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There are so many books being turned into Movies or TV Series at the moment. This feature chats about the good bits, the bad bits and is never afraid to ask the ultimate question: Page or Screen?

.So, first the facts:
Mockingjay was published August 2010 and in it’s first week along had sold over 450,000 copies. As of March 2012 that number had risen to over 9 million copies.
The film, Mockingjay Part 2, was released on November 20th 2015 and in one week (as of 28th December) the film had made more then $372 million worldwide.
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*Please beware that this review features spoilers for the entire book, and therefore the Mockingjay Part 2 film*

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Warning: the following post does contain some very small spoilers for both the book and the film.
(If you have read the book but not seen the film then you will be fine!)

I am so sad that this film series is over, but wow what a way to end it! It has been one of my favourite movie adaptation series of all time and the work that has gone into making it just as incredible as the books really shows and is the reason that is has been so well received.

I remember struggling slightly with the pacing of the 2nd half od the Mockingjay book, but this film does not suffer the same affliction and manages to provide


I have loved Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss throughout this entire series. She was the perfect choice, and not just because of her incredible talent at portraying Katniss but also for her chemistry with the other actors which really shows between the characters in the films. Katniss’ development throughout this series has been amazing to watch and Lawrence does an amazing job at portraying the heroine as she suffers through guilt and PTSD (although it is never official confirmed that she is suffering with this.)

She has to be one of the most reluctant heorines in YA, which is rare now a days, and this final film has a unique and strong sense of morality. Katniss may be broken and has seen more horror then most of the characters in the film but she refuses to fight dirty and sacrifice people to reach her end goal. This is one thing I felt that was done really well in the film, and no matter how lost Katniss was she still had this sense of fairness about her, which was beautiful to see.


This final film gives us the answer we have been waiting for through the entire series: Peeta or Gale (well, for those of you who haven’t read the book already!) The last film was a complete reversal of the previous two with Peeta in the Capitol it was Gale who become the main man in Katniss’ life.

Having to watch Peeta be broken down in the last film was horrible to watch, but having read the book I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for him to come back from that. Under the illusion of tracker jacker venom Peeta is the most dangerous thing to Katniss now, turned into a weapon by the Capitol. But love conquers all, and Peeta is the boy with the biggest heart and starts to come back to us. His struggles in this book are hard to watch, and seeing this beautifully good man have to live through the horrors he is forced to commit was emotional. But John Hutchinson does an incredible job and I couldn’t have imagined it any better.

Gale really found himself in the previous film as he becomes a strong an prominent player in the rebellion. But in this film he starts to loose some of the better parts of himself as the end goal becomes the most important thing and he will do anything in order to get to that point.

It is quite interesting to see the difference between Gale and Peeta at this point. Gale the ‘good guy’ who is happy to do anything to end this war no matter the consequences and Peeta the ‘under the influence bad guy’ who is tortured by the bad things that he is being forced to do.


This cast has been incredible and it would take me all day and a lot of world to describe how much I love each and every one of them. So I’m only going to pick a few:

Effie – whoever made the decision to go against the story in the book and include Effie in the past two films having her present in district 13 is a GENIUS! She has developed so much since the first film and putting her in the situation help give her a deepness that she wouldn’t have had otherwise. Plus she provided great comidic releif in some of the worst moments.

Plutarch (Philip Seymour Hoffman) – Hoffman may have died before the final film was finished filming but he still appears in a large amount of it. A mix of real footage and computer generated made sure that he would be in as much as the story as possible and in my opinion it was the best way that they could have done it.

Prim – she has had such a great development through this series, starting as the scared little girl and becoming a confident young woman. I love the role reversal between Prim and Katniss as Prim becomes one of the people Katniss needs to keep her going in this final film.


As mentioned above this entire series does a fantastic job of keeping to the story of the books whilst also adding in some of their own subtle changes which, in my opinion, make it even better. The story of this final film focus’ onthe end of the rebellion, but whereas most other storylines of this theme follow a ‘kill the bad guy and then everything will be perfect again’, the Hunger Games is a lot more clever as it’s characters and therefore it’s audience see the effects of war and how even when it’s over it doesn’t mean that everyone is going to live happily ever after.

It brings up things that are very relevant to our world today, the rules of war and the consequences that follow. When I finished the book I remember talking to my mum about it and saying, it’s like a happily ever after but no one is happy. It’s the reality of war and it was raw and powerful and is the reason, in my opinion, this story is so poinent.


This is hard, but if I’m honest I have to say the film. The second half of the book is very hard to follow with lots of gaps due to Katniss constantly fainting or blacking out. We miss out on some big moments because she isn’t there to see them, but in the film we get them, and so much more. So yes, for me it’s most definitely the film!

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