Monthly Review: May 2016

June 3, 2016 Montly Review 0

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Sunshine and countryside. I had a perfect bank holiday weekend int he middle of nowhere this month (we didn’t even have phone signal!) It was absolute bliss and was exactly what I needed whilst work is so stressful at the moment!

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5 things that happened

1) My Uni Friends Came to Visit – I love that I am still in touch with a lot of my friends from uni and we have mini reunions a few times a year which is great. This time they all came to visit me and we went to see Busted in concert as well as having a night out with TONS of dancing. I had so much fun!


2) I’m still doing my swimming challenge – I was meant to complete this on 22 May, but due to some illness at the beginning of the challenge I’ve given myself a few weeks extra to get it complete. I had passed the halfway point by the end of May and definitely feeling like I’ve improved since I started.

3) Family Weekend Away – It was my Auntie’s 60th birthday last month so we arrange a surprise weekend away for her with all the family. I didn’t realise though how much I needed the time away and having 4 days just chilling in the middle of the countryside in the sunshine and reading books and just hanging out with my family was perfect.

4) I made a Teapot cake – I was in charge of the cake for my Aunties birthday weekend away and I spent the past month making various prototypes of this cake before making the finished product last week. It was a lot of stress and I’ve never been so nervous carrying anything in my life, but I’m so proud of the finished product and my auntie was absolutely made up (she even cried!)


5) I Enrolled on a Masters Course  – As of May I am officially signed up to start my Masters in Creative Writing in October this year. I think at this point I am equal amounts of nervous and excited but I can’t wait for the challenge of doing this. I will be doing it Part Time (whilst still working Full Time) for the next two years, and after that I can start putting MA after my name!


Song of the Month

Wheatus were actually one of the bands supporting Busted and being able to hear this song from my teenage years being performed lie right in front of me was amazing, and was definitely one of my highlights of the night!

You can check all the tunes I have been listening to in my Spring/Summer 2016 Playlist.


top 3 books I read

Number of Books I Read this Month: 3

It’s been a bit of a slow few months for reading, but I finally feel like I am getting back into it which is perfect for the summer weather and chilling outside in the sun reading! I’ve only actually read 3 books in May but all of them were amazing, so they all make my list!

The Next Together Cover Some Kind Of Perfect Scarlett Says

The Next Together (Laura James) – I cant believe I’ve had this book for 9 whole months and I’ve only just picked it up! It was so so good and exactly what I had hoped it would be like. My only criticism would be that I wanted MORE, but luckily with the next book coming out in October I will get that!

Some Kind of Perfect (Krista & Becca Ritchie) – Saying goodbye to this series was HARD and there may have been some tears a long the way. I remember picking up the first book and thinking that I wasn’t going to like it, but taking a chance and falling head over heels in love with it! So sad it’s over! Review coming next week!

Scarlett Says (Scarlet Moffatt) – I’m not a non-fiction reader and yet I find myself reading more and more of it. This book was just so darn funny and an excellent take on the world from a really great person. Review coming in June!


Fav Quote this month

“We speak of moving mountains, but sometimes people can completely rotate the world, just so someone else can land upright on their feet.” – Some Kind of Perfect

I love this book (an in fact the entire series) because in it’s most basic form it is about 6 people who are all going through their own individual problems, but the others would literally do anything/sacrifice anything to help get that person back on their feet. It’s the kind of friendship/relationship that everyone int he world deserves.


Most Pop Review

The Runaway Princess cover

The Runaway Princess Review
I recently reread this book after finding it at the back of my bookshelves during a spring clean. I forgot how much I loved it and decided to share my love with you guys and you couldn’t get enough. Apparently a few of you have this sat on you shelf/kindle and haven’t tried it yourself yet either. Get on it!


Most Pop post this month

Books I Changed My Mind About Over Time – I don;t normally changed my mind about a book. If I hated it then I probably still will, and if I loved it then again, I probably still will. But there are a few with my opinion definitely changed about, number 1 on the list…Twilight!

At What Point Do You DNF a Book? – I’ve gotten a lot better recently at putting down books that I am not enjoying. But I never know how far into it I should read before I ultimately decide it’s not for me. Is 10% too short, is 50% too much?

Bookish Words and Wisdoms #1 – I am a sucker for a good bookish quote, but I realised that I don;t really talk about them on my blog. So I started a feature which is all about the quotes that I love, starting with this one.


Excited for Next Month

1) I’m going to the Lake District for the Weekend! – After the weekend away with my family in May coming back to work was not fun, but knowing that in 2 weeks I get another long weekend off to chill out in the lake district made it not so bad. Just me, the boyfriend and BOOKS! Ok, so maybe not too many books, I should probably be social too, but hopefully there will be some gorgeous weather so we can get out and about!

2) I Will FINALLY finish my Swimming Challenge  – Don;t get me wrong, I have really enjoyed this challenge, but I can’t wait to finish it and to just go back to swimming for fun rather than having to keep a check on how many lengths etc. It really has got me back into swimming though, so I am thankful for that!

3) Books!  I’ve got a gigantic pile of books that I want to read next month including Me Before You, which I really want to read before watching the film which is released this month


How was May for you? Are you getting ready for summer too? 

Chose a category from above and tell me about your month! 


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