Cover Stories: Comparing (and Judging) Harry Potter Covers

July 29, 2015 Cover Stories, Potty for Potter 6

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People always say: “You should never judge a book by it’s cover.” But here on Cover Stories, that is exactly what I do.

There are so many different editions of Harry Potter that it can get a little confusing. Even just in the UK there are 5 editions! That’s before you count the ones from the US and then the ones from around the rest of the world. But who has the best cover, and who has the worst?

Check out my Harry Potter cover directory, with my opinions, and leave me a comment to let me know what you think…

UK Editions

HP Covers 7

Original Bloomsbury Children’s Covers
For me these are always going to be THE Harry Potter books because this is what mine look like. They may not be as snazzy as the american ones, or as crisp as the new editions, but these are the original!

HP Covers 6

Original Bloomsbury Adult Covers
They a bit boring really, don’t you think? Where is the colour, or at least something a little magical?

HP Covers 4

New Bloomsbury Children’s Edition (September 2014)
Ok, so I like the new images, but really hate the font. Also, Harry’s hair is WAY too long! And I miss Fawkes on the cover of the Order of the Phoenix, I mean he is a Phoenix after all, he should really be on the cover!

HP Covers 1

New Bloomsbury Adult Covers (July 2013)
Ok, so I kinda love these ones. I am actually looking into buying them so they can sit on my self next to my originals. I just love the simplicity of each book have just one main colour, but then the hidden image within that colour. So much better then the other Adult covers!

HP Covers 3

Bloomsbury Signature (2010)
These were meant to be for the “new generation” to be introduced to the world of Harry Potter. I find them a bit old school really. I’m not a massive fan of the images, or the titles and the colours look like tie dye.

US Editions

HP Covers 5

Original Scholastic Covers
I like the final three book covers but not really a fan of 1-4. It also slightly annoys me that these are the main covers for the HP books on Goodreads, when Harry Potter was first released in the UK, so shouldn’t it be the UK covers?

HP Covers 2

New Scholastic Edition (August 2013)
Ok, I really like these ones. They have got to be my favourite. They have the lightening font and the pictures are just perfect. Love love love!

French Editions

HP Covers French

French Children’s Covers
The images on these books make me laugh so much, especially Dumbledore on the Half Blood Prince cover, and also the fact that everyone is wearing really pointy witches hats!

HP Covers French New

French Adult Covers
Ooooo I do like these. The font reminds me of the Beautiful Creatures covers though for some reason. Not my favourite, but also not the worst. Good job France!

German Editions

HP Covers German Child

German Child Covers
What is going on with Harry’s face in every single one of these images. He looks like he is pulling selfie faces in each one! Also, I don’t like that they swapped font part way through the series.

HP Covers German Adult

German Adult Covers
Hmmm, I’m unsure. I mean on one hand I like the way the cover is divided up, it looks quite cool. But then the images filling it are not something I like. Where is the magic?! Thumbs up for consistency of format, but thumbs down for the images.

Spanish Edition

HP Covers Spanish

A much better Harry then on the German covers, but he does look weird on the first book cover. How is he even staying on that broom? Plus that pink cover for The Goblet of Fire sticks out like a sore thumb! Not a fan of these ones, sorry Spain!

Italian Edition

HP Covers Italy

Oh dear Italy. Where do I even start? Book 1, what is with the giant mouse playing chess (I think) with Harry? Book 2, he looks like his is flying on a book. Book 3, worst attempt at drawing a Hippogriff ever…  can’t go on. It’s just too bad! Italy, you have ruined the magic of Harry Potter!

Swedish Edition

HP Covers 9

I find this one a bit hit and miss. The first book cover is terrible, but as we make our way through the series it actually gets better. The last one is actually pretty cool.

Dutch Editions

HP Covers Dutch

Dutch Children’s Covers
These actually aren’t too bad. I like that they have used the lightning font, and the images are pretty cool too. They would probably make my top ten.

HP Covers Dutch Pocket Edition

Dutch Pocket Edition
It was going so well with the book covers (above), no idea what happened with these pocket editions. The only thing I kind of like is that each cover seems to focus on a different colour.

Danish Edition

HP Covers Danish

Again with the inconsistency of fonts! Why do people so this?! Also, I don’t know what the colours are for the font, but it reminds be of the Indianna Jones film covers. The pictures are ok, but not enough to make it up for me though. These covers, big thumbs down.

Finish Edition

HP Covers Finnish

Remember when you used to go on holiday and there would always be that guy at the side of the road who would draw your picture and you would always end up with a massive nose and ears. That is what these covers remind me of! I wouldn’t want them on my shelf, but they made me smile, so I guess that’s ok.

Ukrainian Edition

HP Covers Ukraine

No no no no no! Don’t make me look at them any longer, please. I hate, maybe even worse then the Italian ones!

Chinese Edition

HP Covers 10

Ok, so these are slightly strange, but in a weird way I kind of like them. Even if Fluffy does have a mane on the cover of the first book. Again, I wouldn’t want them on my shelf, but I don’t have any massive hateful feelings towards these ones. Also, I’ve always wondered how you would write Harry Potter in Chinese!

Japanese Covers

HP Covers 11

I have no idea what is going on with these ones. They just leave me completely confused. Is it so hard to draw a guy on a broom Japan?!

What do you think of these covers? Which country is your favourite, or your least favourite?

Which covers do you own, or wish you could own?

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6 Responses to “Cover Stories: Comparing (and Judging) Harry Potter Covers”

  1. Carlisa

    Like you said, the ones you owned growing up will always be THE cover. For me that’s the original Scholastic US versions. I LOVE them but that’s just because those were the covers when I first read them, when I bought the book at midnight and read it in one sitting. That cover is my favorite just because it brings that sense of nostalgia.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Yes, that’s exactly how I feel! I sat outside my local shop until midnight too to buy the Deathly Hallows, and then stayed up until 7am reading it! It was an emotional day for me! Haha 🙂

  2. Tiffany (About to Read)

    Hmmm. I think the new UK Children’s are my favorites. I didn’t realize certain countries published adult and children’s covers for HP – that’s interesting.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I wasn’t aware that countries other than the UK did it until I started my research. Some adults are just too grown up for magical covers, spoilsports! In saying that, I do kind of like the new UK adult covers, so colourful! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Alise

    These covers are all so pretty but my favorite editions would have to be the New Scholastic Editions or the New Bloomsbury Children’s Editions with my least favorites being the Bloomsbury Signatures. Fun post!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      The Bloomsbury Signatures are a bit odd. Great choices with your ‘likes’ though. I agree with you, also really like the new UK adult, mostly because they are so colourful! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post 🙂