Review: “The Harmless Series” – Meli Raine

June 23, 2017 Book Review, Series Review 3

Review: “The Harmless Series” – Meli RaineA Harmless Little Game by Meli Raine
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Published on: October 18th 2016
Published by: Self Published
Pages: 227
Series: Harmless #1
Genre: NA Romance
Format: eBook

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The Story(summary from Goodreads)

Summary for book #1 (A Harmless Little Game)

Four years ago I lost my virginity on live, streaming television. Too bad I wasn’t awake for it.

The video went viral. Of course it would. A Senator’s daughter on camera? Wouldn’t you click “share”? Besides, that’s what three of the four guys in the video did.

Share. They shared me.

But that fourth guy? The nondescript one in the background in the upper left corner of the screen, just sitting on the couch? The only one who did nothing? Not one single thing.

That was my boyfriend, Drew. And that was the last time I saw him.

Until today, when my father—now on a path to the White House—hired him as head of security for my new team as I return home after four years of “recovering” in an undisclosed location that involved white lab coats, needles, pills and damage control.

You see, the other three guys never went to jail. Never had charges pressed. Never faced consequences.

Until today. Game on.

My Thoughts

I have to admit that going in I did not think I was going to like this book. It pinged up on my facebook as a freebie and I was looking for something easy that I could read in a few hours. I expected easy and nice. I did not expect to be buying the second book at 1am and immediately diving back into the series.

I am a massive fan of stories that feature healing, especially healing romances, which is what I think draws me to books like this. Books in which our main characters have been through something massively traumatic. The series handles the sensitive topic exceptionally well though, the situation that Lindsay went through is explained but never in too graphic detail. It’s not a happy thing to read about, but don’t be scared that reading this book/series is going to mean having to read through a full graphic account of Lindsay’s attack, because it’s not.

I wasn’t too sure about any of our characters at first, I just couldn’t get a read on them. But then the further into the first book I got things kind of settled and I ended up really liking Lindsay and Drew both individually and together. There is a great sense of mystery to the series as although you know who the bad guy/s are you never know who is in it with them and I could never quite confirm exactly who I could trust right until the end of the final book.

After reading some comments on Goodreads about this series the main concern people seem to have (before reading it) is the situation between Drew and Lindsay and a potential romance between them even after he just sat by and watched her attack. Without giving any spoilers I will say this, there is a whole load more to this story and Drew’s story then it initially told. You will get answers and they are acceptable answers. Take a chance on this book, on the series, and you wont regret it at all.


Final Thoughts

I went in to this book/series expecting an easy read but I was pleasantly surprised by the great series I ended up addicted to.

Re-Readability: Yes

I would recommend this book to fans of: healing romance, healing stories, Tillie Cole books, recovery stories


What’s the last book you thought you were going to hate but actually loved?

Who’s your favourite healing romance?

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3 Responses to “Review: “The Harmless Series” – Meli Raine”

  1. Becky@ A Fool's Ingenuity

    Ok, I am majorly wary from the summary, like your review says. But I’ll trust you on this because Kindle freebie and a book that sounds like it has the potential to be brilliant or terrible. You’ve convinced me it’ll be brilliant with the 1 am buy of the second book. Great review.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Haha glad I could help convince you. You won’t regret it. Please don’t blame me if you hate it though! 😛

  2. Becs

    Just read this series and agree after Book 1, I needed to know more!