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Cover Stories: Black & White Covers

March 7, 2016 Cover Stories 0

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People always say: “You should never judge a book by it’s cover.” But here on Cover Stories, that is exactly what I do.

It’s no secret that I have a MASSIVE love for book covers. Some are so beautiful they are like works of art, but sometimes it’s the most simple ones that are the best. I don’t have many black and white book covers on my shelf, but the ones that I do have are gorgeous.

Check them out for yourself…

Fading Covers

Fading . Freeing . Falling
These have got to be some of my absolute favourite covers of all time. The stories within are raw and honest and that shows on the covers. I really like that the faces aren’t visible as I feel like they would only distract. Instead it’s just naked bodies in what we would see as distressed poses. As I said, the stories are raw and these covers are fabulous at showing that.


Twilight Covers

Twilight . New Moon . Eclipse . Breaking Dawn
Black and white with a hint of red, totally appropriate since the books are all about vampires and they love blood. It’s never been clear why Meyer chose these specific symbols for her covers and they make not make sense to many of us, but you can’t deny that they look good.


Noughts and Crosses Covers

Noughts and Crosses . Knife Edge . Checkmate . Double Cross
One of my favourite books series and the first ever YA book I ever read (and also the first YA book that tore me apart emotionally!). This series is all about race, and so it is only appropriate that the covers are black and white. I like how the lines between them are bold, there is no blending between colours, there is only black and white, much like in the books.


Hush Hush Covers

Hush hush . Crescendo . Silence . Finale
I really like the human figures on these covers. They aren’t silhouettes but they are strong and bold, just like the characters within. Just like with the Twilight covers there is a hint of red in these covers and I especially love the coloured feather on the Crescendo cover.

Do you have any black and white covers on your bookshelves? Which is your favourite black and white cover?

Have you read any of these books that I’ve mentioned?


Cover Stories: Harry Potter Fan Made Covers

October 12, 2015 Cover Stories 0

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People always say: “You should never judge a book by it’s cover.” But here on Cover Stories, that is exactly what I do.

So a little while ago during my Potty for Potter month I did a post about all the different Harry Potter covers that we available all around the world. Whilst researching this I came across a lot of fan made covers and fell in love with a lot of them. So I decided to share them too, because in my opinion they deserve the love!

Kincső Nagy


These incredible covers by Kincső Nagy are both glow in the dark and 3D!!! The simple design of the cover with the cut out shapes to represent each story really makes these books stand out as something special. Then once you get in them you are confronted with some beautiful illustrations and really fun pop out pages.

Katie Blaker

Kate HP Covers

I really like the consistency with these ones: same font, same background colour, same layout. Plus with the simple image on the front to represent the story, and just that slightly dash of colour these have to be one of my favourite fan made covers. Katie Blaker has done an amazing job on these ones and I really would love to have these on my shelves at home!


I really love the simplicity of these ones by Nathan and I really like his choices of images for the covers as they are different from a lot of the other covers I have seen. Umbridge’s bow, the Knight Bus and the Elder Wand are all super simple but poerful images to put of these covers, plus they all that little splash of colour which really makes them pop off the page.


HP Covers 8

Just like with the covers above I really like how these follow a main theme, in this one black/white/grey with just a dash of colour for each along with a simple but stand out image to represent the book. M.S.Corely actually designed them in this way to look just like Penguin Classic covers, but in my opinion they are ever better!

Kathie Bayne

Kathie Bayne only did one book redeisgn, but can you imagine how cool the rest of them would look if she has done them all. I really like this one, and even though it doesn’t have the lightning strike font the title still manages to stand out. I would love this image in a frame on my wall at home, but I guess I am just going to have to accept only having it on here.

Risa Rosdil

These ones have a bit of an ‘old’ feel to them, especially with the colours chosen being a bit deeper and not as ‘in your face’. The images are spectacular and once again really pick out the most important points of each story. I think my favourite has to be The Deathly Hallow’s cover. Big round of applause to Risa Rosdil for creating these.

