To Re-Read or To Not Re-Read?

April 14, 2016 Discussion 4

Before I started Broc’s Bookcase my reading wasn’t massively diverse. I read a hell of a lot but it always seemed to be the same books over and over. My friends and family always used to question it and ask me did I not get bored repeating the same story. But for me re-reading these books was about reliving my favourite moments over and over, or discovering that one new little thing that you didn’t notice the time before.

Since starting my blog my reading has diversified both with new authors and new genres and I am so happy about it. I’m reading about new topics, I’m learning about new things and I’m experiencing new bookish feelings. I don’t regret starting my blog or diversifying my reading, but boy do I miss re-reading.

I’m not the most organised of bloggers, I think we all know that, so many of my blog posts etc end up being done the day before or even the day of being posted and sometimes I end up reading a book the night before a blog tour I have signed up for. I’ve tried to be better this year and not overwhelm myself with ARCs and blog tours, but still the mix of blogging, reading ARCs and reading books that I’ve bought, well that kind of takes up a lot of time.

To re-read a book or an entire series of books would take time away from the books that I am reading for my blog, so I barely do it anymore. Which is so sad because I really do love re-reading.

This month The Winner’s Kiss (final book in Marie Rutkoski’s Winners trilogy) was released and I have known for a while that I wanted to re-read the previous books before starting this new one. A lot happens in the first two books and I was scared that I would miss something important in the third book because I had forgotten some little detail from books 1 or 2.

So I planned it into my schedule when I was going to read them. Luckily I was going on holiday to Canada just before the final book was released so 24 hours worth of trains and planes meant that I had a decent amount of time to re-read the previous two books that I otherwise wouldn’t have had time to.

I am constantly seeing reviews from bloggers who are reading some of my favourite books or series for the first time and reading their reviews and hearing them getting so hyped up about them makes me want to reread the book and experience it all too. But that means that I have to plan it in advance so I can make sure I still have time to read the books I need to review on my blog/Netgalley.

I guess my post doesn’t really have a point this week other than to say how crazy it is the planning that I have to put into re-reading a series? I used to read the Harry Potter books on repeat over and over for months and the world didn’t fall apart, but if I was to do that now the I would have no books to write about on my blog.

There was this TV show I used to watch when I was younger and it had this boy in it who had found a magic watch which stopped time. I have often said that I would love a watch like this if only so I could have more time to get through all my reading!

If I had the chance I know exactly which books I would re-read first:
What I Didn’t Say, The Inheritance Cycle, Under the Never Sky trilogy, Harry Potter (yes, again!), the Gone series (re-read and complete!) and Percy Jackson and the Olympians (re-read and complete) … and that is just the start of my list!

So I guess my question is, do you re-read? And how easy do you find it to do whilst also reading new books for your blog?

Which book/series do you really want to re-read?

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4 Responses to “To Re-Read or To Not Re-Read?”

  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I’m with you, I always wish I had more time to re-read. I always want to but I really struggle balancing re-reading with books I want to review as well as my massive TBR pile. I mean, there is no way to keep it balanced apart from me stop buying books! I think re-reading is a great thing, I used to do it way more before blogging and before I started having a job to be able to buy more books. Sometimes I miss being a poor student as at least I had plenty of time to get rereading and I treasured all the books I had.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      This is exactly the same as me. I used to reread so much, I wish I was a poor student again too! Thanks for checking out my post!

  2. Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense

    I love rereading, but I don’t do it as much as I’d like. Last year I joined a reread challenge and didn’t quite meet my goal of 12 books. You’re right, I love blogging, but as bloggers we are exposed to so many books, you can hardly take a breather. I find it easier to reread the first book in a series when the second is about to be released. It’s hard to find the time to reread two or even three books in a series. I actually took the weekend to “skim” reread the first two Winner’s Trilogy books before the last book’s release. Haven’t decided how I’m going to get through the Raven Cycle books before the Raven King releases. We need more time in the day!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Yes, sometimes I have to skim previous books too because there just isnt enough time to reread the entire series before the next book gets released. I know exactly what you mean about not getting a breather, sometimes I have to take some time off those becuase otherwise I just get totally overwhelmed by books! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