A World Book Day Bookish Love Story

March 3, 2016 Discussion 2

Firstly I must say a very Happy World Book Day to you all! Anyday that promotes the wonderful things that are books is ok by me.

I used to love WBD as a kid in school. Me and my sisters would plan for weeks what we wanted to go dressed up as and I always put so much effort into my costume (have always been a craft nut!). But my favourite part of WBD had to be in the afternoon when each teacher would chose a book to read and all the students in the school had to pick which story they wanted to go and listen to.

It was in 2000 that my friends dragged me along to Mrs Turners classroom and I first discovered my love of Harry Potter as I listened to her read me this fantastic tale of a young wizard who goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (plus she did a REALLY good Dobby voice!).

I was most definitely a book nerd as a kid, and I remember whizzing through the official school reading books in primary school so fast that I ended up reading books that were 3/4 years above my class. It got to the point when I would have to pick older books from the school library because the school had ran out of official reading books for me to read!

Books and reading have always been there for me no matter what. High school wasn’t always easy for me (like a lot of other people, I guess) and I loved immersing myself into these totally different worlds and following characters on these epic adventures. It allowed me to escape my own ‘not so happy world’ for a while and for that I will always be grateful to books.

I have also found through books that I have learnt so much new stuff, and not just from non-fiction books, but from fiction ones too. In books we meet characters with different jobs, skills and who live in different places. It’s quite surprising how many little details I’ve picked up on in the past and my family are always amused when I share some random fact with them that I have discovered through reading a fiction book.

Books have also taught me lots of life lessons through the years, some harder than others. Books taught me that being smart is not something I should be ashamed of (thanks Hermione), they taught me that sometimes friendships can fall apart and that people can betray you. Books taught me to be loyal, they taught me that sometimes grown ups get it wrong too. Books taught me that sometimes things happen and you have no control over it, they taught me that it was ok to fail. Books taught me about strength (and all the different kinds) and they taught me that I wasn’t alone.

Nearly 3 years ago I took the plunge and started a book review blog and it has got to be one of the scariest but best things I have ever done. It has opened me up to an even bigger world of books that I never knew about. I used to buy my typical ‘teen girl’ books at my local Waterstones bookstore. Now I’m buying self published books, I reading ebooks I’ve bought from amazon or got from Netgalley, I’m getting sent ARCs, I’m winning books in giveaways.

I’ve learnt so much more about the world of authors and publishers and the process that goes into producing a book and I was lucky enough to get to spend an entire day at the Hachette UK offices in London.

Books have been in my life since day one and I know for a fact that they will be in my life for many many years to come. Sure my reading tastes have changed over the years, and I have no doubt they will again. But one thing that I hope never changes is that excitement of opening a new book, that bookish smell, the ability to escape to a completely different world, the tears on the pages, the laughter caused by words, the magic, the inspiration and the emotional instability that comes with finishing a book you have adored.

Happy World Book Day everyone!

Here’s to another fabulous year of bookish love!

What is your bookish story?

Why do you love reading?

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2 Responses to “A World Book Day Bookish Love Story”

  1. Emily @ Loony Literate

    Ahhhhh I love it <3 <3 And like a lot of other people, Harry Potter was the start of it all for me as well (or at least, the earliest I can remember). I read that in second grade, things like Eragon in year 4, and I've never looked back (well…clearly).

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Eragon! I loved reading Eragon! Funny story in that I actually watched the film first and really liked it and then decided to read the books. Now I’ve read the books I can’t stand the film! 🙂