Megan Barrow

Another brilliantly consistent set of Harry Potter covers, this time by Megan Barrow. The Goblet of Fire is especially creepy with just Voldemort’s eyes showing, but I really like the image and colour choices of these ones. Definitely a favourite!

Leah Ettenhofer

I really love this cover and the way that the image wraps around the cover. Sadly this is another in which only the first book had been redesigned but I can only imagine how amazing the rest of the series would be by Leah Ettenhofer.

So that’s the end of my favourites, but there seriously are TONS more amazing fan made Harry Potter covers. Check out this link for some of the entries for a Harry Potter & the Philosopher Stone redesign competition…they are incredible.

And so to finish, I also wanted to share with you another type of HP Cover Design, but this time as GIFs by Jeca Martinez. They are simple, stylist and just so much fun and full details of these covers can be found here.



What do you think of these fan made covers? Which is your favourite?

Have you ever redesigned a book cover?


Cover Stories: Comparing (and Judging) Harry Potter Covers

July 29, 2015 Cover Stories, Potty for Potter 6

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People always say: “You should never judge a book by it’s cover.” But here on Cover Stories, that is exactly what I do.

There are so many different editions of Harry Potter that it can get a little confusing. Even just in the UK there are 5 editions! That’s before you count the ones from the US and then the ones from around the rest of the world. But who has the best cover, and who has the worst?

Check out my Harry Potter cover directory, with my opinions, and leave me a comment to let me know what you think…

UK Editions

HP Covers 7

Original Bloomsbury Children’s Covers
For me these are always going to be THE Harry Potter books because this is what mine look like. They may not be as snazzy as the american ones, or as crisp as the new editions, but these are the original!

HP Covers 6

Original Bloomsbury Adult Covers
They a bit boring really, don’t you think? Where is the colour, or at least something a little magical?

HP Covers 4

New Bloomsbury Children’s Edition (September 2014)
Ok, so I like the new images, but really hate the font. Also, Harry’s hair is WAY too long! And I miss Fawkes on the cover of the Order of the Phoenix, I mean he is a Phoenix after all, he should really be on the cover!

HP Covers 1

New Bloomsbury Adult Covers (July 2013)
Ok, so I kinda love these ones. I am actually looking into buying them so they can sit on my self next to my originals. I just love the simplicity of each book have just one main colour, but then the hidden image within that colour. So much better then the other Adult covers!

HP Covers 3

Bloomsbury Signature (2010)
These were meant to be for the “new generation” to be introduced to the world of Harry Potter. I find them a bit old school really. I’m not a massive fan of the images, or the titles and the colours look like tie dye.

US Editions

HP Covers 5

Original Scholastic Covers
I like the final three book covers but not really a fan of 1-4. It also slightly annoys me that these are the main covers for the HP books on Goodreads, when Harry Potter was first released in the UK, so shouldn’t it be the UK covers?

HP Covers 2

New Scholastic Edition (August 2013)
Ok, I really like these ones. They have got to be my favourite. They have the lightening font and the pictures are just perfect. Love love love!

French Editions

HP Covers French

French Children’s Covers
The images on these books make me laugh so much, especially Dumbledore on the Half Blood Prince cover, and also the fact that everyone is wearing really pointy witches hats!

HP Covers French New

French Adult Covers
Ooooo I do like these. The font reminds me of the Beautiful Creatures covers though for some reason. Not my favourite, but also not the worst. Good job France!

German Editions

HP Covers German Child

German Child Covers
What is going on with Harry’s face in every single one of these images. He looks like he is pulling selfie faces in each one! Also, I don’t like that they swapped font part way through the series.

HP Covers German Adult

German Adult Covers
Hmmm, I’m unsure. I mean on one hand I like the way the cover is divided up, it looks quite cool. But then the images filling it are not something I like. Where is the magic?! Thumbs up for consistency of format, but thumbs down for the images.

Spanish Edition

HP Covers Spanish

A much better Harry then on the German covers, but he does look weird on the first book cover. How is he even staying on that broom? Plus that pink cover for The Goblet of Fire sticks out like a sore thumb! Not a fan of these ones, sorry Spain!

