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October 12, 2015 Cover Stories 0

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People always say: “You should never judge a book by it’s cover.” But here on Cover Stories, that is exactly what I do.

So a little while ago during my Potty for Potter month I did a post about all the different Harry Potter covers that we available all around the world. Whilst researching this I came across a lot of fan made covers and fell in love with a lot of them. So I decided to share them too, because in my opinion they deserve the love!

Kincső Nagy


These incredible covers by Kincső Nagy are both glow in the dark and 3D!!! The simple design of the cover with the cut out shapes to represent each story really makes these books stand out as something special. Then once you get in them you are confronted with some beautiful illustrations and really fun pop out pages.

Katie Blaker

Kate HP Covers

I really like the consistency with these ones: same font, same background colour, same layout. Plus with the simple image on the front to represent the story, and just that slightly dash of colour these have to be one of my favourite fan made covers. Katie Blaker has done an amazing job on these ones and I really would love to have these on my shelves at home!


I really love the simplicity of these ones by Nathan and I really like his choices of images for the covers as they are different from a lot of the other covers I have seen. Umbridge’s bow, the Knight Bus and the Elder Wand are all super simple but poerful images to put of these covers, plus they all that little splash of colour which really makes them pop off the page.


HP Covers 8

Just like with the covers above I really like how these follow a main theme, in this one black/white/grey with just a dash of colour for each along with a simple but stand out image to represent the book. M.S.Corely actually designed them in this way to look just like Penguin Classic covers, but in my opinion they are ever better!

Kathie Bayne

Kathie Bayne only did one book redeisgn, but can you imagine how cool the rest of them would look if she has done them all. I really like this one, and even though it doesn’t have the lightning strike font the title still manages to stand out. I would love this image in a frame on my wall at home, but I guess I am just going to have to accept only having it on here.

Risa Rosdil

These ones have a bit of an ‘old’ feel to them, especially with the colours chosen being a bit deeper and not as ‘in your face’. The images are spectacular and once again really pick out the most important points of each story. I think my favourite has to be The Deathly Hallow’s cover. Big round of applause to Risa Rosdil for creating these.

Megan Barrow

Another brilliantly consistent set of Harry Potter covers, this time by Megan Barrow. The Goblet of Fire is especially creepy with just Voldemort’s eyes showing, but I really like the image and colour choices of these ones. Definitely a favourite!

Leah Ettenhofer

I really love this cover and the way that the image wraps around the cover. Sadly this is another in which only the first book had been redesigned but I can only imagine how amazing the rest of the series would be by Leah Ettenhofer.

So that’s the end of my favourites, but there seriously are TONS more amazing fan made Harry Potter covers. Check out this link for some of the entries for a Harry Potter & the Philosopher Stone redesign competition…they are incredible.

And so to finish, I also wanted to share with you another type of HP Cover Design, but this time as GIFs by Jeca Martinez. They are simple, stylist and just so much fun and full details of these covers can be found here.



What do you think of these fan made covers? Which is your favourite?

Have you ever redesigned a book cover?

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