Around the World Challenge

Around the World

I love reading, and I love travelling. So I thought why not combine the two and go on my own Bookish Adventure? To be clear, I will not be travelling to all these places (as much as I would love to), but if I have an actual trip planned somewhere then I will aim to read the books for that place whilst I’m there!
So, why 245? There are a lot of challenges about which are a bit like this, but they may challenge you just to read around the States of America, or just the Countries of the world. Mine does both!

 Countries (193 books)
The 194th country is the United States of America, so this turns into the states (50 books)
Then not forgetting the North & South Poles (2 books)
Grand Total: 245 books

My Bookish Adventure:


England – Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone
– Anna and the French Kiss: Stephanie Perkins
Ireland – Where Rainbows End/Love Rosie: Cecelia Ahern
Northern Ireland – Popular: Gareth Russell
Italy – Seeking Crystal (Joss Stirling)


Afghanistan – Summer Shadows (Joss Stirling)
– Cinder: Marissa Meyer

USA (States)

AlabamaSweet Home: Tillie Cole
Massachusetts – It Ends Here: Colleen Hoover


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12 Responses to “Around the World Challenge”

    • Broc's Bookcase

      Just check out your page, brilliant! You are definately doing better then I am! Haha. Some great books on there that I would have never even thought of! Definately keeping an eye on your around the world list. Awesome! 🙂

      • influencedbybooks

        I didn’t add all my books. Some I forgot & need to reread to remember. Some are set in two places or more but I tried to pick more of the dominate setting. And Road Trips needed their own section! They are so much fun. I plan on going in and adding stars to my favorites.

        • Broc's Bookcase

          I know exactly what you mean. I will read a book and then forget to write the review and have to read it all over again! That’s why I started making videos, I would record myself talking about the best bits to remind myself when I got round to writing the review. Then my friends found the videos and persuaded me to post them up too. Now they are one of the main features on my blog! Crazy!
          Road trips section is great! I’m starting to do a lot of traveling so may create my own road trip to do and base it all on books! 🙂

          • influencedbybooks

            The Great Wall then get out of Beijing fast. If you are their at night take the subway (which is an adventure) to see the Beijing Oprah house all lit up. Next to it is Tanaman square. Guangxi providence is where I lived. 40,000 lime stone karst mountains! Beautiful. Rice terraces, hiking, river cruises, bike rides, bamboo rafting. I recommend Guilin. An hour north is the famous dragon backbone terraces in Longsheng. Yangshuo is an hours south. Tourist party town but they have a mud bath in a CAVE! Also, an organic passion fruit farm a bike ride away. Kunming area is the closest u will get to Tibet without going there. Bei Hai is ok for beach but I would ferry to Wei Zhou a few nautical miles out. It is the biggest youngest volcanic island in china. The seafood is amazing! I could go on and on.

          • Broc's Bookcase

            Wow, a lot of recommendations then! Flying into Guangzhou. I have friends who moved out there a few months ago so staying with them. Only plan at the moment was to take a day trip out at some point to go to Hong Kong Disney (I want to go to every disney land in the world! I’m kind of a disney geeks!) I will defintely be looking into the stuff that you mentioned. Sounds amazing!

          • influencedbybooks

            Guangzhou is so close to Guilin and Yangshuo!!! Just a short bus ride and those are dirt cheap! Seriously, google that area 😉 Reed Flute Cave is also a must for most people. World’s largest man made waterfall is also in Guilin.