Book Recommending and the Pressures that It Comes With

August 14, 2014 Discussion, Let's Chat 2

lets chat logoLet’s Chat is a new feature on my blog that gives me the chance to add a little bit of discussion and interaction with all you awesome people who pop on by. Each post will have a new topic; something to do with reading or blogging, whatever is on my mind at the time! So let me know what you think: agree with me, disagree with me and lets get chatting!

Just to show you how much my pyjamas blended in with my bedroom wall…

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So, let’s chat…

Do people always ask you for a good recommendation?

Do you get really nervous? How do you chose a good book for them?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think?

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2 Responses to “Book Recommending and the Pressures that It Comes With”

  1. Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections

    Hi Hannah! I really like discussion topics and I think it’s really need that you did it in video form. As for book recommendations, I usually give them on Goodreads, so I’m not too stressed about that. They’re all avid readers and if I happen to recommend a book they didn’t like, it’s not the end of the world. I think I’d be uncomfortable recommending books to people I actually know in real life, because I’d have to face them again after that!

    That having said, I’ve read a lot of good books, and I wouldn’t have found some of them if it hadn’t been for people recommending them to me.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Haha, my reason for doing it in video form was because I was feeling really lazy that day and couldn’t be bothered typing, but glad you liked it! 🙂
      Yeah, I think with people you don’t know its not too bad, but as you said, if it’s people you do know and see often then you know they are going to be telling you what they think the entire time throught the book:
      “I’m on Chapter 2, loving it.” … “I’m on Chapter 7, this characters a bit weird. Not sure if I like them.” … “I’m on Chapter 15, what is going on?! This book is awful!” Haha. It’s like when people ask me what genre I read and I’m like I LOVE FANTASY and they are like oh, because they like reading like biographies and they think my choice is strange.
      I guess you’ve just gotta go for it, not everyone is going to like everything you recommend, they will just have to deal with it!!! 🙂