My absolute favourite books from 2016.

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Last week I shamed myself with a list of all the books that I didn’t read last year that I really should have. This week I’m sharing the ones that I did read that you should (if you haven’t already).

The Sin Eater’s Daughter“I loved the world, it was incredibly built. I loved the history of it, with the war ad the myths of the sleeping prince and the gods that they pray to and the different religious beliefs. The world had everything and was written in such beautiful detail I found myself rereading pages hoping for more and more of the world.”

The Sleeping Prince“I really liked trying to figure out Errin and Silas. They are both very secretive characters, which you would think worked against them and their relationship, but it doesn’t. It makes it even better. And I really like that it is not massively focused on a romance, so we get this really strong trust between them and a protective instinct for each other, which then starts to develop into something more.”

A Thousand Boy Kisses“This book deserves every single tear shed for it. I have never felt so emotionally exhausted yet so satisfied at the end of a book as I did at the end of A Thousand Boy Kisses. Tillie writing flows so beautiful she doesn’t force anything, and she doesn’t need to force emotions from us, they come easily as we read each word of this story that Tillie has poured her heart into.”

It Ends With Us“There is a very powerful message that is woven into this book, right from chapter one. It starts subtle, but as you read on you start to realise just how significant these moments are as the story comes together and gives us a raw and honest portrayal of a very relevant issue in our world today.”

Red Queen“This is EXACTLY my type of book! Dystopian world, people with powers, love between people of different…in this case blood types I guess and a whole big rebellion/war type thing going on. Plus, how gorgeous is that cover!”

Glass Sword“Like every young heroine thrust into a rebellion things change dramatically. Katniss got PTSD, Tris went a little crazy and decided to sacrifice herself for anyone and anything, Mare meanwhile…she goes a little dark, but after everything she has been through you can hardly blame her.”

The Next Together“It’s a contemporary book very cleverly hiding some time travel and science fiction in there too but ultimately it is an ‘across the ages’ romance. I really liked the inclusion of texts, emails, post-it notes and journal entries as a way to show the relationship between the Katherine and Matthew of 2019.”

RiotAn incredible ending to this dark and gritty series. Review and book coming March 2017

Rebel of the Sands“Going into this book you can’t be blamed for thinking it’s going to be another fantasy story with a kick ass heroine and a epic rebellion. Well yes, it kind of is but why hate on them when they are always so good! And this one especially is very very good! The plot was so cleverly written and every time I thought I had figured it out Hamilton twisted the story in a completely different way which I loved every single time.”

Never Never Part 3“I thought I had figured it out by the end of Part 1, and then I read Part 2 and everything I thought I knew got turned on it’s head. So I went into this book (very excited and) accepting that anything could happen. I really didn’t want another cliffhanger, I wanted answers, and I don’t feel like I’m ruining anything by telling you that we do get those answers.”

This Savage Song“I LOVED the monsters in Schwab’s world and found the background to each one fascinating. Normally when we get monsters in a book then they have either developed from some weird infection or they have come from hell etc or a different world. The monsters in this book are born from violence, which each kind of act producing once of three different types of monster: Corsai, Machai and Sunai. I found it such a unique and interesting concept and I couldn’t get enough of the information that Schwab gave us about each one.”

The Winner’s Kiss“The way that this book was written was truly a work of art. The structure, the alternative POVs, the flow of the story, the pacing … it all just worked. I’m not one to notice stylistic things or literary devices but it was obvious to even me how beautifully Rutkoski had crafted this book. The entire thing was a sensory experience with Rutkoski setting the scene carefully for us  so that we saw, heard, felt and smelt every single thing that she wrote.”

Stars Above“This book is an amazing addition to the series. Each story brings something different and gives us the chance to see each of our characters before they join in the main story of the series. If I could I would always wish for more stories from this incredible group of characters, but if this is the way it had to end then I’m good with that too.”

Honesty“This book is about the bravery of being with someone who your family and society deems unsuitable. It’s about the raw desperation of loving someone so much and wanting, needing, that love back in return. The honesty in which Seth tells this story is breathtaking and beautiful but also heartbreaking as we fall in love with these characters and stand beside them as they are put through so much pain and tragedy.”

Did you read any of these books in 2016? How shameful do you think my list is?

What’s on your list this week?

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6 Responses to “My absolute favourite books from 2016.”

    • Brocs Bookcase

      One of my all time favourites! So much love for that trilogy! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  1. Lindsey @ Lindsey Reads

    So many great books! I love the Red Queen series and the Winners trilogy as well :)The Sin Eater’s Daughter, Rebel of the Sands and This Savage Song are still on my TBR.

  2. Carlisa

    Hannah! I can’t believe I didn’t follow you already. I definitely thought I did, but I definitely just fixed that. I’ve heard mixed things about the Sin Eater’s Daughter, but seeing it here makes me want to read it!

    My TTT