At What Point Do You DNF A Book?

May 9, 2016 Discussion 5

April was a really bad reading month for me, like REALLY bad! I have been reading 2 books simultaneously but haven’t reached the end of either. I hate it when I can’t read, it puts me in such a rubbish mood and also results in me having nothing to review on my blog! (hence the slightly quiet month!)

One of the books that I have been reading is Firstlife, a book which I was super excited to read and had seen some pretty good reviews for. The whole concept of the book is really unique and I was excited for some really cool world-building. Plus I LOVE the cover.

But I have been reading this book for an entire month and I still haven’t reached the end!

Basically this entire book is about Ten, our MC who needs to pick a side: Myriad or Troika. The problem, she can’t decide and would rather go through months of torture then actually make a decision. And the really frustrating thing, she never actually tells us why she wont decide, she just keeps telling us that she wont. (Plus, there is kind of a love triagle but it’s not even the slightest bit lovey and the whole thing just annoys me!)

Now, I’m all for authors making us wait for the big decision/exciting moment a little bit, but I’m at 64% and other than a couple of slightly action moments nothing has really happened and this girl has STILL not made a decision.

I made myself continue reading because I kept thinking that she would eventually decide, but she hasn’t, and now it’s gotten to the point where I don’t think I actually care what she decides. Sadly there is nothing about this book which makes me want to continue reading it, and I’m thinking that it’s that time when I should call defeat and put the book down.

But then if I do that I feel like I have wasted an ENTIRE month on only 64% of a book that I am never going to read the ending to.

Maybe I should have just given up earlier? But then if I had given up at say 20% then would I have spent the rest of time wondering if I had just read another 10% then I might have actually gotten to a good bit and totally fell in love with the book?

So here’s my question: When is the right time to DNF a book?

Do you give yourself to a certain % or number of pages? Or do you stop if the author writes something unforgivable?

Also, has anyone actually read all of Firstlife and can tell me which she chooses?!!! (in a private message! No spoilers on this blog!)

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5 Responses to “At What Point Do You DNF A Book?”

  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    This is the hardest reader question ever! It’s always a dilemma deciding at what point to abandon a book you’re reading because you can’t help but think ‘what if’. I am a mood reader so I can put a book down after 5% and know I will go back to it another day and really enjoy it because my reading mood can affect things for me. There are times I know I’m in the perfect mood to read a book and things just are clicking for me.

    I normally like to read until at least a quarter of the way in with books. If they’ve not managed to keep me interested and engaged with the story by that point then I may never get there. It’s a personal thing, though. I also think it’s partly down to how patient you are and whether or not you’re willing to persevere with a book.

    One thing to always remember is that you know best if you’re not enjoying a book. There’s a big difference to the story being a bit slow and you being distracted and just plain old not enjoying a book. I’m slowly learning I don’t need to justify DNFing a book because I know my taste best and there are so many books in the world who has time to waste on books you don’t like?

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Exactly! I’ve gotten a lot better at DNF-ing over the past year, I used to waste so much time reading books I wasn’t enjoying. I usually read until about 20% and if I’m not liking it then I stop. It’s silly though because I always feel really guilty when I put it down! Haha 🙂

  2. Anna

    I usually go by the rule if I’m struggling to even get to page 100 then it’s a definite DNF! Some books I can read in a day, some books I struggle to even have the motivation to finish.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      That seems like a good amount, I usually aim for 20% (when I’m reading on a kindle). I totally agree with you, some books just really seem to drag and you fee like you are getting nowhere with them!

  3. Joanna

    This is such a tricky one because I usually give a book about 10% on my kindle and if I don’t like it by then I would move on. But this year, I’m way behind on my reading challenge and I feel more pressure to keep reading just to finish the book. It all depends on my mood as well, I can get very impatient and only give a book a few pages or I can keep going until 50%. I also get that feeling where you’re like ‘why have I wasted time on this,’ but at that point I should just stop, get into a better frame of mind and get excited about the next book I’m reading rather than beat myself up about it 🙂