years. But she’s his dead best friend’s sister. He made a promise to stay away from her. He also promised to always protect her.

She’s destroying herself and time is running out. Will he hurt her by keeping his word or break his promise to save her?


Initial Reaction


My Thoughts

At a time when I was really craving a totally emotional romance book this one just happened to land in my email inbox. And I am so glad it did because it was exactly what I wanted at the time. It was emotional, heartbreaking and totally intense, but it was also full of love and hope.

Charity Ferrell is almost cruel in the way that she makes us fall in love with these characters so quickly and then we have to spend the next 150 pages reading about them totally falling apart and destroying themselves. Both Tessa and Dawson were beautifully written characters and I really liked reading from both of their POV which offered different insights into the way their stories played out. They each had their own set of issues to deal with, but when you put them together on a page it’s just magic.

“We don’t only mourn the loss of the person we’re grieving. We grieve the memories sweeping through and reminding us of the plans that are never going to happen.”

The way that this book is written makes it feel like two halves. We get a destructive first half, and a healing second half. Although it meant having to see Tessa basically destroy every part of her life in trying to numb her pain I did like the fact that it was written in this way. Unlike some books the switching point in this book seemed to happen dead centre so we actually got to see the healing. It really bugs me when books end just as the person decides to start living their life again, but we don’t actually get to see it. In this one we do, and we get a pretty sweet romance a long with it.

“With you, I just feel so comfortable. It is like I belong here with you. My mind does not race as I question every touch you make. It was like my body knew you should be the only one touching me and anyone else was trespassing.”

I’ve already mentioned how good Charity is as writing characters that we can fall in love with, but she is also extremely talented at writing the characters that we can very easily hate, but at the same time kind of understand. There’s Mr Douchebag: Reese, who plays the part of total d-head perfectly leading Tessa down her destructive path. And there are also Tessa’s parents, who through their own grief have come to totally ignore anything else going on around them, including their own daughters depression. We hate these characters, but at the same time we understand why they are the way they are, which kinda makes us feel like maybe they can be saved too.

“You break a lamp and it shatter. You can glue it back together but you’ll always see the cracks and the superglue will always seep through them. I think we’re the same way. We can come in here, get help, and feel like we’ve been fixed. But we’ll always have those cracks and the chance of breaking again is likely. The important part it the quality of the glue we have. It’s the bond that leaves us put together.”

I can’t write a review about this book and not mention the LOVE: it was cute and it was epic. It made a change for me to have the guy trying to save the “bad” girl, rather then the other way round. Dawson’s feelings for Tessa are strong, but due to a pact he made years and years ago she is totally off limits, which in infuriating for both us and Tessa & Dawson. But no fear, we eventually get a romance and it is exactly what we all wanted. Dawson is judgement free and totally supportive of Tessa, even whilst dealing with his own problems he still makes her his number one priority. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs a Dawson in their lives.


Charity Ferrell Interview
1) You deal with some pretty serious topics in this book, what was the hardest part for you to write?
There were two that dug pretty deep. The scene where she’s in the classroom listening to the gunshots, and the second when she’s in the bathtub.

2) Which was the most enjoyable part for your to write?
I loved the banter between Tessa and Dawson – especially when she didn’t know what a Jagerbomb was.

3) What is you favourite quote from this book?
“Best friends can be friends, lovers, girlfriends, anything. As long as they’re your number one, anyone can be your best friend. You’re my best friend. When something good happens or I need to talk to someone, I don’t reach for the phone to call Cody or Ollie, it’s you. You’re my go-to. You understand me. You’re my lover, my soul mate, and my best friend.”

4) All couples need ‘a song’, if you could chose what would be the song you would pick for Tessa and Dawson?
Mine Would Be You, by Blake Shelton. That’s the song Dawson listens to after her picks up Tessa from her first night out with Reese.

5) Which book, not written by yourself, do you wish you had written?
Harry Potter, Gone Girl, or Fifty Shades. I’m a total fan girl.

6) If you were a superhero what would your name and powers be?
Hmmm.. I’d say either invisibility would be a pretty fun one or the ability to read minds. I could be called The Unseen Girl?


Final Thoughts

It was intense and heartbreaking at times, with a guy who I wanted to kick in the balls, parents I wanted to scream at, and a guy who has made it VERY high up on my bookish boyfriend list. What more could you want from a book?!

Re-Readability: Yes, definitely.

I would recommend this book to fans of: books with serious topics, healing romances, intense romances.


Love-a-thon 2014

Type of Love: Healing Love

Couple Status: Cute

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Have you read any of the ‘healing love’ books I’ve mentioned?

Got any other recommendations?

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