Let’s Chat Spoilers (without actually talking about spoilers!)

April 27, 2015 Discussion 1

We’ve all had that moment: You find a book that looks pretty interesting, but decide to check out a few reviews first, just to make sure it’s the right book for you. So you go on Goodreads, check out a few of your favourite blogs and start to read some reviews and it is all going well until…spoilers!

 There is nothing more annoying then a spoiler, it just ruins everything! You didn’t want it, you didn’t ask for it, but it’s been pushed upon you and now you have to go into the book knowing exactly what is going to happen!

It kinda takes away the whole point of even reading the book!

I totally get that writing reviews without including spoilers can sometimes be hard. Say you are reviewing a book that is all…
“boy meets girl and they start out hating each other, but there’s all that flirty-banter type stuff going on, and secretly they are both totally wounded, but there is so much chemistry and you can totally tell they are going to ‘save each other’ by getting together”
We have all read this story (with slight changes in names, settings etc.) soooo many times, and even from just reading the description, we know this boy and girl are going to get together.

So that’s not a spoiler, right??? 

In my opinion, mentioning the couple’s relationship is not a spoiler, because we all know it’s going to happen. Saying that you liked the development of the relationship and that there were some super swoony moments and maybe adding in a couple of cute romancey quotes, for me, is NOT a spoiler.

However telling us all about the couples ‘big moments’ or telling us about the twist in their love story is not a nice thing to do. They are things that we want to discover for ourselves…


Writing Non Spoiler Reviews…

When I write reviews I always think about which things I would be OK with knowing before reading the book. The things that would tease me a little and make me want to read the book, but that wouldn’t spoil it for me. Then I make a note of the things that I would absolutely NOT want to know before reading the book, and I base my review around these two lists.

There are times when a book is so good that you are really desperate to talk about a certain part of it. A main character death or two characters who FINALLY getting together, the things that you have either been waiting to happen for what seems like FOREVER or the things that are just a totally shock and there is no way that you cannot talk about it!

For me, my way around this is a Spoiler Review Video in which I chat to the camera about EVERYTHING, spoilers included. My video always starts with a warning, a ‘this is your last chance, turn back now!’ And for me these videos work, they allow me to talk spoilers, but without ruining it for anyone would doesn’t want to know.

There is also a bit of code <spoiler>…</spoiler> you can use to hide part of your review and then people can chose whether or not they want to read that specific bit. Just make sure to warn people and voila you are safe, no crazy bookworms raging on your blog!

The Books

There have been two books so far this year that even before reading I knew that there were certain things that HAD to be kept secret, and thankfully the bookish community has done fantastically at keep shhhhh!

Never Never

Firstly, Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher. This book was such a mystery before it was released. We were given just the tiniest of descriptions:

Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen.
Complete strangers since this morning.
He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget.

I absolutely LOVED reading this book, and the best thing about it was that I had absolutely no idea what was going on or where it was going! Reviewing this book however was a massive pain in the behind! How are you meant to tell people how amazing a book is without telling then anything about the book (including story line and characters/names)? For me I focused on the authors and the amazing job that they had done, and the way that I felt throughout reading this book and it seemed to work pretty well. You can check out my review for Never Never here.

Sweet Hope

Sweet Hope was the fourth and final book in Tillie Cole’s ‘Sweet’ series, and if you haven’t already read it then you really need to because it is BRILLIANT! Each book in the series focused on a different ‘troubled couple’ who, yes you guessed it, save each other by getting together. Since all the characters stories are interlinked we know who is going to end up with who, until we get to Sweet Hope that is, and Ally’s story.

Tillie kept extremely tight lipped about who Ally’s mysterious man was going to turn out to be. We were told that we had met him in a previous book in the series, but that was all. It was times, like the release of this book, that made me extremely proud of the bookish community and their respect for firstly Tillie and secondly other fans of her series and everyone did an excellent job of keeping hush about the identity of the mystery man. You can check out my review of Sweet Hope here.

On a final note…

Ignoring everything that I have said previously, sometimes we actually do want spoilers. I bought We Were Liars almost a year ago and have tried to read it a few times but have never quite made it further then a few chapters in. My (very bookish friend) Sam keeps telling (and practically begging) me to read it, telling me that how amazing it is, but I just didn’t feel it. In the end I decided to find out what it was that made this book so amazing, and I read a spoiler review. (One of my favorite sites for spoiler reviews is Spoil the Book.)

If you are a fan o this book then you are probably horrified at me right now (I know Sam was!) You could say that I have completely ruined the entire book for myself, and yes I know that when THE THING is revealed in this book I am not going to be surprised like everyone who read it without knowing beforehand. But for me that is ok, because I actually will be reading it because knowing that spoiler has made me want to read it. And it was MY decision to read that spoiler!

I guess everyone is different, but there is one thing which I think everyone will agree upon. Surprise spoilers are just mean!

Do you like to know how a book is going to end before reading it?

What was the last book/the worst that was spoilt for you (DON’T tell me the spoiler, just the book!)

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One Response to “Let’s Chat Spoilers (without actually talking about spoilers!)”

  1. Meena

    This post is exactly what people should read before reviewing books! I know that some people just need to know the spoilery bit before going into the book or just because the suspense is killing them. But not everyone feels like that! They should at least mention a warning in the title (which I’m thankful for when they do) so it doesn’t smack us between the eyes.
    The fate of a side character was spoiled for me.