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May 23, 2014 Let's Chat 1

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Let’s Chat is a new feature on my blog that gives me the chance to add a little bit of discussion and interaction with all you awesome people who pop on by. Each post will have a new topic; something to do with reading or blogging, whatever is on my mind at the time! So let me know what you think: agree with me, disagree with me and lets get chatting!

So I was writing my review for Stupid Girl the other day and I had a slight rant about bad boys. I had checked out some other reviews on Goodreads to see what other people had thought of it, and some of the reactions made me a little bit mad. Nothing annoys me more then people who will read a book that is very obviously a bad boy book and then rate it badly saying something along the lines of: “I hate reading bad boy stories, they are getting boring, always the same thing. I’m fed up of them.”


If it’s obvious from the description that it’s a good girl bad boy romance book and you are fed up of reading them then why would you get it and read it only to give it a terrible review after?!?!?! URGH! Ok, that’s my rant over!

But whilst reading through some of these reviews it was also very obvious to me that people had different opinions on what made a boy a bad boy, and some of the bad boys people were describing were not, in my opinion, bad boys at all.

I also tried to do a little bit of research and found this article by Sugarscape. I have read 7 out of the 10 books on their list, and some of their ‘bad boys’ seem to only be on their list because they are hot. Who in their right mind would put Finnick from the Hunger Games higher on a bad boy list then Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster?!

So what makes a boy a bad boy?

Is someone a bad boy because they are hot, ride a motorbike and have a ton of tattoo’s?

Does having a man whore reputation and being extremely confident and flirty around girls make him a bad boy?

Does having a painful past resulting in anger management issues and the need to punch things on a regular basis made him a bad boy?

There are so many definitions out there that it’s really had to know exactly what a bad boy is now a days! If you had to give a bad boy definition what would you say?

The Bad Boy List

Ok, so to start us off I have picked out one of the most controversial bad boys I have ever read about: Travis Maddox.


Oh Travis, I have had many arguments about this man. The reviews for both Beautiful Disaster & Walking Disaster (by Jamie McGuire) range from people loving him to people thinking he should be locked up for being an over bearing, violent and totally scary guy.

My opinion: I’ll agree, there are times when Travis takes it WAY too far and does become scary pycho bad boy. For example throughout the book after arguments with the girl he loves he has this habit of just completely loosing it. Thing’s that he does it this state include: completely trashing his apartment, punching his best friend, trying to break down said girls door, stalker calling and texting her consistently and sitting in the hallway of her dorm all night waiting for her to come out. He can also be EXTREMELY over protective and punch anyone out who even says or does the slightest thing to piss him off.

But I can’t not love him. For me I see this as the behaviour of someone who is so completely in love with someone and is so scared of loosing that person. I love it when these tough guys turn all vulnerable over a girl. I know, Travis takes it too far, and I couldn’t date someone like that myself and I think I would probably be worried if one of my friends were dating someone like this, but as a bookish bad boy I’m sorry but I love him.

Who’s on your bad boy list?

So, let’s chat…

Do you agree/disagree with my opinon of Travis. Do you think I’m an idiot?

There are tons more out there though, so let me know what you think: what makes a bad boy a bad boy, and at what point do they become too bad? Any favourites or any that you completely hate?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think?


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