July 31, 2017 Blogging 2

So this past weekend was YALC and it was amazing and chilled out and full of books, but I also came back feeling totally knackered (probably from all the books I had to carry!). I had plans to write a post about YALC today but then decided that I couldn’t be bothered, because I’m lazy like that, and so decided to do something a bit more fun instead.

I stole the below from Jamie @ Perpetual Page Turner. If you don’t already know her blog then check it out (it’s awesome), and she’s just had a totally gorgeous baby girl so go gooey eyes over her too!

Currently reading: Trust by Kylie Scott. I’ve got so many fantasy series to catch up on but was absolutely knackered after YALC so wanted something less fantastical and more normal world. Currently at 15% and loving it.

Currently listening to: Helium by Sia. I’m currently working on a pretty emotional scene in my WIP and this song is the only thing that gets me in the right head space for it. Literally listening to it on repeat for hours on end at the moment.

Currently eating: Strawberries! Sadly my own plants only produced like 4, so these are store bought but still yummy.

Currently drinking: Vanilla latte.  Well, I’m just about to because latte and strawberries at the same time is weird. I’ve never liked coffee, but suddenly discovered vanilla lattes and now I can’t get enough!

Currently wearing: Harem pants and my Gryffindor cardigan. Would you believe I’m actually in work right now dressed like this? Haha. It’s summer (so super quiet) and my boss is on holiday so making the most of it by being super casual and comfy!

Currently watching: I’m 3 seasons into Game of Thrones. I’ve watched it before (but only to the Red Wedding) and so when my mum wanted to check it out I said I’d watch it with her. So much love for this show, wish I was cool enough to create a fantasy world this amazing!

Currently waiting on my DVR: Last weeks episode of Shadowhunters. Last week was manic so didn’t get round to it but happily this means I get to watch 2 episodes this week!

Currently looking at: the pile of work that I’m meant to be doing right now!

Currently opened tabs: Facebook, gmail, blog, twitter, goodreads. Trying to hide from my gmail inbox though, I’ve been avoiding it for a while and now it’s scary big!

Currently texting: My mum trying to figure out what we are going to eat tonight. She was meant to do the shopping this weekend but all she managed to buy was bread, milk and sour cream. Literally nothing in the house to actually make into a decent meal!

Currently on my library holds list: Nothing. I’m trying to stay away from the library at the moment since I just paid off a very hefty fine because I forgot to return the books I had out! I’m pretty sure I keep that library going on my fines alone!

Currently on my book to-buy list: And Then We Ran – Katy Cannon. I heard about this one at YALC and loved the story, have just been witing for pay day then I am buying it!

Currently waiting to be released: Fireblood – Elly Blake. Absolutely loved the first one in this series, can’t wait for more!

Currently adding to my Goodreads TBR list: Basically everything from YALC including Noah Can’t Even, Being Miss Nobody and Countless

Currently adding to my physical TBR: Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows – Cassandra Clare. I am ashamed to say I haven;t read either of these. They are next on my physical TBR list!

Currently recommending: The Loneliest Girl in the Universe – Lauren James. I managed to grab an early release copy at YALC and inhaled it in a few hours. It was amazing! Read it now!

Currently talking about on the blog: I’m currently writing reviews for Our Dark Duet and The Loneliest Girl in the Universe, plus chatting about my amazing weekend at YALC!

Currently coveting for myself: alone time. I’ve been so busy these past couple of weeks and I’m trying to work on my WIP but keep getting distracted. I would love a few days away from everything, lock myself in a room filled with ice cream and just write write write!

Currently contemplating: whether to make myself another vanilla latte.

Currently loving: Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream. I love the stuff, but recently I can;t get enough of it. These past few weeks have been busy and I’ve had 3 pieces of crappy news, including not getting the dream job I wanted, so ice cream has been my staple recently.

Currently learning: I’m actually currently on break from my Masters in Creative Writing but have been doing some reading about world building and feeling massively inspired about my own fantasy world.

Currently dreaming of: finishing work for the day, going home and putting my PJs on and just chilling out!

Currently looking forward to: Going to see the Cursed Child with some of my best girl friends in February.

Currently craving: Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream. If only we had a freezer in work!

Currently procrastinating: doing work! The pile of stuff is right in front of me, but my boss is off for the next two weeks so keep telling myself it can wait a few more days

Currently griping about: my mum was meant to go shopping at the weekend (since I wasn’t home) but she didn’t and so now we have no food and now it is apparently on me to think of something for us to eat and cook it!

Currently need to do: return some clothes that I bought for my interview 2 weeks ago and must be returned within 14 days. I’m too poor right now to loose £30!

Currently celebrating: my boss being off for 2 whole weeks! Freedom!

Currently feeling: tired, bored, fed up with work, need to pee

Soooooooo, what are you currently up to?

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2 Responses to “Currently…”

  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I’m glad you enjoyed YALC ok basically avoided social media as much as possible because I had YALC envy so I am happy everyone enjoyed it. I get being tired though and needing the alone time. You’ve spent a weekend being social you hide alone for a couple of days. Jealous you can get away with dressing so casual at work though! My office is all smart except on Friday. I would kill to go to work in harem pants. They’re basically pyjamas!
    I am off to debate buying Lonliest Girl and do more holiday shopping.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Haha, people in work do call them my pajama pants! I get that, I always avoid social media during BEA because I’m always so jelous, but america is such a long way to travel I dont think I’ll ever make it there!
      Buy it! Buy it! I’ll be putting my review up in the next week or two so maybe that can help you with your decision! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!