Review: “Where Rainbows End” / “Love, Rosie” – Cecelia Ahern

October 8, 2014 Book Review, Initial Reaction 4

Review: “Where Rainbows End” / “Love, Rosie” – Cecelia AhernWhere Rainbows End/Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern
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Published on: November 8th 2004
Published by: HarperCollins
Pages: 585
Genre: Romance
Format: Paperback

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From naughty children to rebellious teenagers, Rosie and Alex have stuck by each other through thick and thin. But just as as they’re discovering the joys of teenage nights on the town and dating disasters, they’re separated. Alex’s family move from Dublin to America – and Alex goes with them. For good.

Rosie’s lost without him. But on the eve of her departure to join Alex in Boston, Rosie gets news that will change her life forever – and keep her at home in Ireland.

Their magical connection sees them through the ups and downs of each others lives, but neither of them knows whether their friendship can survive the years and miles – or new relationships. And at the back of Rosie’s mind is whether they were meant to be more than just good friends all along. Misunderstandings, circumstances and sheer bad luck have kept them apart, but when presented with the ultimate opportunity, will they gamble everything for true love?


3am initial reactions videos always make me look like an idiot. At least in this one my hair isn’t sticking up all over the place, although thats only because it’s hidden under my duvet which I had wrapped myself up in due to it being SO COLD! Hello winter!


This is probably one of the books I have found the most difficult to review in my whole time blogging. I normally struggle with the books that I really like because I find it hard to write anything more then OMG IT WAS AMAZING, IT WAS AWESOME, IT WAS PHENOMENAL, IT WAS FANTASTIC! (I really need to find some more describing words!)

This one was difficult because I loved it, but then at the same time it was lacking, and that made me extremely frustrated enough to at times make me kind of not like it.

This book is written not in a normal story format, but as correspondence between all of our characters. You have the correspondence between Alex and Rosie, between Rosie and her parents, Rosie and her sister, Rosie and her brother, Rosie’s parents and Rosie’s siblings, Rosie and Ruby, Alex and his brother, Alex and his girlfriend, Katie (Rosie’s daughter) and Alex, Katie and Rosie, Katie and Toby (her friend)…the list goes on. Then you have the everyday correspondence of letters sent from teachers, from bosses, from job interviews. There are emails, written letters, instant messages, texts, birthday invitations, wedding invitations, wills, newspaper articles…again the list can go on. There is just SO MUCH. And it is all of these things that make up this story about love, friendship, family, dreams, second chances and just everything that makes a persons life so special.

“You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with and if you’re OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and who can protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who can make you happy, really happy, dancing-on-air happy. Someone who should have taken the chance to be with you years ago instead of becoming scared and being too afraid to try.”

It was unique in the way it was written; the characters were VERY likeable (well, except the ones we were meant to hate!) I found myself laughing along with them, sympathising with them and when they were in despair I found myself trying to find a way out for them.

I especially connected with Rosie and found a lot of the time that I was putting myself in her shoes whilst she was trying to figure out what to do with her life in order to make her dreams come true, as that is exactly what I’m trying to do with my life at the moment! But Alex, he was just incredible. He moves half way across the world and he is still there for her, he gets married and he’s there for her, she gets married and he is there for her. Yes ok, so he may act like a typical boy sometimes and do stupid things, but the rest of the time he is just purely amazing and all the things he does for her and the way he stands by her are just so sweet. Alex and Rosie’s friendship is the type of friendship that every person in the world needs to have.

From: Alex
To: Rosie
Subject: Dreams
Again, Rosie, you’re just not stretching far enough. I’m right here. Always have been, always will be.

It really is an epic love story. One of those ones that reaches across years and years and the ones that when you hear of a story like this in real life you think that it is the most romantic thing in the world that two people could love each other for so long not realising that they are meant to be together. With these stories you hear about all the good stuff, all the little romantic things that they did that made the couple finally realise that they were meant to be together. But this book is not like that, sadly it is a whole lot more frustrating. You are routing for them the whole time, and they manage to tell other people about their feelings for each other but they are so stubborn and they keep letting life get in the way and you just want to scream at them to confess to each other that they love each other and live happily ever after!!! THAT’S NOT SO HARD, RIGHT?!

So, as I’ve previously mentioned, this book is unique in the format it is written, which I love. Unfortunately though, for me, it is also one of the things that causes problems for me. All our characters interactions are purely through letters or email or text, but when you think of your friends and family, you spend a lot more time in their company then you do sending them messages. With this book we miss those moments, we miss the interaction. Rosie goes to visit Alex for a week and all we get from it is her telling her best friend the main bits of her trip. But it’s the little things that make life special, and it’s those little things that were missing in this book and so in that way slightly hurt it.

“Life is funny isn’t it? Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, just when you finally begin to plan something, get excited about something, and feel like you know what direction you’re heading in, the paths change, the signs change, the wind blows the other way, north is suddenly south, and east is west, and you’re lost. It is so easy to lose your way, to lose direction. And that’s with following all the signposts”

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED this book and I will definitely be reading it again, but I am a little bit sad that the thing I love most about it is also the thing that that kind of didn’t like about it.

PHEW! I’m glad I reached the end of that, so difficult to write!


Final Thoughts

At this point it when I say how excited I am for the film (which comes out on my birthday! WHOOP!). Not just because Sam Claffin is in it (H.O.T) but because we will actually get to see our characters interacting face to face, and we will get to see all those little moments, and if there are romantic moments (not telling you!) then we will get to see them too.

Re-Readability: Definitely

I would recommend this book to fans of: friends to lovers, long romances, books written in unique ways

Rating Loved it.5

Have you ever read a book written in a unique format?

Have you read/watched Love Rosie?

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4 Responses to “Review: “Where Rainbows End” / “Love, Rosie” – Cecelia Ahern”

  1. Chrissi Reads

    Bit worried about the film, I just didn’t like the way they did P.S I Love You. I liked this book, but agree, it definitely had its flaws!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Hmmm I guess, I think I’m more excited for the face to face interactions then scared for them ruining it! I do love Sam Claffin as well. It was one of those books that upon finishing I was like I can’t decide if I loved it or hated it. Took me a while to work it out in my head!

  2. Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    OMG! I can totally relate! Sometimes, I feel like I’m being too repetitive, and need some new words too! LOL I love when you can relate to the characters! It’s so awesome to be able to laugh with a character! Great Review 🙂

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I think I need to read the dictionary next, it should help me find some new words! They really are awesome characters and so real, it just made the whole thing all the more perfect. Happy reading! x