Italian Edition

HP Covers Italy

Oh dear Italy. Where do I even start? Book 1, what is with the giant mouse playing chess (I think) with Harry? Book 2, he looks like his is flying on a book. Book 3, worst attempt at drawing a Hippogriff ever…  can’t go on. It’s just too bad! Italy, you have ruined the magic of Harry Potter!

Swedish Edition

HP Covers 9

I find this one a bit hit and miss. The first book cover is terrible, but as we make our way through the series it actually gets better. The last one is actually pretty cool.

Dutch Editions

HP Covers Dutch

Dutch Children’s Covers
These actually aren’t too bad. I like that they have used the lightning font, and the images are pretty cool too. They would probably make my top ten.

HP Covers Dutch Pocket Edition

Dutch Pocket Edition
It was going so well with the book covers (above), no idea what happened with these pocket editions. The only thing I kind of like is that each cover seems to focus on a different colour.

Danish Edition

HP Covers Danish

Again with the inconsistency of fonts! Why do people so this?! Also, I don’t know what the colours are for the font, but it reminds be of the Indianna Jones film covers. The pictures are ok, but not enough to make it up for me though. These covers, big thumbs down.

Finish Edition

HP Covers Finnish

Remember when you used to go on holiday and there would always be that guy at the side of the road who would draw your picture and you would always end up with a massive nose and ears. That is what these covers remind me of! I wouldn’t want them on my shelf, but they made me smile, so I guess that’s ok.

Ukrainian Edition

HP Covers Ukraine

No no no no no! Don’t make me look at them any longer, please. I hate, maybe even worse then the Italian ones!

Chinese Edition

HP Covers 10

Ok, so these are slightly strange, but in a weird way I kind of like them. Even if Fluffy does have a mane on the cover of the first book. Again, I wouldn’t want them on my shelf, but I don’t have any massive hateful feelings towards these ones. Also, I’ve always wondered how you would write Harry Potter in Chinese!

Japanese Covers

HP Covers 11

I have no idea what is going on with these ones. They just leave me completely confused. Is it so hard to draw a guy on a broom Japan?!

What do you think of these covers? Which country is your favourite, or your least favourite?

Which covers do you own, or wish you could own?


Don’t You Just Love it When Your Series Book Covers Match?!

May 14, 2015 Cover Stories 7

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People always say: “You should never judge a book by it’s cover.” But here on Cover Stories, that is exactly what I do.

There are so many great books that are being published this year, a lot of them sequels or part of a series/trilogy and if there is one thing I love it is series whose covers match. Here are some of my favourite new releases this year that carry on the book cover beauty of their series…


One thing I really love with Claudia Grays series is the colours, they really are so stunning. That combined with the cityscapes is what makes these books so visually appealing.


The first thing I noticed that I LOVE about this series is that it’s the same girl on both book covers! So often even though it is the same character throughout the book cover features a different person and it really bugs me. But this one is perfect. Plus, I think my favourite thing about the first book was the title, so I am so please to see that the second book has kept the same theme.


SWOON! I can’t get across just how much I love these book covers enough. They are just stunning! And again, they stand out as separate books but still manage to keep the same theme. These have got to be my favourite!


Again, love that the same models have been used for both books. I also really like how the simple thing of swapping the two worlds (moving Earth from bottom to top and L’eihr from top to bottom) makes these book covers look so cool when next to each other.


I really loved the simplicity of the first cover, and it fit perfectly with the mystery surrounding the book and the very limited information we were given before. I thought that book 1 was clever, but they have done it again with the second one. By simply removing a hand and adding a bit of red to the cover, fans have gone crazy needing to know what happens in the second book!


Ok, so the third book isn’t released until next year, but I had to line them all up because they just look SO DARN GOOD together! I really love this series and I love the covers and the theme they follow. A pretty dress and a sword makes these covers ‘pretty meets deadly’ which is this trilogy to a tee!

What are your favourite book covers from a series?

Let me know!!!


Cover Stories: Upcoming 2015…

January 28, 2015 Cover Stories, Uncategorized 6

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People always say: “You should never judge a book by it’s cover.” But here on Cover Stories, that is exactly what I do.

