Review “Beach Side Beds & Sandy Paths” – Cassie Mae & Theresa Paolo

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Review “Beach Side Beds & Sandy Paths” – Cassie Mae & Theresa PaoloBeach Side Beds & Sandy Paths by Cassie Mae
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Published on: April 4th 2014
Published by: Self Published
Pages: 209
Series: Beds #2
Genre: YA Romance
Format: eARC

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.The Story

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Ryan Parker has loved his best friend for the past ten years, and after a weeklong ski trip, he finally got bumped out of the friend zone. Things seem perfect, until Ryan finds out his mom has a second family, and his half-brother, Brett shows up on his porch. When Ryan gets invited to spend his spring break with Lexie at a beach house, his grandparents suggest Brett go with to provide them with more bonding time.

Lexie Boggs fell in love with her best friend. After the best four months of her life, she’s ready to spice things up in her relationship. The beach side bed seems like the perfect place to seduce Ryan, except he seems off lately. His temper boils at the surface, and having Brett around isn’t helping.

When they all get crammed in the beach house, Lexie tries to mend the growing rift between the two brothers, while Ryan tries to forget his brother even exists.


Initial Reaction


My Thoughts

I really enjoyed the first book in this series and couldn’t wait for this one and more of Lexi, Ryan, Kaylee & Nate.

I was slightly worried about where this book was going to take Lexi & Ryan. They got together at the end of the first book so what was going to happen next? I was scared they were going to start having issues and break up and it take them the entire boo to get back together, but don’t fear none of that happening. Instead this book centres around Lexi & Ryan taking their relationship to ‘the next level’ whilst having to also deal with all the other outside forces in their lives.

Lexi had it pretty easy in this book, in that her life is basically back on track after all the stress from the first one and it was nice that she was finally starting to get her happily every after. Ryan on the other hand has some bad moments in this book. Having just discovered he has a half brother his anger over his family situation starts to take over all aspects of his life and he spends a lot of this book very angry. But no fear, the real Ryan comes out too and there are some really sweet moments between him and Lexi as he lets his romantic self out.

It would be wrong not to mention Nate & Kaylee (Ryan & Lexi’s best friends) in this review because WOW do I love them! I really would love Kaylee as a BFF because she never fails to make me smile. Whether its her “megaphone voice” whilst discussing sex with Lexi in a Plan Parenthood clinic, or her constant pigtails, or that she spends her night sleep outside Lexi’s bedroom door so she can be the first to hear Lexi’s news, she never fails to make me smile. Nor does Nate with his constant magic tricks. I swear, every time Nate is mentioned he is doing something magical!

Their relationship is another really cute one. Nate absolutely dotes on Kaylee, and at one point in this book shows everyone just how far he is willing to go to make sure she is happy and in his life. I also love Nate’s understanding of Lexi & Kaylee’s friendship, and no matter what time Lexi comes into their room needing girl time, Nate will get out of bed and leave the room.

New to this book is Brett, Ryan’s half brother, and at first he is a bit of a mystery. He goes from being angry, to jokey, to flirty to kind of vulnerable. It took me a while to get used to him, and even though by the end of the book I had accepted him, there is still a lot unanswered about him, some of which we get snippets of in this book, but hopefully we will learn more in future books.

I really love the interactions between Lexi, Ryan, Kaylee & Nate and it was good to get them out of their everyday lives and off on holiday somewhere again. It was a fun, sweet and easy read and I really enjoyed it, but I couldn’t help feeling there was some kind of wow factor missing. There didn’t seem to be any very emotional (good or bad) moments in it, it just flowed. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for me personally I like my books to be a little deeper.


Final Thoughts

Another fantastic book from the duo and Cassie Mae & Theresa Paolo once again show that they are pro’s as this kind of story, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Re-Readability: Yes, at some point

I would recommend this book to fans of: young adult, YA romance, relationships that grow from friendships, books set in high school, books set on the beach

Rating I Liked it

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