For the second year running… it’s Bookopoly!

So how do you play?

  1. Sign up and introduce yourself on the Bookopoly 2018 Sign Up post. If you have done a sign up post on your own blog then make sure to include the link in the comments so other people can check out your Bookopoly progress!
  2. Download your Bookopoly board. There is also a Suggestions Sheet if you are having trouble finding books for any of the tasks and a Progress Sheet for keeping track of what you have read for each task. You could also keep track of what you have read in a Goodreads Shelf.
  4. There are 4 boxes on the board marked with large question marks. These are Chance Challenges and the tasks are a mystery! These challenges will be posted on 1st February, 1st May, 1st August & 1st November and you will need to complete it within the month.
  5. There will be a wrap up post on here in December on which you can share your progress for the challenge and enter the giveaway!

Rules and Instructions

You don’t have to complete the board in order. If you want to, sure go for it, but it’s not a requirement. If you want to make it more of a challenge then you could even roll a dice to determine which challenge you will complete next!

You can only use a book once.

Re-read’s are allowed but they must be re-read in 2018.

Chance Challenges

There are 4 boxes on the board marked with large question marks. These are Chance Challenges and the tasks are a mystery! One Chance will be unveiled in February, May, August and November and you will have just 1 month to complete the challenge.

Bookish Activity Challenges

There are 4 Bookish Activities for you to complete throughout the year, explanations for each can be found on the Suggestions Sheet. Make sure when you share them on social media that you tag me in them so that I know you have completed the challenge!

I Would Love Your Feedback

This is only my second year of running this challenge so it is a lot of trial and error. I would love your thoughts on anything you love about the challenge or anything that you feel isn’t working. Any suggestions for future challenges are also very welcome. Thanks!

My Bookopoly Progress

Less than 200 pages – 

An audio book –

Over 400 pages –

Day, month or season in the title –

Purple cover –

Only text on cover –

Final book in a series –

Set in your country/state –

Set in space –

Non-fiction –

Released pre 2008 –

Character with physical illness/disability –


Includes poems/lyrics –

Author from your country –

Author’s debut book –

Book by an author you want to meet –

2018 release –

Adapted into a movie/TV series –

Based on a real event –

Book that you were gifted –

Book suggested by a friend –