There are so many great books that are being published this year, but for me it’s not just the stories that I am looking forward to, it is the covers too. I love filling my bookshelves with pretty books and these are some of the best…

  22308720 22896551

My Heart and Other Black Holes . None Of The Above

Black and white with a dash of colour, you can’t get much simpler then that. It’s bold and it’s powerful, just like the stories hidden beneath them.
(Check out my review of My Heart and Other Black Holes)


 22609310 18692431

Confess . Everything, Everything

Firstly I LOVE the colour scheme for the Confess cover. Such pretty colours! The girl peeking through the title is really cool, and I like the addition of the paint splatters, totally in keeping with the story within. I really like covers that focus on the title, and Everything, Everything really does this too, I really like the addition of the doodles which, if anything make the title pop even more and also totally fit in with the whole theme of the book.


22718710 18484807

Love, Fortunes and Other Disasters . Hello, I Love You

I am a MASSIVE fan of doodles and cute little images on covers and so I really do love these two. The colours and the whole layout of both are perfectly done, and done so cleverly that although there is a lot going on you are not distracted from the main title.


What do you think of these covers? Are you excited for the books to be released?

Which books and their covers are you most looking forward to this year?


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Classics on my TBR

July 1, 2014 Cover Stories, Top Ten Tuesday 17

Top Ten Tuesday2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.
Each week they release a Top Ten Theme and invite everyone to join in and make their own Top Ten List.

This week it’s all about Classics. Now I haven’t read many classics, so instead of picking my Top Ten, I picked the ten that I most want to read. Hopefully I will get round to them this summer!

TTT Classics 1-5

The Lord of the Rings (J.R.R.Tolkien) – I started this one last summer but lost my place somewhere along the way and never got back round to it. I absolutely loved the films and I would love to immerse myself in this amazing fantasy world from Tolkien’s mind.

The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S.Lewis) – Another one I started but didn’t finish. I am a massive fan of Fantasy worlds and Narnia is one of the best. Really want to finish this one soon!

The Hobbit (J.R.R.Tolkien) – Well, you can’t read TLOTR and not read The Hobbit!

1984 (George Orwell) – It’s one of those books that everyone is always talking about and I’m always so embarrassed that I haven’t read it that I just nod along with the conversation hoping no body asks me anything specific!

The Great Gatsby (F.Scott Fitzgerald) – Before seeing the film adaptation (featuring Leo DiCaprio) I had never had much interest in reading the Great Gatsby, but that was mostly because I had never taken the time to actually find out what it was about. But since being introduced to the story by way of the film, I would love to experience it how it was originally written.

TTT Classics 6-10

Frankenstein (Mary Shelley) – Another one I’m always embarrassed to admit I haven’t read.

Les Miserables (Victor Hugo) – The story is amazing, so why haven’t I read it already?!?!?!

Dracula (Bram Stoker) – I have always wanted to know the story behind the worlds most famous vampire.

Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austin) – Yes, I know. Why have I not read this book yet?! I did start to, like a year ago, I just haven’t reached the ending yet.

Lord of the Flies (William Golding) – Started it in college and then sadly lost the book. I should really finish it!

What’s on your Classics TBR?

Leave me a comment and let me know!




Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike on Book Covers

June 24, 2014 Cover Stories, Top Ten Tuesday 15

Top Ten Tuesday2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.
Each week they release a Top Ten List and invite everyone to join in and make their own Top Ten List.

I love this weeks list as I really do love Book Covers. We are always told that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but how can we not when it’s the first thing we see! Here are some of the things I LOVE and HATE about book covers.



I love it when a book series keeps the same theme to its covers through a series. I love covers that are very close to being the same with just a small change: a different colour or image. Most of my ‘like’ covers in this post are part of a series, but each series has something special that I love about it other then the fact that they follow the same theme. Be prepared for a whole load of book covers!


I love silhouettes, not just on book covers but everywhere I think they are just so pretty. My favourite book covers for silhouettes are the Halo series by Alexandra Adornetto, which feature silhouettes of an Angel/Human couple and they are just so gorgeous!

