My enormous list of things they shouldn’t have missed from the Harry Potter films!

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Recently I re-watched the Harry Potter films, and as usual I ended up reading most of the books again due to the fact that some of my most favourite bookish scenes had been missed. In a moment of madness I decided to write a post about all of these missing scenes (which seemed a great idea until I realised how many there actually were) and share them with the world to see if you guys felt the same way.

Somewhere a long the way I also ended up writing a (thankfully, much smaller) list containing some of the moments in the films, not from the books, that I loved too and you can find these at the end of this VERY long post!

If you are good enough to reach the end, make sure to share you own thoughts and add any additional scenes that you think should have made the films too!

Things from the books that I wish were in the films

Peeves (books 1-7)
So apparently Peeves was originally in the first film but his character was cut last minute. Gutted to say the least, I would have loved to have seen him in the films creating mischief! (I especially love the bit in Order of the Phoenix when he salutes Fred & George!)

Nearly Headless Nicks Death day party ( book 2)
Although I have to admit the first time I read the Death day party scene I was totally creeped out, but it would have been so cool to see this on the screen complete with the table of moldy food and ghostly party games!

The Marauders Map (book 3)
Yes, the map is featured but the film totally missed the entire back story to it and it’s link to Harry’s dad. Even when Lupin ends up with the map Harry never questions how he knows how to use it.

Winky (book 4)
Winky (and her drinking problem!) were a great feature to Goblet of Fire and I would have love to have seen her feature in the film since she had an important role in the story which was just ignored in the films.

SPEW! (book 4)
Whilst chatting house elves I have to mentioned SPEW, or the lack of, in the fourth film. Sure, it doesn’t add to the Voldemort story line, which is probably why it wasn’t featured, but it was such a great addition to the book and made me laugh so much. Plus it led to the discovery of the kitchens and the house elves that work down there, which I found fascinating.

Visits to Sirius (book 4)
Throughout the fourth book Harry, Ron and Hermione visit Sirius in his cave multiple times. It really builds the relationship between Harry & Sirius as well as giving us some pretty important information. It made me a little sad that Sirius doesn’t feature in the fourth book (except for a floating head in a fireplace).

Harry and Dumbledore chat (book 5)
Ok, so my favourite book is Order of the Phoenix, and one of the main reasons for that is the ending and the massive chat that Harry and Dumbledore have in which everything is revealed and there is just so much emotion from both Harry and Dumbledore that my heart literally explodes every time I read it (plus Harry basically destroys Dumbledore’s office which would have been fun to see). I was GUTTED that this scene didn’t make it into the film, I really really wanted it! And now every time I watch the fifth film I actually read the ending to the 5th book too, just so I can have that scene!

Ron & Hermione as prefects (book 5)
The whole prefect thing was totally ignored in the films which I was a little sad about. In the books it happens at the perfect time when Harry is starting to doubt himself and makes him really question himself and his relationship with Dumbledore. This is lightly touched on in the book, but not nearly enough for my liking. Plus, going back to the prefects thing I just thought that for once it was nice for Ron to win something that Harry hadn;t. I felt like he needed that moment.

St Mungo’s and Neville’s parents (book 5)
Neville’s family situation is finally explained to the group in book 5 and it was an emotional moment that I was really looking forward to. Sadly St Mungo’s doesn’t feature at all in this film and instead Neville tells Harry about his parents in the Room of Requirement, which for me just didn’t cut it. The heartbreak of Neville’s pride and shame in his parents was what made the scene in the book, plus teaches Harry a very important lesson that there are worse things that death. And it’s for this reason that I really wish that this scene had made the cut.

Luna as Harry’s date at the Christmas party (book 6)
This was briefly mentioned in the film, but they missed all the best bits! Luna’s inappropriate party conversation especially! She is one of my absolute favourite characters of the entire series, so for me there was never going to be enough Luna!

Harry and Ginny’s first kiss (book 6)
As much as I want to I’m not going to mention my disappointment at what the scriptwriters did to Ginny in the later films, instead I’m just going to focus on the first kiss that did not happen properly! In the books Harry walks into the common room to find the entire house celebrating Gryffindor’s quidditch win and ends up swooping Ginny off her feet and kissing her in front of everyone, including Ron. I wanted this scene so bad, and although there was a niceness to their first kiss in the films, it wasn’t what I wanted!

Harry bitten by Nagini (book 7)
When Harry and Hermione fight Nagini in the book Harry is bitten and after escaping spends some time unconcious from his injuries and forced to relive his parents death in full detail. It wasn’t a massively important scene but I just really liked it in there.

Baby Teddy (book 7)
Teddy is mentioned in the film very very briefly and it just wasn’t enough for me. In an interview J.K.Rowling said that Teddy had been written into the story to show the consequences of war and the orphan children that come from it, just like Harry had seventeen years later. I especially liked the scene in the book when Lupin tells Harry that Tonks is pregnant and his fears over the baby being a werewolf. The whole dynamic between Harry and Lupin in this scene and the one when Harry was named godfather was just so beautifully emotional and I would have liked the extra time with them together in the films before Lupin was killed.

Harry protects Molly before facing Voldemort (book 7)
Don’t get me wrong, the final film and the battle of Hogwarts was done amazingly. But I did kind of want that moment when Harry jumps out from under the invisibility cloak and protects Molly from Voldemort. Their relationship through the entire series has very much been one of surrogate mother/son with Molly caring for and supporting Harry throughout and I really like this moment of role reversal in which Harry, having already lost so many people he loves, puts himself between Molly and Voldemort to protect her.

Harry fixes his wand with the elder want (book 7)
It literally would have taken an extra 10 seconds to put this in the film. The film ending is stupid. End of.


Things I liked from the films

The bit with the wands when Dumbledore dies (6)
This moment is visually stunning and hits me in the feels every single time. I don;t think it would have been as powerful in the books but was a beautiful addition to the films and one of my overall favourite moments.

The attack at the burrow (6)
It’s a bit strange because nothing like it happens in the books, but I feel like it’s a great little moment with Harry and Ginny alone and fighting together. Plus it shows just how brave, loyal and kick ass Ginny is as she runs through fire to help Harry. (We’ll just ignore that weird shoe lace bit that happens 10 seconds before)

Harry confronts Snape (book 7)
I LOVED the scene in Deathly Hallows when Harry just pops up in the Great Hall and reveals himself to Snape. It was a highly charged emotional moment when they really got to square off in front of everyone, followed very quickly by McGonagall. It was the part of the film when you knew things where about to kick off and it was glorious!

Congrats, you reached the end!

So which scenes do you wish would have been in the films?

And which parts of the films (not in the books) did you love?

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