Hangovers…of the bookish variety.

July 7, 2017 Discussion 2

I don’t know about you but I both love and hate bookish hangovers. They are great because they always mean that you have read something INCREDIBLE. But on the downside, that incredible thing is now over and trying to adjust back to normal life is HARD!

I recently read “Damaged Like Us“, the newest book by twins Becca & Krista Ritchie. You may know them as the authors of the amazing “Addicted” series. Well Damaged Like Us is the first book in the spin off series “Like Us”, which focus’ on the next generation of the Addicted gang.

Ever since this new book and series was announced I have wanted it. And then the synopsis was released and I wanted it even more. I literally spent pre-release week counting the days and I was clock watching right up until it’s midnight release on 27th June. I then stayed up until 4.30am reading, followed by a whole day in work. And what did I do in work that day you ask?

I read it again.

Yep, this was me!

(Long story short: I work in a university, it’s summer, we are not busy. I’ve got Kindle Cloud reader on my PC and so can sneakily read books whilst pretending to work. Woohoo, I love my job!)

My second read took me 24 hours (due to the fact that I forced myself to actually sleep this time!) and I had planned to write my review straight away. But then the next day, whilst looking for quotes for my review, I found myself reading it again.

The book and the world it in was all I could think about and I couldn’t stop myself returning to it again and again. Even after I forced myself to stop reading it for a 5th time I kept seeing people posting quotes or memes about it online and I felt this desperate need to return to the book again. I tried reading something else but my mind wouldn’t commit. I had this world and characters stuck in my head and they weren’t leaving.

If you’ve never experienced this before then welcome to the world of book hangovers.

As I said at the beginning, book hangovers mean that you have read something incredible. A book hangover is the best kind of hangover because it highlights just how much a book has touched you. And boy was this book incredible. But the consequences of it were just bad. It sounds ridiculous and we always joke about getting addicted to our books, but that is literally what happened to me.

It’s been just over a week since this book was released and I’m now back to normal, I’ve even read other books! (Wohoo!) But looking back it’s crazy how much of an effect this one book had on my life. Sure, I’ve lost myself in books before but never like this!

Is this a normal thing, or am I the only one? I can’t be surely?

Tell me your bookish hangover stories!

Don’t forget to include which book you were reading so we can all suffer too!


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