Blog Tour “Sweet Rome” – Tillie Cole

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Blog Tour “Sweet Rome” – Tillie Cole

 Blog Tour “Sweet Rome” – Tillie ColeSweet Rome by Tillie Cole
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Published on: January 30th 2014
Published by: Self Published
Pages: 310
Series: Sweet Home #1.5
Genre: NA Romance
Format: eARC

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The Story
 (summary from Goodreads)
You met Romeo Prince in the Amazon & USA Today bestselling novel, Sweet Home. Now hear the story from his lips: unbarred, uncensored, and raw to the bone.

It makes me laugh when I hear folks think Molly and I rushed into things too fast, spouting that we couldn’t possibly have felt what we did for each other in such a short space of time. I say, how the hell would they know? We made it, didn’t we? She became my whole life, didn’t she? And as for my folks not being real, being true? Tell that to me aged ten, eleven, twelve—damn, all my bastard life—when I was never enough, when I was beaten until I bled for being too good at football and not being everything they’d dreamed: the perfectly dutiful son. Tell that to thousands of kids around the world getting wailed on by asshole parents for whatever stupid reason; tell them evil don’t exist in their eyes.

Fuck Romeo and Juliet. This is the story of me and my girl, from my lips. No mushy sentiment, no cheese, just the plain, hard truth, and, because I’m feeling generous, I’m going to let you in on more of our story too.

Sweet Rome is a New Adult Companion Novel to Sweet Home—contains adult content, sexual situations, and mature topics. Suited for ages 18 and up.

Initial Reaction
I was kinda excited about this book, and talked for double the amount of time I usually do. Loved it so much I just couldn’t stop talking!


My Thoughts.
When an author announces that they will be rewriting a book I love but from a different characters POV I always get a little worried. Will it be a complete copy and therefore kind of boring? Will it ruin the initial story? Will reading from this characters POV make me feel differently about them, or about the character whose POV I read in the first book? With Tillie Cole I knew there was nothing to worry about, in fact I was extremely excited to read this story from Rome’s POV.

“We are better together than apart, and no matter what happens in our lives, I know that waking up and seeing you each morning will always be the best part of my day.”

We are given an insight into Rome’s life during Sweet Home, but only the secrets that he shared with Molly. In Sweet Rome we get to see everything, and it was emotional. Rome has struggled through childhood with two parents who despise him. His flashbacks show us just how controlling his parents are and how even from a young age he struggles against their evil grip. He has such a turmoil of emotions towards his parents. He is angry and hurt but still has a need to please them and a longing to be loved. And this mix gives Rome such a depth that even in Sweet Home we never fully saw.

Reading Rome and Molly from Rome’s POV clears up any (slightly tiny) thoughts about insta love. Molly immediately grabs his attention, but he isn’t fully aware of the magnitude of his feelings for her until a bit later in the book. At first he doesn’t understand why she has such an effect on him which drives him crazy, but he loves to be around her because of the way she makes him feel. Having Molly’s love, and loving her in return finally gives Rome the thing that he has longed for his whole life: a family. And his fear of that being taken away is the thing that scares him most. Their relationship is a mix of sweet and passionate. They have their rough patches, but always get through them as they both know that life without the other would be unbearable.

“You’re not the only one who feels like splitting when times get rough, baby, but from now on, I won’t let you run anywhere if I’m not right there running beside you.”

Pain is a frequent emotion for Rome and there are parts of this book which were devastating. A lot of it we already knew about from Sweet Home, but it still hit just as hard as the first time. Seeing it all from Rome’s POV was utterly heartbreaking, and I think I found it more powerful from him because of the betrayal he felt from his family and also the guilt that he felt, believing it was all his fault.

I really loved the ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Shakespearian references in this book, and Tillie Cole was able to include them without being super cheesy about it. The writing was fluid and engaging and Tillie Cole really shows her talent for writing swoon worthy romance and steamy sexual encounters.

“My body recognizes you as something that’s good for me. My mind recognizes you as someone who’s right for me, and my soul recognizes you as someone who is meant for me.”

One great thing from this book was the additional chapter we were given at the end which took us further along the Molly and Rome’s timeline then Sweet Home had. We get years in to the future and it was really nice to know how things turned out for Rome and Molly (as well as some of our secondary characters too).


Final Thoughts

Once again Tillie Cole has managed to blow me away with a beautiful, emotional and breath taking masterpiece of a story. She has become one of those authors that I trust completely to provide me with a story that will keep me involved throughout. Can’t wait for the announcement of Tillie’s next book!

Re-Readability: YES!

I would recommend this book to fans of: Tillie Cole, the Sweet Home Series, college romances, books with college sports, healing romances, not-quite-so bad boys, characters with hard childhoods.

Rating Beyond Loved


The Author

Tillie Cole Author Pic

Tillie Cole is a Northern girl through and through. She originates from a place called Teesside on that little but awesomely sunny (okay I exaggerate) Isle called Great Britain. She was brought up surrounded by her English rose mother — a farmer’s daughter, her crazy Scottish father, a savagely sarcastic sister and a multitude of rescue animals and horses.

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1) Whose POV did you enjoy writing from the most: Molly or Romeo?
I probably enjoyed writing Molly’s PoV more, simply because it was the story in my head, and the one I wanted to tell, hence it was the first novel. And obviously, I’m a girl from a similar town in England as Molly, thus references and accents were easier for me to write. For Rome’s PoV, I had to really delve into what made Rome, well… Rome. He’s had a hard life, and trying to put that into context was, at times, challenging. Plus, Rome’s a guy, so I spent a lot of my time pushing my computer in my husbands face and asking, “Is this something a boy would say/think/do?” And finally, I wanted to make Sweet Rome more than just a rehashing of Sweet Home. This was my biggest concern. I’m happy with the overall result though! And enjoyed being in Rome’s head for a few months!

2) Favourite quote from Sweet Rome?
Ah… It’s so hard to choose, but one really sticks out. “I have never been more certain of anything in my life as I am that we were always meant to be. We are better together than apart, and no matter what happens in our lives, I know that waking up and seeing you each morning will always be the best part of my day.”

3) What are you reading at the moment/just finished reading? Any good?
I do love to read, that is where my passion for writing stemmed, but being an author also means that you spend a lot of your time creating your own worlds and characters and not so much delving into someone else’s. The last book I read was “Lover at Last” by JR Ward as part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. The series is phenomenal. Outstanding. My favourite genre is paranormal romance by a country mile, so put anything along those lines into my hands and I’ll be happy!

4) If somebody wrote a book on your life what would it be called?
“Don’t Dream It, Be It.” Not only is it from one of the best musicals to ever grace the stage—The Rocky Horror Picture Show—but it is a philosophy I live by. If you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen.

5) If you were a superhero what would your superhero name be and what powers would you have?
Well quite frankly, I would be any superhero, with any powers, if it meant being able to star next to Henry Cavill in ‘Superman: Man of Steel 2’! But as long as I was epically kick-ass, took no crap from baddies and had an amazing outfit to match, I’d be anything. I would like to fly though, that’d be cool. OR be able to eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound of weight (I know most girls are agreeing with me on this!). Maybe… ‘Ms. Amazeballs’, because, you know, I’d be amazeballs!!! *Subtly pushes Wonder Women to the side* 😉

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Have you read any of the Sweet Home series?

Have you read many books with a college romance?

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