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Potty for Potter Month


If you didn’t know already I am a massive Harry Potter fan and I have been wanting to review the books on my blog for a while. I’m always telling people that they are my most favourite books and yet I don’t even have a review up for them. When looking at my blog schedule a few months ago I realised that the best time to put them in would be Summer, which just so happened to correspond with Harry’s birthday month, and voila ‘Potty for Potter’ was born.

My Potter Story

My relationship with Harry Potter was not an instant thing. In fact I didn’t actually read any of the books until 2001 when I got the first four books for my 10th Birthday.

My big sister was not a fan and so kept telling me that the books were rubbish and not to read them, and it wasn’t until World Book Day of 2001 that I found out how wrong she was. At my Primary school, in the afternoon on World Book Day all the teachers would choose a book to read and we got to choose which teacher we would go an listen to. My friends all wanted to go and listen to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and although I wasn’t a fan I didn’t want to be left on my own so followed them to Mrs Turner’s room.

What followed was 2 hours of levitating cakes, flying cars and a magical school full of fascinating lessons and mysterious secrets. I was hooked and that night I went home and demanded my mum get me the first book. A few months later on my birthday I got the first four books which I devoured in just over a week, and that was how it started.

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