Review “Dead Weight” – T.R.Ragan

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Review “Dead Weight” – T.R.RaganDead Weight by T.R.Ragan
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Published on: December 21st 2011
Published by: Thomas and Mercer
Pages: 297
Series: Lizzy Gardner
Genre: NA Thriller
Format: eBook

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The Story

Her First Cold Case…
Lizzy Gardner, a private investigator known as the “one who got away,” has spent over a decade trying to get over her past and move on. Although she knows that the man responsible for ruining her life is now dead, letting it all go is easier said than done. Hoping murder and mayhem are behind her, she delves into her first cold case: twenty-one years ago, a girl went missing and the girl’s dying mother is more desperate than ever to know what happened to her only child.

A Missing Woman…
After a woman walks into Lizzy’s office and offers her a large sum of money to keep a close eye on a fitness guru, a man she believes is responsible for her sister’s disappearance, Lizzy realizes she might have taken on more than she can handle.

An Angry Teenager…
Lizzy calls in the help of her two assistants, forcing Hayley and Jessica to work together. Hayley might be of more use to Lizzy if she wasn’t wandering the streets of Sacramento in the dead of night


My Thoughts

I absolutely loved Abducted, and so was expecting a lot from this book. I really didn’t want it to become just ‘that middle book’ in the series, so I am very glad to say that I LOVED it!

Lizzy has evolved a lot since the start of this series. Yes, she still has her issues, but now that she is over that whole Spiderman part of her life, she is able to try and move on and make the most of it. She is still the tough, kick-ass and ‘say-exactly-what-you-mean’ PI, but still book lets us see her a bit more vulnerable in different ways then Abducted did. She is trying to rid her life of the fear she has lived with her whole life, and even simple things like having less locks on her front door are a big deal for Lizzy. Happily back in a relationship with Jared, she has difficulty telling him that she loves him and agreeing to move in with him, scared of the trust and commitment it will mean.

“A constant stream of negative thoughts could easily become debilitating. But to become aware of those thoughts and to know that one’s thoughts are not who they are can be freeing.”

There are two cases in this book, and I did spend quite a lot of the book thinking that they were going to overlap at some point. The Cold case: a dying mother wants Lizzy to find out what happened to her daughter who hasn’t been seen in 20 years. The Missing Person case: A worried sister tasks Lizzy to follow an extreme fitness guru that she believes is involved in her (weight obsessed) sister’s disappearance.

The cases in this book were really interesting and I found myself getting very involved in them, trying to think like a PI and figure out who/what had happened to these girls. The weight loss story line was great, and kinda freaky the lengths people go to lose weight. Lizzy’s involvement caused her to have to take part in daily exercise with her suspect, which was pretty funny to read about as she is the least fit person! Very much like me in that way, so I found it very entertaining.

“Behind every story of inspiration is a story of training, practice, discipline, and sacrifice. You must be willing to pay the price”

There were some great twists and surprises thrown in this book, and the different POV’s of Lizzy, Jessica, Hayley plus some of the missing characters (set in both the past and present) gave us a great overview of exactly what everyone was going through.

Jessica and Hayley made a pretty comical team at points in this book. They obviously don’t get along: Jessica wanting to follow the rules and Hayley prepared to do anything to get the job done. There is some funny banter as well as some pretty harsh words said between them, but overall they do make a good team and manage to actually learn something from each other.

“I want to hire you to find my sister

Hayley goes through a lot in this book, still suffering from her time spent with Spiderman on top of the issues she is dealing with as a result of a very bad childhood. She spends a lot of the book planning and going after the men who abused her, and although she doesn’t kill any of them it get’s a bit scary at some points when you literally have no idea what she’s going to do next. I’m pretty excited to see what happens with her next, and how Ragan develops her character even more.

One thing I missed in this book was Jared. His relationship with Lizzy is still going great and he is a super supportive boyfriend in regards to her inability to move in with him. But he spends a lot of the book off working on secret FBI stuff and I really did miss him. Hoping he is around a bit more in the next one!

“She wanted nothing more than to let it go and move on, but the harder she tried, the more difficult it was to do”


Final Thoughts

Once again Ragan has produced a brilliant mystery/thriller that had me hooked right from the beginning. Her development of her characters is flawless and I am really excited to see where she takes them next. The story lines are great and although at times quite scary or shocking, nothing could make me want to stop reading them before I find out the answers to all my questions!

Re-Readability: Yes

I would recommend this book to fans of: NA thriller, mysteries, stories with abductions

Rating Really Liked it

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