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I am always open to questions, suggestions or even just to have a chat, so please get in touch! You can do this is a number of ways…

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9 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Norma Metcalf

    I am interested in the Save Dobby sign that you show in black w/gold letters . . . is that one available?

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Hi Norma, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to you. I’m not sure exactly what you are refering to, but I don;t actually sell anything on my blog. I usually post links to any bookish products next to them, so if you are wanting to buy something I would suggest following the link I have posted with the sign. I hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Bea

    I’m late to the game (pun totally intended) and just discovered the amazingness that is bookopoly. I was wondering if a new game would be starting in 2018?
    Thanks and happy reading!

    • Brocs Bookcase

      Hi Bea, thanks for getting in touch. It’s so nice to hear about your interest in Bookopoly. Yep, I will be doing it again in 2018. Can’t wait! I’m just about to start work on next years board and challenges so very excited for next year! Happy reading to you too!

  3. Mary

    Hi, I also just discovered this site and am very glad that you are planning another game for next year.

  4. Jen B

    Hello Hannah,
    I love your website!
    I just came across it after someone in a books fb group shared your bookopoly reading challenge.
    I think it is a wonderful idea and I am wondering if you are planning to have a 2018 reading challenge.
    I am a bit addicted to reading challenges. I did 5 last year!
    Thanks again for your blog.
    Jen B

  5. Bea

    I’m so excited, this is my first year I get to participate in the Bookopoly from the beginning. I noticed at the bottom it said the first challenge would be posted Feb 1. I can’t find it. Could you please direct me to where I should be looking?

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