Halo Series Covers


Sometimes the simple things are the best things. Why fill a cover with pictures of characters and all different colours, when all you need is a title. The Gone Series by Michael Grant does this perfectly. There were two different book covers released with this series and this one is by far my favourite as it really keep with the eerie, mysterious feel of the book and makes the titles really stand out.

Gone Series Covers


I really like book covers that look like they have been doodled on. My favourite? Yes, it’s another series! The Benedict Series by Joss Stirling. I love this series book covers, because they keep the same theme with the colours and of course the doodles and I think they are so pretty.

benedicts book covers


Yes, I know, its seems like a strange one. But I really love book covers with eyes on, they stand out so amazingly. I did a whole Cover Stories Post about it that featured loads of them. Another series to show my favourite ones, but it really is no competition, the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi is simply gorgeous and wins hands down against any other eye-ish book covers.

shatter me book covers


Sometimes it just looks better in black & white. With no fancy colours to distract I always feel like you get the cover in its rawest form and sometimes that it the more powerful way to view it. E.K.Blair‘s ‘Falling’ series has book covers that do just this. They should probably be in the ‘simplicity’ pile too because they really are raw. Having the characters naked on the covers shows them at their most vaulnerable, which is exactly what the books are about, these characters at the most vulnerable times of their lives. So then maybe it should be in a ‘captures the story on the cover’ pile as well. Too many piles!

Fading series covers


Some covers are more then just a cover, they become a work of art. One series that deserves this title is the Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini, not only is this one of my favourite fantasy series, but the covers were hand drawn by a spectacular artist and are beautiful.

113436 copy


Now, I’m not one to name and shame, thats just mean, so I’m not giving examples for my hate, but I will tell you the things that bug me most about book covers.


I’m just not a fan of erotic covers. Even on books that are not from the erotic genre but feature sex have started putting them on the covers and I really don’t like them. I find them cringy to look at, who wants a picture of two naked people making ou on their cover, PLUS if you are reading the book as a physical book and not as an e-book then NO WAY can you read it in public. They judgement on peoples faces when they see you cover can be really embaressing!


If you are going to discribe a character as a tall, blonde, skinny girl then why put a character on the front of the book who is short, ginger and fat? It makes no sense!!


I really love covers, and I love having a book series with covers that match. So when the covers change halfway through a series and they don’t re-release the past books with the new covers it really bugs me.

How about you? What do you love/hate about book covers?

Leave me a comment and let me know!




Cover Stories: Movie Covers

November 25, 2013 Cover Stories, Page to Screen 6

cover stories

There have been a lot of books being made into movies lately, which I love (as long as they are done right!) I really like seeing other peoples interpretations of stories that I love, plus I love comparing the book covers to the movie covers.
Below are some of the most recent and some of my most favorite book and movie covers.
divergent coversI LOVED this entire series and I am so happy they are making them into films. I really like the movie cover (in the centre) as well as the promotional posters they have been bringing out for each of the dauntless characters with their tattoos. You can see these on the Divergent Movie website here.
catching fire coversAnother series I’m love with both as books and films. Really good film cover, Jennifer Lawrence looks Kick-Ass. I really like that they keep it so close to the books, the same colours and the Mokingjay logo. Also, just like Divergent, the film has individual posters for each character and they are so good. You can see them on the Catching Fire IMDB Page here. I’m going to see this film tomorrow and I’m SO EXCITED!
enders game coversThis is one of those rare occasions when the film cover is so much better then the book cover. However as the book was first released in 1977, I’ll let them off! Haven’t read this book yet and refuse to watch this film until I have!
book theif coversI think in the case of The Book Thief I actually prefer the movie poster as it gives you a better feel for what the story is about. Can’t wait for this movie to come out, is going to be gooooooood!
beautiful creatures coversIn the case of Beautiful Creatures, in my opinion simple is better. I much prefer the book cover to the movie cover, it just seems more spooky and magical.
There are so many books to films that still have not released their movie posters yet and I am dying to see them!
covers waiting on
The Maze Runner
The Fault in Our Stars
If I Stay
What do you think of Movie Posters? As good as their book equivalents?