Characters that I Didn’t Like, But Apparently People Love (they’re wrong!)

March 8, 2016 Top Ten Tuesday 6

Top Ten Tuesday

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There are some characters which I just … URGH. And there are some (very strange) people who actually like these characters that I URGH! (How dare they!)

TTT Dislike 1Red Queen . Glass Sword
I read in a review the other day that someone ‘ships’ Maven and Mare. Seriously?!!! What is this madness?!

TTT Dislike 2Firsts
In all the reviews for this book I’ve read so far everyone was all about the sympathy for Mercedes. (crazy people!) For me she made WAY too many bad choices, I just couldn’t connect with her. I think I tolerated her more than I liked her.

TTT Dislike 3Never Always Sometimes
Oh no, she annoyed me and anyone who liked her is totally bonkers! She basically played Dave the entire time. Not worth my love, but apparently worth the love of many people who write reviews on Goodreads! (you are all WRONG!)

TTT Dislike 4What You Left Behind
This is probably the only one on today’s list that I feel bad about as they were put in a totally impossible position (teenage pregnancy, pregnant teen gets cancer, baby is born, teen mum dies, teen dad has to raise baby all by himself. You know the story, right?!). But I didn’t agree with the way either of them dealt with it, nor any of their choices and all the reviews I’ve read are all full of love and sympathy for this couple and I’m screaming at my PC screen like “They don’t deserve your love!!!”

TTT Dislike 5The Young Elites
Adelina … (grrrr) … the reason I am missing out on a Marie Lu book (because I don;t want to read a book with her in it. I’ve read reviews in which people compared her to Katniss and Tris and label her as another YA heroine. ARE YOU CRAZY?! She is totally crazy and evil! We should not be liking her!!!

TTT Dislike 6It Ain’t Me Babe . Heart Recaptured . Souls Unfractured
Tillie is beautifully talented at writing damaged characters that we can’t help but love, but I really haven’t found any love for Cain yet. Tillie fans are all over the swooning for this dark and damaged man, but I’m not feeling it. Being a psychopath is not sexy, sorry guys! Maybe with the release of the next book which is from his POV will turn me, but for right now I just don’t.

TTT Dislike 7Riders
Ok, so I may have only read the first 30% of this book, but still I would have expected to have liked the MC by now. I found him frustrating, annoying and stupid. People actually liked this guy? He becomes one of the four horsemen and treats the whole thing like it’s a joke! … Maybe I should read the rest of the book?

I’ve ran out of characters to dislike!

Who made your list this week and why?

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6 Responses to “Characters that I Didn’t Like, But Apparently People Love (they’re wrong!)”

  1. jitty

    It’s funny because I also listed The Young Elites in my top ten because I just could not stand the book or the characters! They drove me nuts in boredom. I picked up Riders when I first saw it but after reading the first two chapters I put it back because it was not drawing me in…doesn’t look like it gets better with the MC lol

    My TTT 🙂

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I’ve only read the first 30% of Riders but struggled as well. The storyline of the 4 horsemen seemed really good, but it was just taking WAY too long to get to it for me, it really was a slow struggle of a beginning 30%. I kept going with TYE mostly because of Marie Lu. I loved her Legend series so wanted to give this one a proper chance.

  2. Alyce @ Everything Alyce

    I haven’t read most of the books that you’ve mentioned, but they’re all ones that I’ve been intending to get to at some point! I can definitely agree with you on Mercedes from ‘Firsts’, though: I felt sorry for her because I thought the blackmailing and threatening was really inappropriate, but she did have a very skewed idea of what was right and wrong.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Hoping you get round to reading them at some point! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Allyson Gilmore

    I almost like it better on lists like this when I haven’t read anything on them. It’s like holding a breath to see if you’re about to get really angry that someone is trashing someone you love :p I have seen Maven on a lot of lists this week! It makes me anxious about starting Red Queen!

    My TTT.

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Hahahaha, I get really overprotective over characters I love that other people don’t and will always try and fight their corner! I hope you still picked up Red Queen and loved it!