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There are so many books being turned into Movies or TV Series at the moment. This feature chats about the good bits, the bad bits and is never afraid to ask the ultimate question: Page or Screen?

.So, first the facts:
Where Rainbows End, written by Cecelia Ahern, was published November 8th 2004. Known for it’s unique narration through letter, emails, texts etc. the book currently holds a 4 star rating on Goodreads.
The film, known as Love, Rosie, was first released in the UK on October 22nd 2014 and is the second of Ahern’s books to be adapted for the screen (the first being P.S. I Love You).
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Where Rainbows End on Goodreads
Love, Rosie on IMDB

Warning: the following post does contain some very small spoilers for both the book and the film.
(If you have read the book but not seen the film then you will be fine!)

Ok, so if you are looking for a cute and totally fun RomCom: Great! You found it!
If you are looking for the movie adaptation of the book Where Rainbows End: Eh, this ain’t it.

I knew going in to tis film, like I do with every book-movie adaptation, that it was going to be exactly the same. You expect that, and even more so with this movie, as the entire book is written in the form of emails, letters, texts and basically every form of correspondence out there. Obviously you cant just have a film about a bunch of letters.

But, oh it hurt, because there was just A LOT of differences. And not even little things, there were whole marriages and babies just missed out. Also, instead of the 45 year time period the book is set over, the film just takes place over 12 years, which ok, is kind of understandable because it would be extremely hard to age the actors by 45 years!


One thing this film got VERY right was the casting. I absolutely loved Lily Collins and Sam Claflin as Rosie and Alex. They had great chemistry and it really did feel like they had been best friends forever. Also it didn’t hurt that Sam Claflin is one beautiful human being.

I have enjoyed Lily Collins in every film I have seen her in and this one was no different. She managed to pull of Rosie’s personality perfectly and there were times that I was in stitches laughing, or totally heartbroken as Rosie watched her dreams taken away from her. She gave a very realistic performance as an aging character throughout the film, however there were times that even though she played the part, she didn’t quite look it, especially nearer the end of the movie when she has a teenage daughter who she just doesn’t look old enough to be the mother of. However this didn’t ruin the film for me in the slightest, in fact I found myself ignoring it because I was so taken in by the film.

Sam Claflin, oh wow do I love him! Just like Lily in the part of Rosie, he plays Alex perfectly. I loved him as a teenager, he had this perfect amount of awkwardness which just made him all the more loveable. Unlike Lily, he is a character that ages well in both his acting and in his physical appearance. It doesn’t help that his hairstyles and dress sense get better and better over the years! Alex has his fair share of heartbreaking moments in this film and Sam is just so perfect in them I wanted to reach right through the screen and give him a hug! He has these incredible eyes which show everything the character is feeling n that moment and you can’t help but turn your attention straight to him every time he is on the screen.


At times is was totally agonising the way that they just kept missing each other. Like with the book, there were so many times when I was literally shouting at the characters to just go for it, to fess up, to make the first move and then deal with the consequences afterwards.

The extended hugs, the almost kisses and the looks across crowded rooms made sure my tummy was filled with butterflies the entire film. As I said above Sam and Lily have such great chemistry which make all their interactions just so intense. It’s beautiful and epic but at the same time it’s heartbreaking and agonising. Basically the perfect love story!


Although fewer of them in the film then the book, the rest of the cast make a great addition to Rosie & Alex’s story. Jaime Winstone plays a perfect Ruby and had me in stitches the majority of the way through this film. Although the character in the book older I very soon forgot about it because Jamie just took over the screen every time she appeared on it. She was fun and quirky and a great person to have alongside Lily Collins.

One big difference in this film compared to the book is Katy’s dad. The film is correct in that Greg becomes Rosie’s husband, but he is not the same person who Rosie slept with at the school dance and got pregnant with. Even so, I did quite like Christian Cooke as Greg, well the older version (and also a lot hotter version), although the younger inexperienced and totally horny teenage version of Greg did give me a chuckle or two.

And now onto Alex’s ladies: I’m used to seeing Tamsin Egerton in lighter roles. She also seems to play the blonde, fun girl. So it was quite refreshing in this one to see her play Sally, who was a total drama queen and bitch! Suki Waterhouse was another great addition as Bethany. You wanted to hate her becuase she wasn’t meant to be with Alex, but the way in which she portrayed Bethany, you kind of felt a bit sorry for her because you could see how much she loved Alex and so watching her realise his feelings for Rosie had to hurt.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this review this film, although a great film, is not a great adaptation of the book because there is just too much missing for me. Also I’m not too sure how I feel about the difference in the period of time the film takes place over: 12 years instead of the 45 in the book.

My love/hate relationship with the book was always based on the way the story is narrated totally through correspondence. I really missed character interactions when reading the book so I was really looking forward to those in the film, which I got and were perfect. But then for me, the whole keeping in touch by email and letter etc wasn’t in the film as much, especially at the beginning.

It is a really great love story and I loved every minute of it, but as a film totally separate to the book.


I hadn’t even the soundtrack for this movie before watching it! I really really LOVE the song on the trailer: High Hopes by Kodaline, and I was pleasantly surprised by the soundtrack to the film which features some of the greats and was the perfect accompaniment to Alex and Rosie’s love story.


The film is great by itself, but when comparing it the book there is no contest. Book all the way!


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