Monthly Review – February 2016

February 29, 2016 Montly Review 4

Image of the Month


So my doggy had an operation this month, and although it wasn’t anything massively serious, he is getting older and so the op totally took it out of him. This picture is from the day he came home and was so wiped out he literally just lay in front of the fire and slept all day and night, which was scary but reminded me just how much I love him. Thankfully he has recovered really well and is back to his mischievous self.

You can keep up with all my month’s images through my Instagram.


5 things that happened

1) I went to see Lord of the Flies – I bought tickets for me and my boyfriend for Christmas and although I haven’t read the book (the shame) I have heard amazing things about the play. It was an incredible performance, full of flames and massively emotional at points. I really do need to read the book!

2) I started swimming challenge – I mentioned this last month, but I signed up for a swimming challenge in which I have to swim 22 miles between 22nd Feb – 22nd May. I just started last week and I’m up to 74/1416 lengths.

3) I went away for the Weekend – My first anniversary with my boyfriend was this month and I booked a really nice hotel in the countryside for a totally chilled weekend away. I can’t believe we have actually been together for an entire year, it has gone so fast, but I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for us. (sorry for the cheesiness!)

4) My dog had an operation  – As mentioned above my dog had an operation this month. Luckily it went really well and he is nearly fully recovered and most definitely back to his naughty self.

5) I read Non Fiction! – I For those of you who frequent Broc’s Bookcase you will notice that I don’t really wander far from the genres that I am used to. Well this year I decided that I was going step out of my comfort zone and I actually read some Non-Fiction books and I liked them!


Song of the Month

I love this song and have been singing it none stop all month. Plus the music video is totally cute, so much love for Ellie Goulding!

You can check all the tunes I have been listening to in my Winter 15/16 Playlist.


top 3 books I read

Number of Books I Read this Month: 6

Honesty Cover Illustrated Compendium of Animal Facts Cover Red Queen Cover

 Honesty (Seth King) – This has to be one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read, and probably one of the most heartbreaking stories. Seth King is becoming a favourite of mine and I see myself reading a lot more of him in the future.

The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts – Such a fun and book. The facts were interesting and the drawings unique. Big recommendations for this one.

Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard) – I can’t believe it took me so long to get round to it reading this book, but I’m glad I finally did because it’s an amazing start to what promises to be an incredible series.


Fav Quote this month

“There’s nothing wrong with chandeliers” – Honesty (Seth King)

To anyone who has read this book, they will know the power behind this quote. To anyone who hasn’t, it’s about accepting that which or who you love without shame or guilt of it or them not being ‘right’.


Most Pop Review

never never part 3 cover

Never Never Part 3 Review
I always love seeing past reviews that are still getting a lot of love months after I have posted them. This book was incredible and deserves every bit of attention it gets.


Most Pop post this month

My Favourite Swoonworthy Moments in Books – I decided to go all romance for Valentines week and chose some of my absolute favorite romantic moments in books. It was hard to keep from writing down hundreds of them!

What?! I Missed Another Book Release? – I am terrible at keeping up with the books I want to read and their release dates! In this post I basically moaned about my struggles … and asked for some help on how to be better!

Historical Events I Would LOVE to Read About in Books – I don’t really read any historical fiction so I was worried I wouldn’t think of anything for this TTT topic, but then I realised that there are a lot of periods in history that I find fascinating, so maybe I’m just reading the wrong types of historical fiction.


4 posts I bookmarked

Why Do We Read Painful Books? – I LOVE books that make me cry, and I find that a totally normal thing, but there are a lot of people who don’t understand why I want to read a book if I know it’s going to make me a sobbing mess. Next time I get asked why I will be producing Cait’s list, because it is perfect and so so true!

Free Ecourses | Blueprints, Brands, Business & Pinterest – I really enjoy blogging and I am always looking for ways to be better and get my blog ‘out there’ a bit more. I really appriciated this list, put together by Nellie and Co which can help me to do that at a lower cost. (Check back soon for my thoughts on these courses!)

Life Lessons From Gayle Forman – This month A Perfection Called Books put together this great post in which they share what they have learnt about life through Gayle Forman quotes. I am a massive Forman fan and so loved seeing some of my favourite quotes as life lessons.

Reading Guilt – Readers in Wonderland does a great job of summing up reading guilt in this post whether it be from reading as a form of procrastination from something more important, or feeling guilty for not reading when you feel you should be. I found a lot of truth in this post as there are so many times I have felt the same way.


Excited for Next Month

1) I’m going to Canada!!! – My sister has been living in Vancouver, Canada now for nearly 2 years and I am FINALLY going out there to see her. We have big plans to see the Rockies as well as just catching up and I am SUPER excited!

2) Easter  – I love chocolate, so Easter has to be on of my favourite holidays. I’ve been really good recently trying not to eat too much chocolate but once Easter weekend arrives I am going BIG!

3) Books!  There are some amazing books being released in March including The Winner’s Kiss... you don’t know how excited I am for this book! Also, Tillie Cole’s newest book A Thousand Boy Kisses, this one sounds different from some of her more recent work so I am intrigued to read this one and find out what it’s all about.


How was February for you? Did you read anything romance-y for Valentines Day? 

Chose a category from above and tell me about your month! 


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4 Responses to “Monthly Review – February 2016”

  1. Elizabeth @ Book Yabber

    February 2016 is in the books! I’m so, so glad to hear that your dog is recovering! I remember when my kitten went in for her spay surgery, it’s an easy surgery and it’s done daily – knowing all that I was still a wreck. And having her in a cone for two weeks killed me inside. So I can relate to what you’re feeling.

    Yay for reading nonfiction! I love reading nonfiction, but since running a YA & MG review blog, I haven’t made the time for pleasure reading. I really should. There are great nonfiction books out there.

    I hope you have a great time in Canada! I’ve only been once – to Nova Scotia and St. John. My husband, sister in law, and mother in law went on a Canada coast cruise a couple summers ago. I loved it up there. Everyone is so nice, there are vintage book stores all over the place, and the history is fun to read about. Safe travels!

    – Elizabeth @ Book Yabber

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Aww. I know, we do get very protective over our pets, especially when they aren’t feeling their best. My doggy had his first walk yesterday (which he was very happy about having moped about since his op) so he is finally back to normal. Just waiting for his hair to grow back now!
      Haha YEAY! I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed it, will definitely be reading some more in the future.
      Thanks so much, I am so excited! Oooo will need to check out the vintage book stores! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Amanda @ Nellie and Co.

    Thank you for much for sharing my post Hannah, much appreciated. I LOVED Cait’s post too. Sounds like your dog is getting better, so fingers crossed for you hunny! 🙂

    • Brocs Bookcase

      You are very welcome, I loved it and thought it deserved even more love! I know, her posts are always great and hilarious too. Thanks, he is definitely back to his mischievous self again!