Happy Birthday to…Broc’s Bookcase! (So let’s have a giveaway!)

August 29, 2016 Blogging, Giveaway 1

brocs bookcase birthday

Broc’s Bookcase is 3 years old!

(How on earth did that happen?!)

I remember when I first started blogging and would visit blogs that were years old and think Wow, how do they do it? Well 3 years on here I still am with no idea how I did it!

I am still amazed every single day when I log onto my blog and see that people have actually visited, people have commented, people have shared. Because who I am? I’m a 24 year old who lives in the middle of no where with way too many books that I love chatting about.

When I started this blog 3 years ago I’d just graduated from university with no job and had to say goodbye to all my friends who had been my family for the past 3 years. I was worried about my future, I was lonely and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. So I decided to start a blog with hopes that it would last longer than a couple of weeks.

But here I still am 3 years later.

Broc’s Bookcase has been there with me through some of the best and worst moments of the past 3 years. Through my traveling round China, through my year of unemployment and depression, through my finding a job, through my meeting my boyfriend. My blog has always been here for me to come back to… you guys have always been here for me to come back to.

I am not the best blogger by far. I am lazy and unorganised. I forget to reply to comments, I leave blog posts to the last minute, I am rubbish at twitter! I often think about doing ‘How to’ blog posts, but then realise that I am the worst person to be giving advice! But I am so so passionate about it and I hope that still shows in my posts 3 years later. I love chatting about books, I love giving my opinion, I love fan girling over them.

I love being a part of this community. Starting Broc’s Bookcase is the best thing I have ever done, and I really hope that I’ll still be here in another 3 years age 27 (wow that’s scary) still fan girling over books!

My bookish highlights of this year:

  • Going to YALC for the 3rd year
  • Got invited to the Insight Into Publishing event at Hachette UK

My personal highlights of this year:

  • Making it to 1 year with my boyfriend (the longest relationship I’ve ever had!)
  • My mum graduated from university
  • I signed up to start a Masters in Creative Writing

My Top 10 Books of this year:

And now for a Giveaway!

In celebration of Broc’s Bookcase’s birthday I am giveaway four (yes I said four!) prizes. Four bookish tote bags, crammed to the top with tons of bookish swag.

  Bookish tote bags

This includes buttons, badges, tattoos, braceletts, wristbands, postcards, bookmarks, note pads, lanyards, nail art, magnets, stickers, posters and some early preview excerpts of books that haven’t even been released yet!

(Not all swag bags will contain all things on the list. I only have a limited number of each and will share them between the four bags)

Bookish Swag Book posters bookish swag

bookmarks book postcards

Things included from Illuminae, The Selections Series, The Maze Runner series, The Next Together, The Half Bad series, Everything Everything, The Bone Dragon, Seed, When We Collide, Gone series, Red Queen series and so many more!

And I’m giving away FOUR of them!


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